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Winter Solstice brings the Cosmic Egg ~ Rebirth of Humanity

Winter Solstice brings the light at 8:38 AM PST on 12/21/17. Winter Solstice celebrates the “Return of the Sun” as the Sun begins the move from the Southern hemisphere. Longest night, shortest day begins the clock that days become longer until Summer Solstice in June. Feeling warmer already? The message of the Sabian Symbols portends a regrouping of power and rebirthing the Cosmic Egg into the world! Exciting!

Winter is a time when weather is colder, the wildlife become sleepy and you are invited into the warmth of home and hearth. Renewal and rest are the keywords for replenishing your Soul. Spending your days like this sets your energetic body up for massive growth in the Spring.

In the days of yore, Norse mythology says Yuletide or Winter Solstice is the time of the year when the Oak King defeats the Holly King. The Holly King represents the darker energies of the world. Did you know that traditionally red represents the dying Holly King and green is the growing life of the Oak King? The Oak King brings the Sunlight’s energy. The ancients celebrated 12 days of midwinter festivities (dancing, food, fires and libations) in honor to Odin, King of the Norse gods.

Today, you can celebrate the Life, Death and Renewal of Winter. Honor Life with fire, candles and warmth of family. Honor death through letting go of what no longer serves you. During the waning lunar cycle write all that you wish you to free from your space and burn it. Writing and burning at midnight is especially powerful! Honor renewal by taking time off to disconnect from “work” and replenishes yourself with reading, journaling and watching sunrises and sunsets.

The Oak King Returns:

So exciting to see Saturn, the Oak King, with the Sun to celebrate this sacred holiday. Saturn brings 2.5 years of molding, shaping, building and measuring success and achievement in your material world experience. Pluto will be the companion of your journey of success bringing the powers of transformation, especially around a redistribution of power, authority, rules and money. Let’s take a look at the profound depths of the Psyche’s deeper messages from the Collective Soul.

Message from the Sabian Symbols:

Sun and Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn – “AN INDIAN CHIEF CLAIMS POWER FROM THE ASSEMBLED TRIBE.” KEYNOTE: The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership. This image opens your Psyche to connecting to the power to lead the community and to ensure its well-being. Capricorn is the Cardinal leader of the Earth element. As we look from Libra, the preceding Cardinal Leader of Air, the energies released through harmonic cooperation (Libra), deepen forces of great emotions (Scorpio), and give meaning to conscious Aim (Sagittarius). Capricorn at 0 degrees stabilizes these forces to build a new foundation of strength. The quest is to do this with efficiency and responsibility. Claim and assume AUTHORITY in your own life and in any groups you are passionately involved.

Moon at 6 degrees Aquarius – Crescent Phase:  “A CHILD IS SEEN BEING BORN OUT OF AN EGG.” KEYNOTE: The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos. This Sabian Symbol image is POWERFUL! The egg is an ancient symbol referred to as the Cosmic Egg (Hiranyagharba in Sanskrit). The great Cosmic Egg gives birth to a new universe. This symbol shows you that a new type of human being is evolving. This being within you is not born from your Ancestors. This being is born from a fresh projection of the creative Spirit.  What is happening now on Winter Solstice is an EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL HUMAN for the New Age! Born of freedom, future, group solidarity! With a new Earth, must come a new Human.

Watch out World! 

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