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You are FREE to Individuate! 3rd Quarter Aquarius “Heretic’s Moon” Lights your Way!

3rd Quarter Aquarius “Heretic’s Moon” at 24 degrees at May 14, 2020, at 7:02 AM PST/8:02 AM MST/9:02 AM CST/10:02 AM EST


This week, the Moon and Sun form a waning 3rd Quarter square and bring this Taurus lunar cycle to completion. The Moon finds her home in Aquarius this week, while the Sun moves through the last degrees in Taurus. These signs are Fixed and rooted in Air and Earth elements. The 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon is known as “Heretic’s Moon”. As we witness the world’s events unfold, many Good Women and Good Men of yesteryear (Les Bonne Femmes et Bonne Hommes, those declared as heretics of the Dark Ages), come back online and awaken.

This lunar phase is known as the “Heretic’s Moon”. Many highly attuned spiritual people were labeled heretics by the prevailing institutions of the Dark Ages, mainly the Church. With the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail, in the early passage of Sagittarius (29 degrees), the Sabian Symbol is “The Pope blessing the Faithful”. Keep your eyes on the Vatican and the institution of the Roman Catholic Church. Jupiter is dismantling nefarious activities that are not in alignment with the power of spiritual truth in this institutional domain.

In true 3rd Quarter fashion, you will be reviewing and reflecting on what has transpired in your life and in the Collective past in regards to the archetype of “Heretic”. In the Lunar Ladies Club, VIP members are taking their charts to fine-tune their experiences with these powerful planetary alignments and reawaken their past life memories.

Jupiter goes Retrograde!

Jupiter Retrograde happens from May 14 to September 12, 2020, traveling from 27 to 17 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and oversees your ability to optimize and see the higher truths by looking at the big picture. Jupiter expands your vision and your ability to conceive new ideas from your higher mind. In the Jupiter Retrograde event chart, Jupiter magnetizes the South Node in Sagittarius to unwind and release old, dogmatic points of view and patterns. Jupiter expands the spiritual forces within your mind to open to the light of Soul realities. Jupiter says, “Aim towards bringing joy and harmony to your consciousness!” Listen to your inner voice and develop your clairaudient abilities.



Shannon’s Astro Energetic Break-down

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

Third Quarter Moon embraces the powers of letting go, releasing, and forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on your external wounds. Draw yourself inward with the Moon to explore who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. Taking an honest look at yourself gives you your power back.

This week the Moon helps you empty your ego. Take this time to reflect upon your experiences since April 22, 2020. Here the overview:


“Heretic’s Moon”:  Freedom of Choice

The 3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius is called the “Heretic’s Moon”. Here the waning Aquarius Moon shares her message of hope and truth to the world, but her messages fall upon closed minds that seek to quiet her voice and imprison her daring courage to step outside the accepted, mass mind-controlled reality. Filled with spiritual fervor, the Heretic’s Moon cannot stop the divine knowledge that is quickening within her consciousness. How are you awakening now? What truths are resounding within your cells? Are you feeling ousted, ridiculed, or laughed at for your newly rediscovered beliefs? The word “heretic” comes from the Greek meaning of “free choice”. The path of the Heretic is to have the courage to bring forth the truth of your beliefs. Become what you value the most. Even if you are not accepted, you must have the strength to walk away, knowing there is another group who will love, accept, and cherish who you are. Those are the ones in your Soul Tribe. Keep aligning with your truth and your truths will set you free to find those of like minds and like hearts. Walk to the beat of your own drum rather than be chained to a place where you no longer fit in.

26th Lunar Mansion ~ “Upper Spout”

The “Heretic’s Moon” is passing through the 26th Lunar Mansion and brings to you the “Upper World”. The 26th Lunar Mansion opens up the primordial channels of divine love and beauty. Guarded by Mars and Mercury, the 3rd decan Aquarius Moon opens your higher mind and higher heart to receive Venus’ blessings from the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer wishes for you to have romantic divine love in all your relationships, starting with your “Upper Spout” ~ the one that connects you to GOD ENERGY. The 26th Lunar Mansion wants you to grow in love, wisdom, and power. Imagine this Upper Spout pouring forth heavenly waters of the Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rays of your Higher Self. Cleanse and purify your body, mind, and Soul to prepare you to re-enter the physical world from a place of renewed divine identity. Be about spirit-infused Agape Love and devote yourself to being bathed and immersed fully in these waters of Life daily. Remove all obstacles in your mind and emotions that turn this Upper Spout off or diminish your ability to receive it only as a trickle. Purify your foundations of self-love, confidence, and unique self-expression so you can fully embody your divine birthright.



Moon at 24 degrees Aquarius: 
“The muscles of a dancer quiver in her sleep as she remembers the dance.”

The 3rd Quarter Aquarius “Heretic’s Moon” helps you feel how your body holds onto the past. What are the shadows living in your muscle and bone? Be aware of the shadows of the past and disperse the energy by letting go. Where do you feel encumbered and weighed down? These experiences distort your ability to perceive what is happening in the now. Make a connection to what is stored in your body. This will help you process old emotional energy to release it. You will understand yourself and your life in a much more full and enriched way and be able to move forward with grace. The Heretic’s Moon is gifting you clear sight and assistance to learn how to let the energy flow for your maximum benefit.

Venus, the ruler of the Taurus Sun, is now retrograde. Venus is in a harmonic trine to the Aquarius Moon giving the Moon blessings. In the Venus Retrograde event chart, Venus and Neptune reveal new truths to the creative artist within you. This energy inspires the discovery of your innate, sensual emotional frequency of the mother vibration. Venus responds by amplifying the dream of men and women living in far greater harmony with the seasons of Nature. It’s time to review your relationships and be in touch with your authentic nature. Know yourself well, so that you can be at peace. Know your worth. Refine your inner world of thoughts and feelings to reconstruct your relationships. Doing this, you will come out smelling like a rose and a creative one, too!


Sun at 24 degrees Taurus:
“Bees returning to their hive.”

The Taurus Sun finds you magnetizing wholeness in the community with others. Humanity feels an innate connection to all life. See yourself, your friends and family, and your communities in a framework of wholeness. Uplift your natural vibration as a heart-centered being to nurture a connection with others. Be inclusive and practice acceptance. Move deeper into your heart chakra to neutralize the energy of judgment, opinions, and beliefs that separate. Reflect and realize that each human being is seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Move towards how to mutually work together to share resources and be supportive. Your Higher mind is much more able to perceive a cosmic awareness that all is one and unified. Your natural vibration is so high and so pure, the lower 3D mind cannot perceive its greatness. Move more deeply into this awareness within and ground your energy into the center of the Earth.

Pluto is now retrograde and is in a harmonic trine to the Taurus Sun. Pluto represents your Soul’s evolution through time. Pluto comes into the picture to redeem and perform a Soul retrieval if need be. In the Pluto Retrograde event chart, Pluto is receiving massive energy to reclaim the power of your lower mind to invoke the divine “I AM” Presence. You are being shown “two levels of being”. But it will require you to step fully into your Soul’s “I AM”. In this empowered state, you may experience more gifts that you can handle. You will have to adjust to a new world of perception and possibilities in action. Cool the urge to rush into this new excitement. Remain calm so as not to lose your balance. Know that at this new level of being, there are limits and restrictions to be evaluated and respected.



The Aquarius Moon Focus Points:  Internalize these keys:

  1. Release stress patterns by allowing yourself time outs in Nature (especially at sunset)
  2. Look to the past and assess what has transpired. Practice utilizing masculine energy in a new way.
  3. Releasing patterns of stress frees you to from unfinished projects. Learn to let go.
  4. Learn to conquer negative patterns instead of repressing them. Use your energy creatively to support all life around you.

The Taurus Sun Focus Points:  Externalize these keys:

  1. The interrelationships of spiritual realities create a beautiful picture of reality.
  2. Experiences which we all share bring us together in mutual support.
  3. See life from multiple perspectives to release the differences that separate us.
  4. To be free of struggle, relax into the energy of sharing and sensuality.

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