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You are NOT alone ~ Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon”

Full Moon Aries “Warrior’s Moon” at 27 degrees on October 20, 2021 at 7:57 AM PDT/ 8:57 AM MDT/ 9:57 AM CDT/ 10:57 AM EDT

The Libra New Moon transforms into the Aries Full Moon. The Libra Sun and Aries Full Moon brighten the night sky with “STARSEED LIGHT” to powerfully push forward with multiple planetary energies. This is a major moment to shift your attitudes! Always remember that you are not alone.

The Aries Full Moon draws forth a powerful wave of releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Chiron sits opposite Mercury to take back your “I AM Presence” power. Mercury and Venus are working together with Uranus to shift your mindset from fear to Love. This mental shift will heal your physical body – guaranteed!

The Libra Sun’s starlight codes are coming from the Angels. The Sun shines a light on where you may be feeling distraught and alone. This is an initiation point where you are challenged to reach out and ask for help. Talk to your guardian Angels and call upon them for assistance now. Mars has fallen behind the Sun and is generating energy for you to see where your imbalances are. Mars rules your physical energy and your ability to be courageous. Start with your body, where do you feel imbalanced? I am using the power of Sound Healing to correct and recalibrate imbalances in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. You can learn this powerful modality, too. Invest in a pair of tuning forks and take my new Starseed coursecheck it out here!

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is on fire in Sagittarius. The Goddess arrives just in time to set your spirit free to journey into the unknown — happily. Let Venus energy assist your inner Mars energy to reignite your passions over the next six months.

Uranus is the key player who holds the “sweet spot” energy in the Full Moon chart. Uranus returns you to a time in your life when life was simpler when your days were filled with joy and wonder. Imagine yourself playing at the beach gathering shells and wading in the tidepools. Gentle ocean waves lap at your feet and sandcastles are being built. This visualization is a healing elixir for your soul.


The Aries New Moon of the Zodiac Year of 2021 has moved 5 degrees from 22 to 27 degrees Aries. In the last six months, the planets have been rebirthing you through an abundance of spiritual “pneuma” so that you can master two levels of being: physical and spiritual. Through this process your gifts are awakening and new opportunities are available when you open up your imagination.

The Aries Full Moon is going to shock some people awake through disappointment. Some will realize that leaders and institutions are not truly operating in their best interests. People will be able to see through the illusions of these master magicians we have been programmed to believe in. The Aries Full Moon opens Pandora’s Box of what the real issues are that face the human collective. The opportunity that this Full Moon brings is not in what are the illusions, but in how you will handle awakening to them.

Mercury & Venus:

Mercury says to ground your problems to find solutions and ask mentors to lend you their wisdom. Venus makes an early appearance as the Fire goddess, Brighid, to set intentions to manifest by February 2nd, 2022 (02/02/2022). Venus-Brighid is a powerful goddess of purification. What needs to be purged and set free on this Aries Full Moon? She is at your inner forge stoking the firepower with her magical bellows!

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Full Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped
“I feel FIRE and AIR to RELEASE self-destructive behaviors!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On April 11, 2021, was the Aries New Moon at 22 degrees ~ the rebirth of your true Self. What has shifted in your life since then?
  • The Aries Full Moon is the “Warrior’s Moon“.
  • The Aries Full Moon passes through the 3rd Lunar Mansion ~ “The Palace”
  • The Aries Full Moon passes through the #3 Human Design Gateway ~ “Ordering”
  • Hint:  look to your Aries and Libra-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Natal Mars, Venus, and 1st & 7th House for your answers.
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  • Recommended Readings: Soul Purpose Starseed Series, Witch’s Wound Oracle, and Natal Blueprint Oracle.


: — : FULL MOON PHASE : — :

The 27 degree Aries Moon releases and celebrates: PROFICIENCY
“A large disappointed audience”

The hardest lesson we eventually have to learn is detachment.

The Aries Full Moon comes raging in with stellar planetary power to shake you awake to more true reality. This time is a great test of how you identify with your higher Self. The Full Moon guides you to not stay challenged by what you are seeing in the world but more so in how you will handle what you see. The Sabian Symbol shows a group of people disappointed because their expectations were not met. The Full Moon teaches you to detach from expectations and pursue strengthening your own ability to create your life how you want. Go for what you want in life and start that today. What is your own unique take on life? Let yourself be guided by the deepest, soul-level motivations of what you feel. Set boundaries around cynicism and being influenced by others’ views. The Universe is providing you “grit” to stimulate your soul’s growth. Be a Warrior of your own truth and what has value for you. You have within you all you need to be strong in the face of what appear as insurmountable odds. Hold fast to your sacred optimism. It is your true source of power in times of change.

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