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Year of the Earth Dog begins! Love, Loyalty & Luck

Happy Losar! The Year of the Earth Mountain Dog begins on February 16, 2018 with a New Moon + Starseed Solar Eclipse, too!

This Lunar New Year brings into focus the gifts of the Earth Element and the gifts of the Dog Deva kingdom. It is a Yang year – meaning masculine and activating – but the slow stability and sustainable growth of the Earth Element roots and grounds this power. Dog shows you the beauty of friendship, loyalty and devotion. Dog shows you how through the spirit of “Integrity” can you build a healthy foundation that will endure over time. Align yourself with spiritual values. Live in your heart this year where compassion, forgiveness and trust become your normal way of being in the world.

Discernment will be your rewards as you tune into the power of your Intuition and trust your body’s responses to your external environment. Hone in on your instincts and follow your internal guidance system.  Today’s energy at the beginning of Losar is a “9 Moon” vibration. It is about making real what lays in your Intuition. The Earth Mountain Dog brings you the gifts of unconditional love, forgiveness and the empowerment of being in the “Now”. These gifts are in a lovely alignment with tuning into your Intuition.

Open your heart to deepen all your relationships, especially the one with yourself. Become a loyal companion to the Earth by stewarding the environment and aligning yourself with the beauty of nature. Aquarius New Moon says to find your Soul Tribe Pack and hold a higher vision of hope for the world. We are in this together. When you find yourself living in these ways, you know you have a forever friend in the Year of the Dog!

p.s. ~ Donate and volunteer with your local animal shelters. Adopting a pet this year brings you double good luck!

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