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Week of Action! First Quarter Moon in Taurus

Welcome to the week of Action as the First Quarter Moon moves into Taurus forming a 90 degree angle with the Sun in Aquarius. This is the time when the Universe builds up tension to create enough energy to push through obstacles and resistance around your New Moon in Aquarius intentions.

As the Moon waxes (grows) in emotional strength and builds energy, this is the first 90 degree point of tension between the Sun and Moon in the lunar cycle. When the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus form a square, or tension, your Aquarius Self (Sun) asks your emotional Self (in Taurus), “What are your values, higher ideals and what do you feel is your worth?”

Look at your Aquarius-ruled House in your personal astrology chart this area will tap you into your Higher Mind around that House’s themes. Look to your Taurus-ruled house and this will be where you will look for your values and worth. Tapping into your worth this week will align you with your authentic power to break through resistance.

There is a Cardinal Grand Square in the skies. All four cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries) are in a Cardinal Cross. The key is to go into the octave or opposition energy to resolve the tension and use the energy for your success. This Taurus Moon is harmonizing with the focal point of the t-square:  Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. But now they have moved into alignment with the only planet in Retrograde at this time:  Vesta in Cancer.

Vesta is the archetype or symbol of the High Priestess. In the vibration of Cancer she becomes a priestess of the Divine Mother. Tapping into your powers of being a nurturing and devotional mother of the human family, you can resolve the collective Feminine vibration within yourself. Nurture your sacred mother within who has given birth to all life and nurtures, protects and enjoys her offspring. This will also align you with the Moon in Taurus this week because Taurus loooooves the Moon!

When the Moon is in Taurus, the energy is exalted and uplifted. The Moon loves Taurus and Taurus is in love with the Moon now. So take action on your New Moon intentions through this love affair of your earthly senses.

Tap into your powers and grace of your innate love of wisdom. It’s the time to heal your inner mother and turn anger, fear and frustration into love, wisdom and power.

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