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Full Moon in Taurus

Weave a New Web of Life Together! Full Moon in Taurus 11/14/16!


The largest Super Full Moon since January 26, 1948 arrives at 5:52 AM PST on November 14, 2016 in the earthy fixed, grounded, sensual sign of 3rd decan Taurus. Do you know what happened 70 years ago in the wake of the last Super Full Moon of this size? Our beloved saint of Peace and Non-Violence, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948. Take a moment to feel that.

This super-sized energy is ripe, fertile and expansive. Taurus lords over our connections to safety, security, financial prosperity and long-term sustainable growth. Taurus asks us, “What can I have?” In the wake of the US Elections and our country experiencing the Great Divide (my automatic writing typed “Divine”), it’s monumental that we stop and collect ourselves – especially our emotions as the Full Moon has brought them out of the shadows and into her light. Remember, we are in the Scorpio Sun octave who’s gift to us is a descent into the Underworld to meet our Shadow who hosts the emotions of how we really feel way down, deep inside. 

Aligning to this Frequency:

Taurus totem animal is the Bull. The Bull is slow and steady, patient and persevered. The Bull moves slowly to take in the array of information coming in through all six senses. That takes time and it is an art. Stop. Look. Listen. Breathe. Taste. Touch. Know. This is what it takes to be infused with this Super Moon and not be washed out to the sea with turbulent emotions. (Look to the the wild Dolphins who know to swim deep during Full Moons).

Grounding is your first act of kindness to yourself and anyone around you. Studies show that there is an electromagnetic field emanating from the toroidal field of our hearts that influences, affects and uplifts others nearby. Grounding and feeling your feet on the floor, drops your awareness out of the chaos of the lower mind and into deeper parts of your being. Move slowly and thoughtfully, staying in your awareness of what vibes you are emanating into your electromagnetic field. As you ground and become aware of your field, this begins the process of Interconnection with others. What makes us the same, brings us together. Let’s connect, interconnect and weave a new web of life together that is based on communal compassion and empathy.

In order for this to truly take place, our Shadows need to come forth. Can you feel how our Shadows are up for review at this time? 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey and the Spiritual Trickster is definitely afoot! Alleviate the desire to point fingers at each other and realize instead they hold the mirror of our own shadows. Make friends with your Shadow, for your Shadow holds the keys to your freedom, liberation and your ability  to rise above tyranny.

A Call to Women:


The Feminine Venus moves into the strong leadership of Capricorn and the Masculine Mars is in idealistic, uptopian Aquarius this week. The Full Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun are forming a T-square to Pallas Athena in Aquarius. This is a call to action for women to rise in their wisdom, power and leadership. (Prepare for the Million Woman March and then some!)

Lilith joins us at the climax of this alignment. Lilith is the archetype of the Wild Feminine unleashed. I’m not surprised she shows at this time because when you tune into cosmic forces, you always get the previews. Lilith joins the Sun in Scorpio and shines opposite the Super Full Moon in Taurus. She is the Queen of the Underworld invoking Tauren lunar roots to descend into the rich, fertile darkness. Oh what a tantric love affair this is! Can you tap deep into your inner Feminine who draws you into the depths of your shadows and truth? This is where you will find your kundalini power as you are asked to rise up and lead with your innate intuition, wisdom and power. This is cause for celebration and expansion of solidarity!

Celebrate! Expand! Allow your Truth to shine!

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