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What Future are you Creating? Aquarius Moon wants you to Know!

The Third Quarter Moon on 5/18/17 at 5:32 PM PST is at 28 degrees Aquarius. The Aquarius Moon is the Tail of a Fire Kite. The Fire trine unites Saturn (Retrograde) in Sagittarius, the North Node in Leo, and Uranus/Eris in Aries.

In this alignment the Moon becomes the guiding force, or the rudder, to surrendering to living a spiritually-led life. The is the lunar cycle’s New Moon in Taurus (4/26/17) personal dreams of the Dryads for you. Aquarius rules the future and asks your wise Feminine Self, “What future are you creating? One of magical realism opening up to the multidimensional sacred connection to the Earth and all her creations of beauty and power? Or the continuation of a future life in separation from this magical life?”

The Aquarius Moon in its final square to the Sun in Taurus is called the “Heretic’s Moon”. The Heretic’s Moon demands you honor your truth even if it separates you from your friends and groups. It takes a brave warrior to know Herself, own her truth and speak her Higher Mind. This week (5/18-24/17) surrender to your inner Truth. As you do, you open a doorway to a future that makes you whole, complete and a Soul on Fire!

The Sabian Symbol Breakdown:

28 Aquarius “A Tree Felled and Sawed to Ensure a Supply of Wood for the Winter”.  Stick to doing something that benefits others and/or your future. Energy is stored in all things and situations. You are called to find the benefits and the way to extract the energy. You can change the meaning or value of anything to extract the benefits for today. Your efforts will be rewarded in what opportunities you are able to open up to in the future. This is turning life’s “lemons” into your lemonade to quench your thirst especially in challenging times when you will need extra strength.


28 Taurus “A Woman in middle age sSands in rapt Sudden Realizations of forgotten charms in unexpected recovery of Romance”. There is no time limit on experiencing romance in your life. Love and passion are your birthright at any age. Feel the rush of “love” hormones course through your physical body. Love can grow even stronger as we age without the constrictions of being too naive. The wisdom gained from your experiences empower your ability to love and be loved fiercely. When you reawaken to life’s possibilities, a faded romance turns bright and youthful. Remember that romance comes from your heart being on fire. Whatever you choose to love can become a whirlwind Romance that novels are written about.

Surrender to your Truth this week. Have courage to stand up for your personal beliefs and convictions. This liberates your unique vibration and allow others to see your true value. Fall in love with the Dryads’ dreams for you to live a life filled with wonder, grace and magic! Slowing down and participating in the act of surrender, sets you up for the correct vibration to set your new seeds of growth in the next lunar cycle in Gemini! Stay tuned in!

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