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Your Will to Transcend – Pisces Full “Healer’s Moon”

Full Pisces “Healer’s Moon” at 10 degrees on September 1, 2020, at 10:22 PM PST/11:22 PM MST/12:22 AM CST/1:22 AM EST – 09/02/2020

The Pisces Full “Healer’s Moon” expands your ability to see that when you walk the way of Spirit, you are always in the right time at the right place. Neptune co-joins the Full Moon to remind you that your Soul consciousness can find nourishment wherever it looks for the good within. Enjoy being fed and fulfilled by innate intelligence. This is the key to align with your eternal nature and reconnect with your power once again.

Listen to Episode #15 WTF What the Frequency?! podcast for how to be your own Guru. Friendship is the name of the game as the Full Moon calls everyone to come into a community. Start local with your neighborhood, family, and most importantly yourself, to be your own best friend.

The Pisces Full Moon expands the power of Neptune’s gift of discernment. Use the Mutable power of Pisces to dissolve the foggy landscape of illusion that is rampant in 2020. This is your time to tune into the sound of your Soul to know what is true for you.

Forego joining mainstream movements and big organizations telling you who you are and what should be important to you. Decide for yourself – this is Mars in Aries gift to you. The Capricorn stellium higher calling is to make your own rules that rooted in sustainable wisdom. Uranus says, “Open your Crown Chakra and free your mind!”. Take this lightning bolt of higher consciousness into your crown and bring it down now right to the center of Panchamama, Mother Earth.

The Will to Transcend Control:

When you look at your desire to rise up and transcend the illusion of duality, you must explore the shadow energy of control. This energy is represented by the Black Moon Lilith. According to Laura Walker at Oracle Report in her book, “The Astrology of the Black Moon”, she guides you to do the following.

  • Examine where you need to have your way. Observe yourself carefully. Are you telling someone how, when, or what to do? Practice allowing others to go about tasks in their own way.
  • Ask others what they would like to do and then do it. Enjoy the feeling of not being responsible for everything. Freedom, spontaneity, and a joyful feeling for life will return when the pressure to be a certain way is removed.

: Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces :

FULL MOON: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During this Full Moon Phase, your Leo New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your Soul’s power. The Universe loves to help fulfill your life’s purpose and heal others. Utilize the Pisces Full Moon’s power to heal your Soul and clear karma from the collective unconscious. Celebrate your desire to live your life to the fullest and dance in the center of the Cosmos! Leave the world better than when you arrived here. That is the goal of a life well-lived.

Pisces Full “Healer’s Moon”

The Pisces Full Moon is called “Healer’s Moon.” The Healer’s Moon draws your arms up to the sky to connect with Source. This is how true healing happens. Like Reiki, it is the energy of Universal Qi, a divine intelligence, that flows through the practitioner to be received by the one calling forth the healing energy. This is your week to draw forth from the unlimited forcefield of Life to fill up and overflow with divine Love. Sometimes, you can become drained from life’s pushes and pulls. But now, remember that all it takes is a belief that you are already One with Creator and that all you need is readily available and ever-present for you.

27th Lunar Mansion: “The Guru”

The Full Moon travels through the 27th Lunar mansion this week. This is the Lunar Mansion of the Guru and challenges you to reclaim your internal sovereignty as the authority of your experiences and energy. Be your own Guru and be focused on learning self-mastery, choosing the high road to ethical living. Mars (power) and Mercury (mind) help you choose the High Road to moral living by engaging the power of your thoughts. Challenge and investigate the impacts of all your choices and desires this week. Think before you act. Are your choices harming yourself or any other sentient being? This Lunar Mansion teaches you the power of your impact on others and upon the Earth. The power lies in your ability to be accountable and to take responsibility for your actions and desires. If you neglect the impact of your choices, this Lunar Mansion has no choice but to show you consequences. Too much unconscious energy leads to a lack of empathy for others. Don’t make that mistake especially as the Cosmos are helping you reassess your Soul so you can align with the evolution of the Universe. Take heed and choose well. Taking the High Road may seem difficult at first, but the more you do it, the better you will feel and be in the world.

Human Design Gate 37: Friendship

The 37th Gate in Human Design embraces everyone to come into the community. This is the energy of “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet”. Gate 37 is the most communal gate that can hold both a family and a community together through warmth, friendliness, and nurturing. The Full Moon helps you make an emotional connection with others, especially through touch. Welcome the newcomer or stranger. Make sure you are tuned in to your body to feel what a person’s energy is like — have discernment.

Pisces Full Moon: FORM

“People traveling a narrowed path seeking illumination.”

The Pisces Full “Healer’s Moon” expands your inner core awareness that longs to seek the transcendent realms. What pathways are you traveling that are seeking the Soul within? If you find yourself on your Soul’s Path, who is there traveling with you? Traveling upon your Soul’s Path is your commitment to become a spiritual disciple of something beyond this world. Remember, what you seek is also seeking you. If you are seeking divine love, divine love is also seeking you. The Soul’s Path is forever open to those who are pure of heart. Look back to the Sabian Symbol for this energetic year of 2020 that happened at the Aries New Moon. The symbol was “A triangle with wings”. This symbol denotes the transformation of dense ego energy into light so that you can as a Soul take flight. Take the energy of the Healer’s Full Moon to release, let go, and transmute all that blocks your Soul’s pathway towards oneness and purity of heart.

Virgo Sun: LOGOS

“In her baby, a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered.”

The Virgo Sun shines healing light on your power to manifest your heart’s desires. The power of the Mind when focused like a laser beam upon your imagination creates. You are a Creator that creates. Learn how your mind works. “Your imagination is more important than knowledge,” says Albert Einstein. Your imagination is a tool for creation. What you see you can achieve – seeing from the center of your Head via the Third Eye and Pineal gland. What are you imagining? This is what you are engineering in the physical world. Check out Francine Marie’s Seers Way training to help you develop your powers of creation.

The image of mother and son depicts the energies of the divine feminine mother and the divine masculine child. This is such a beautiful unconditionally loving relationship between the genders. Look within to see how you can become the Mother of all living things in 2020. Look within to see how you can become the divine child who holds the promise of tomorrow.

WRAP UP: Bringing it Together

Inner Circle

In the free Lunar Ladies Club community, we are connecting with how the Full affects us. In the premium Inner Circle, we are learning how to connect with the lunar energies of the Moon to draw down our innate power as Creators.

The light of this Full Moon is overflowing with healing energy from your Soul’s ability to come into oneness with the unconditional love of the Universe. Drawdown this energy into the soles of your feet. Connect with your bare feet upon the Earth to recharge yourself and soil. Connect with the electro-magnetic forcefield within the Earth to supercharge the field for humanity. At the same time, you bring this Higher Love down, you can assist in the karmic transmutation of the past’s bloodshed of suffering.

If you don’t do it, who will? This is why you as a Spirit are here now in 2020 to pivot and amplify the timeline towards more peace, less strife, move love, less fear.

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