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What is True Wealth? Karma knows!

Here we go again, it’s another Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn showing up but this time She is on her anaretic degree of 29 – “DESTINY”! Last lunar cycle, you may recall, the waning Third Quarter Moon fell in the sign of Capricorn to teach you about reviewing your relationship to true wealth. This karmic Moon is back to see if you have learned your lesson.

The Third Quarter Moon is the last foundational phase of this Aries New Moon lunar cycle that started on 3/27/17 bringing in the new Zodiac Year. The New Moon in Aries is the “Infant’s Moon” and as she evolved during the lunar cycle, she grew to be the “Artist’s Moon” as Venus-infused the Full Moon in Libra on 4/10/17. Now Capricorn is maturing this cycle this week and asking, “Who are you are you at your core spiritual richness?” Ponder what that looks like to you. What does “success” mean now as karma and destiny have their clandestine meeting?

The waning Capricorn Moon is friends with Feminine as Venus rebirths herself anew with all her Soul memories in tact on April 15, 2017. The Moon, the mirror of your Subconscious Self, is connected to The Great Transformer of rules, authority and power – Pluto in Capricorn – who has entered into “Hieros Gamos”, the sacred marriage with Juno. The Feminine is all around you now as Karma and the Universe reweave the energetic playing field. You are in the midst of witnessing the Great Return of Harmony to the planet.

Spend this week slowing down and reflecting upon your core spiritual nature. What parts of you are in charge this year? The energetic currents are prompting you to pick your Spiritual side. All hail to the true power, sovereign nation and elite wealth that resides within you. Never underestimate the power, wealth and governance of loving kindness, forgiveness and compassion. As you slow down and reflect upon the last 21 days, you are setting your vibration at the correct frequency to be ready to plant your new goals and intentions with the New Moon in Taurus on 4/26/17.

Decide to become one with your true nature by rediscovering and your true value and worth. For a deeper connection to this waning Third Quarter Moon, see what House in your Natal Astrology Chart is ruled by Capricorn. Need extra help to know which house? Schedule a reading with Shannon, get your chart and be blessed with a 2-hour energy-rich download of who you are why you are here.

Enjoy this reframe of the deeper understanding of happiness and how to connect to more of it in your daily life. Cheers to your review and your slowing down this week. Receive the wealth of the lunar wisdom and take your happiness and abundance back with the New Moon in Taurus on 4/26/17. Namaste!


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