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What you are seeking is Seeking you: Super Full Moon in Aries 2023

Aries Super Full “Warrior’s Moon” @ 6 degrees ~ September 29, 2023, at 2:57 AM PDT/5:57 AM EDT

The Aries Super Full Moon brings the power of your Higher Intelligence and your innate wild nature to the surface. The Aries Full Moon known as the “Warrior’s Moon” embodies the energy of your instinctive anima/animus. The Super Moon frequency is drawing up that part of your consciousness to play a bigger role in your life as you move forward in your soul’s development.

This week your Virgo New Moon intentions from September 14, 2023, plus the seeds of your Aries New Moon intentions from March 20, 2023, are coming to fruition. This was the moment when the Zodiac New Year began. It’s the pinnacle of what 2023 has in store for you. What energy is reaching out to you from the Cosmos? How can you embody more of your courageous and passionate Higher Self? Remember, the Virgo New Moon invited you to raise your wellness frequency. In order for you to hold more spiritual fire and light, your physical, mental, and emotional wellness needs to be upgraded.

Since March 2023, the Arian lunar experience has taken you from 0 to 6 degrees in your natal chart. This is calculated by the Aries New Moon and the Aries Full Moon. The Moon embodies the first decan of Aries bringing in the cardinal creative energy of The Braveheart Warrior. What wild animal within your DNA is howling at the Moon now? You can find that power animal in the House that Aries rules in your Natal Chart.

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Mercury in Virgo: Pattern Breaker Power

Mercury has the soul disposition of the Full Moon chart. He holds the most harmonic energy to tap into during the Full Moon in Aries. Mars, ruler of Aries is in Libra adding the gifts of the Air Element to Mercury’s airy nature when he is in Gemini. Mars is strengthening your ability to be kind and enact your personal strategies for joy when you live from an optimistic state of mind. Mercury wants to play with that energy.

Mercury encourages you to get the ultimate Sportsmanship Award by excelling at being a team player. When you realize that much of your ability to achieve your goals has been sponsored by a tremendous amount of support from others, you will win at the game of life. Acknowledge how much you have benefited from the help of others and take an extra step. Ask yourself how you can support others as they strive for their goals. Be an answer to someone else’s prayers.

Lilith: The Path of the Dark Moon

When you follow the path of the Dark Moon, you are signing up to do battle with your internal shadows. Lilith, the Goddess of Transfiguration, represents your shadow side and where you have locked away unconscious fears, phobias, and secrets. When you confront these old soul shadows with her help, you can triumph over anything that holds you back from your soul’s desire to grow.

Lilith is making her transition from Leo to Virgo soon. As she leaves the realm of the Leo-Aquarius axis, she gathers up any old fears about success and powerlessness. Ask for any hidden messages from Lilith that you need to help you make the transition to her next 9-month journey in Virgo-Pisces. Lilith is moving you into the shadow of Ability (fear of failure and inherent flaws) and the shadow of Trust (fear of vulnerability and mistrust). Are you ready?

Venus and Juno are supporting Lilith’s rebirth as they join forces together at 22 degrees Leo. Here they are a force to be reckoned with. They are lighting a fire to your daring spirit to get into action fueled by heart chakra energy. Search for new challenges to escape the mundane. Be bold and fearless. At the same time, stay in your awareness that not everything has to happen all at once. Don’t let the fire go out too quickly. Instead, manage your energy. This type of energy management can be better experienced when you consciously choose to make the common good your personal concern.

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Aries Tarot Lesson: The Emperor and The Tower

The Emperor and The Tower are the Major Arcana in the Tarot that represent the energy of Aries and its ruler, Mars. Emperor Card is the energy of the father figure, stability, and leadership. Aries is the sign of the Emperor, the ultimate masculine energy. The Emperor card teaches you how to be self-assertive and take action. With Emperor Card, you can become more strong-willed, decisive, and passionately enterprising. Emperor Card encapsulates the power of Aries and the power of Spring.

The Tower Card is the card representing Mars, the ruler of Aries. The Tower Card embodies regeneration and revelations that can come quickly and/or shockingly. In order for something old to change, you need a lot of impulsive and powerful energy to tear the old structures down. The Tower Card works well with the Emperor Card because the Mars influence can dismantle what no longer works moving forward. The Tower Card can show you where your foundations are unstable and need attention. Emperor Card shows you in order to be a strong, decisive leader, you need a strong foundation that is stable and secure. Together they help you “batten down your hatches” to withstand any type of external influence and you become stronger in the process. Look for “Tower Moments” in your life when old structures become dismantled. This is where you can gain more knowledge and strength to help you move forward in a positive light in 2023.

Where are the Emperor and Tower cards in your Natal Chart (0-6 degrees Aries)? This is the area of your life where you will be most affected! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

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“I feel EARTH and FIRE to RELEASE the power of Wisdom and Action into the world!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On March 20, 2023, was the Aries New Moon at 0 degrees ~ when a new day was dawning. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Aries Full Super Moon is the “Warrior’s Moon“: September 29, 2023
  • The Aries Full Moon passes through the 1st Lunar Mansion ~ “Two Signals”
  • Hint: Look to your Aries-Libra-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Mars and Venus, plus your 1st and 7th Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” in the 9th Lunar Mansion “The Pitcher”: October 6-13, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Libra: October 14, 2023
  • To personalized support: New Client Session or 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.
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“A person expressing themself in two realms”

Proficiency comes from living the path we choose, and acting out our own will.

The Aries Full Super Moon shines an emotional light on who you are, really. You are a spirit having a human experience. This is your ability to exist in multiple dimensions. We have access to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Which part of you do you identify with most? What part of you needs more development? Acknowledge your strengths and adhere to any weaknesses. You are designed to participate fully with life and that means to achieve a mastery level of awareness. Begin your journey by becoming more aware of how you are experiencing your multi-dimensional Self in the here and now.

The Libra Sun and the Earth complement the Super Full Moon by showing you the need to protect yourself. When you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings, your natural instinct is to protect and guard against any perceived dangers. Look at nature and see how wildlife does it with precision. Libra energy helps you understand how to reconcile and balance your inner and outer worlds. Whatever challenges that are brought to you under this Full Moon, you have the innate, wild intelligence to deal with them.

Get ready for the next New Moon in Libra on October 14, 2023!

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