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We can be Heroes! Aquarius Full Moon

Full Aquarius “Friendship Moon” at 11 degree on August 3, 2020, at 8:59 AM PST/9:59 AM MST/10:59 AM CST/11:59 AM EST

The Full Moon in Aquarius and Leo Sun create an octave to wake you up and expand your ability to ascend from lower, dense vibrations to higher, more refined Light. Open your heart and higher mind to receive the gifts of this week’s Full Moon harmonics. We can be heroes when we awaken and expand into the true embodiment of our divine Self – together.

The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 initiated a 7-year cycle that ends in 2024. 2020 is the midpoint year that is the most powerful “pivot point”. Here we as collective humanity get to decide what road to take — the high road or the low road. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 cut across the heartland of the United States. In 2020, there have been multiple attempts to divide this union of states and people. Whether it is through a racial divide, an imbalanced economic class system, or a “Left/Right” political allegiance, the United States is under an attack. This attack is spiritual warfare at its roots. The key is to level up your awareness and expand your consciousness. Aquarius energy is what can help you do just that. Seek individual liberty and sovereignty while mandating that everything is working out in your life better than can be imagined.

Uranus & Mars: Heroine’s Journey

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, sits in a tight square to the Sun and Moon in a fixed dynamic. This dynamic roots you into the Earth to grow the greatest possibilities of liberation and independence. Uranus energy is quick, shocking changes that surprise you. While in Taurus, this quickening energy goes deeper into Mother Earth to sustain your internal revolution over a greater period of time – rather than a quick flash. Uranus encourages you now to develop your physical well-being. Take good care of yourself and nurture what needs to be nurtured within. Hydration is key along with vitamins, minerals, and whole, organic, unprocessed food straight from the Earth.

Mars is the “hero of 2020” in my mind as he journeys through his home sign of Aries from June 27, 2020 to January 7, 2021. Mars comes into conjunction with the Wild Feminine Lilith and the Goddess of Discord herself, Eris. Mars’ fiery energy is getting a mega boost to embody his divine nature. Mars represents the youthful warrior archetype that is both brave and fearless — think of a teenage boy who is not afraid of much and doesn’t think about the consequences of tomorrow. Even though you are getting blasted with powerful Feminine energy, your inner young warrior has to keep her head on straight and utilize the farsight of Uranus to make sure your actions coincide with a greater future. This is rocket fuel energy. Keep in mind, to process your next moves and ask yourself, “How will this action change my future tomorrow?” This will keep you in a divine, right alignment with a greater force within you that is intent on fulfilling your destiny.

Mars initiation comes from his square to the “Old Guard Establishment” in Capricorn — Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all in retrograde motion. This has the frequency of David and Goliath, where it seems too formidable to go against the greater powers that be. Capricorn has to do with banking, government, and institutional control. This is why Mars energy has to be smart, quick, fast, and direct to triumph. Look to the past and see what needs to go. The “Old Guard” will not be able to make the leap into the quantum Now if it can’t let go of control over others. If you find any old, dusty, shadowy Capricorn energy within you, let Mars burn through it to transform. For the rest of 2020, know that you are walking the path of Initiation of the “Hero/Heroine’s Journey”. Once you fully realize and embody this understanding, you are half-way home!

: Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces :

FULL MOON 101: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During this Full Moon Phase, your second Cancer New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power of Harmony. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine relationships with yourself and others. Tap into the Aquarius Full Moon’s power to inspire your hopes, dreams, and wishes to come into manifestation. Celebrate your unique self-expression and draw to yourself more of your Soul Tribe power.

“Friendship Moon”:  Full Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Full Moon is called “Friendship Moon.” The Friendship Moon embodies the energy of your Soul BFFs. Aquarius energy brings you the opportunity to work with the dynamic of your hopes, dreams, and visions of the future. The Full Moon can bring out your inner drama queen/king so utilize the power of your Soul Tribe friends to keep you in check. Plan a get-together – virtual or otherwise. Sing and dance outside arms lifted towards the sky. This is a time of heartfelt celebration for all that you have and all that you can envision to be. Share it with your Soul Tribe friends and let this expansive energy of happiness emanate out into your community. This field of Love grows with every heart that detects its presence. Join forces with friends with conscious intent to add love and joy into the Noosphere of collective human consciousness. Dancing just might be what changes the world to match the vibration of a greater future. Fill it with your hopes and dreams. For what you desire from your heart is a gift to the world. Liberate your mind and feel your personal freedom sending shockwaves of awakened happiness towards others. Watch out! It feels really good!

25th Lunar Mansion: “Lucky Star of Hidden Things”

The 25th Lunar mansion appears to help you emerge from the deeper state of last week’s 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon waters. The 25th Lunar Mansion helps you with metamorphosis. This week, energy stirs you to break free of any old chrysalis state you have been stagnating in. This stagnation can be rooted in a fear of truly being seen for who you really are. The 25th Lunar Mansion has an inward or internal quality so take your time emerging from this chrysalis state. Slowly and with feeling, emerge newly born. Connect with your inner well of deep wisdom and like the Water Bearer of Aquarius, dip into this beautiful consciousness. You can share your wisdom with others. Shower them with what you have uncovered in your chrysalis state. Drink from the well of your eternal Soul. Practice the fine art of protecting your sacred place for this is your internal source of nourishment.

Aquarius Full Moon: FORM

“On a vast staircase stand people of different types graduating upward.”

The Full Moon in Aquarius calls you to join with your Soul Tribe and ascend in consciousness. When you strive towards something better in communion with others of like heart and like mind, the climb upward is much easier. In the Sabian Symbol, it states that the people are of different types. Ponder under this Full Moon, how many people are like you all over the world that you will never meet. Maybe you have a Soul agreement to evolve at the same time, dropping your “starseeds” all around the planet to grow a New Earth that is 5th dimensional. As you ascend in your awareness, enjoy your journey. It’s not so much about getting to the top as it is about relishing each step. Don’t worry about what others are doing or not doing. Focus on your own journey and how you will bring more happiness and success into your life. Trust and be patient knowing you are heading in the right direction. Work on your spiritual path and look forward to the wisdom that is yours to come.

Gate 19: “The Wanting”

Gate 19 in Human Design is the gate of “Wanting”. The Aquarius Full Moon comes into it zenith point in the energetics of the “wanting”. After last week’s Scorpio 1st Quarter Moon, your hard work pays off with being able, to be honest with your emotions. Gate 19 is super sensitive to the relationships in your social circles. Who do you want to be intimate with? Who do you feel like you can’t be yourself with? Gate 19 helps you separate who is in your “inner circle” and who is not. True intimacy happens when you feel connected to others on multiple levels. Take time to clearly see who you connect with on a Soul level and reach out to them to share your heart with them. Let them know that are in it to win together in 2020!

Leo Sun: LOGOS

“An evening party of adults on a lawn with illuminating lights”

The Leo Sun shines a light on the need to take fun-filled breaks from the arduous work of ascension. Make sure you are making room for relaxation. Just like the “lawn party”, leave stresses behind and enjoy gathering for a summer evening of fun. Spend time with other adults, especially if you are home with your children 24/7. Let yourself just be without too much worry even if it is just for an evening. Practice living in the moment, enjoying this Full Moon time out. With the lack of social gatherings, it is important to give time and energy to your social life. Let yourself feel renewed by your circle of friends. If you have been feeling alienated, trust that “this too shall pass”. Find Leo ways to be creative and self-expressive instead. It won’t be long before the world is in a renewed state of a meaningful life. Do your best to eat, drink, and be merry under the Friendship Full Moon and summer Sun.

WRAP UP: Bringing it Together

Inner Circle

The Full Moon, Sun, Uranus, and Mars join their forces together to help you open up to new possibilities. In the free Lunar Ladies Club community, we are communicating how this is affecting us. In the premium Inner Circle, we are learning how to connect with the Moon to draw down our ancestral memories.

Learn how the Sun rejuvenates your ability to rebirth yourself. Learn how Mars is the key player in 2020. Learn how to control your anger and turn it into a passion this year. Connect with the Goddess of the Grain, as the Sun moves into Virgo in two weeks. The Sun will help you to organize internal chaos to find your way through the Great Mystery.

Your Soul’s journey is the way through the eye of the needle. See yourself as and everyone else as a divine Soul. Do no harm. Protect your divine sovereign right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do this for yourself and you do this for all. Happy Full Moon!

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