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Weebles Wobble but they Don’t Fall Down!

3:33 PM PST! Isn’t it interesting that our Mercurial Shaman slowed down enough to make the turn to go direct at this auspicious time?! The spiritual meaning of “333” is: “Holy Trinity:  Unity of Body, Mind and Spirit”. Wow!

As Mercury moves forward in direct motion, it takes a few days for Mercury to rev up to its normal lightning speed. This is the “wobble” period when things may still be wacky. This timing coincides with the Balsamic waning Moon (the bridge between past and future) that is surrendering towards “Stillness” to prepare your soil for the New Moon on June 16th.

I love the saying, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” Why do Weebles not fall down? Weebles wobble because they are round and this roundness allows one to flow with the unpredictable nature of this time.

Ask yourself, “Where are my edges? Am I being too angular in my thinking?” Take this time to soften your edges observe your thoughts (instead of reacting).

Next, reflect and surrender to what Mercury showed you in the Underworld during this last Retrograde.  Look at this:

  • What happened from May 18-June 11, 2015. What stands out?
  • What did you learn about yourself? How did you communicate with others?
  • Is there anything or anyone to forgive? Do you need to be forgiven? (Don’t worry, Mercury Retrograde makes it really easy to be forgiven – people say, “Oh yeah, Mercury Retrograde!- (shaking their heads)

These are your messages from your Underworld Journey with Mercury. Do 5-10 minutes of conscious breathing (Mercury Retrograde was in Gemini- an Air sign) as you sit in Stillness with this awareness. Hint:  These awakenings are your intentions for the next Lunar Cycle … Yay!

Want to learn more about living inTune with the Moon? Contact Shannon and she will fill you in!

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