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Why knowing the cosmic forecast is important!

It’s been awhile since I last posted. In fact it’s been over one month. Much has happened during to me this time that I am compelled to share why knowing the currents of the Cosmic Forecast are so important!

I was so honored to lead a pod of amazing individuals swimming with the wild Spinner Dolphins of the Big Island, Hawai’i during the powerful Lunar Eclipse-New Moon 29 Pisces-Spring Equinox in March 2015. Just that alone was absolutely awesome but the combination of the powerful vortex of the Big Island, swimming in the ocean during a 29 Pisces New Moon and the massive current sweeping through the rest of the Cosmos, rocked my world.

I’ve been experiencing a complete breakdown (Pluto in Capricorn) of old patterns, ideas, beliefs, judgements about myself that no longer fit in with the version of me that wants to break free. Beloved Pele, the sacred Goddess of the Big Island, has lovingly and as gentle as she can, blown up my world! From the New Moon on March 20th to the Full Moon-Solar Eclipse on April 4th, I have watched my security structures break apart and crumble into dust. It’s okay because this is happening for my highest Good.

My allegorical “Dark Night of the Soul” has propelled me into finding my Harmony at all costs. What is it and where is it? I need it like, yesterday! I’ve been taking my own advice (with the loving help of dear friends) and seeing how the Moon and Her current moods are affecting me on a cellular and cosmic levels.

I’ve been looking at where the Moon is crossing in my Natal chart and looking to see where the harmony is so I can tap into it immediately. Everything in my soul map is pointing me towards .. Meditation combined with allowing my High Priestess to fully step forward and steer my ship. The next New Moon is April 18, 2015 at 28 Aries bringing in the Taurus-Sun cycle.

Curious about what the Moon’s moods are each month? Sign up for my email list to receive my bimonthly free Moon forecast happening each New Moon and Full Moon. Want to know where your harmony is and how the Moon is affecting you? I can look at your Soul Map and provide you with personalized monthly guidance for living in tune with the Moon. Believe me it’s important for allowing your life to beautifully unfold effortlessly!

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