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We are Family Aquarius New Moon Happening now

Welcome to the New Moon in Aquarius! The Sun and Moon are now at 8 degrees Aquarius on January 27, 2017 at 4:07 PM PST. This Aquarius lunar cycle rings in the New Lunar Year as the Fire Monkey passes the torch to the Fire Rooster. Fire Rooster energy is about getting up early and staying late, rolling up your sleeves, doing your due diligence, working together and being prepared.

With the way of the world right now, we have our work cut out for us. But as this lunar cycle in Aquarius aligns us with the beginning of a new lunar year, we are being infused with the frequencies of solidarity, group consciousness and working together to create a brighter future that will benefit more than just ourselves.

Let’s tap further into the energies available by connecting to the consciousness of Aquarian vibrations. Aquarius energy is the Fixed (static) side of the Air element. Aquarius holds the wave energy of the higher mind of Mercury and sets into motion the future of humanity’s destiny.

Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer and is in charge of pouring heavenly consciousness onto the planet through the superhighway of our higher minds. The intention is to fuse your higher Self consciousness with your human form. We can reach up into the skies of possibilities and ascend beyond the archetype of The Thinker into The Optimizer.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and guides this higher mind energy onto the Earth. Uranus rules lightning, quick changes, revolution and liberation from suffering. Uranus holds the vibration of the future of the coming race of humanity.

Uranus ignites our chakras to evolve into our original design: half Heaven and half Earth. This ignition of your divine design accelerates your unique vibration and you become an innovative, progressive rebel maverick in the world. Those who have a shared affinity with your vibration are drawn together through synchronicity to become allies forming friendships, groups and communities that share resources and visions for a better future.

Aquarius energy of progressive change and innovation leaves Capricorn’s authoritarian rules and structures behind to build upon them to improve the world. If these Saturnian structures can absorb innovative change they will stabilize and move forward. If not, they will be destroyed. Remember lightning is pretty powerful change agent!

We can see this clearly playing out in the new administration in the USA. The President is very Uranian in nature (Uranus conjunct his Sun in Gemini) with his quick changes and shocking revelations. This lightning energy is rocking the world as we knew it down to its foundations. You can also thank Pluto in Capricorn with this energy, too. Events like the Women’s Marches are the reverberation matching the energy with a call to action for the people to rise up and work together.

The President appears to believe in a fear-based philosophy that the world is an “angry place”. He, as a Soul, brings forth the Shadow archetype to show us our deepest fears. Uranus and the Rise of the Feminine are challenging that energy and showing up with a fierce Love philosophy that is rooted in “everyone belongs here”. As the country continues its journey of polarization, it’s time to check in with your heart and uncover what is your personal truth.

This is a very powerful time as it is the beginning of the new lunar cycle and a new lunar year. The week of the New Moon is the time to get quiet, reflective and move inward into your core wisdom. Ask yourself what are your dreams and goals for this month, in six months and for this year. These are your intentions to plant in the fertile soil of the New Moon phase.

The key to success in planting your New Moon intentions is finding time to be still. This act of stillness is following the intelligence of Nature. Seeds planted in the Earth are in a vibration of quiet, dark stillness. It is in this frequency that Mother Earth can infuse the seed with life and making that connection to the material plane. Our ideas, dreams and goals are the seeds. Being still allows Mother Earth to infuse them with life and connect them to the material plane of existence.

To empower your intentions, dreams and goals even more find out what House in your personal astrology chart that Aquarius rules. This is the area of your life to focus on in this lunar cycle. Ask yourself “What does the world need from me?” and “What talents, unique skills do I have to offer to make the world a better place?” Understanding who you are, your natural vibration and how you align to Cosmos is the place to start! Get your chart and find out what you are aligning to this lunar cycle and this lunar year.

If you need help the Lunar Ladies Club is here to help you. We provide your chart, chart report, Resource Library, Living a Lunar Lifestyle eCourse, weekly personalized guidance emails, private Facebook community group and much more! Join the Lunar Ladies Club and get your personalized information and instruction to align you with your higher mind and whole Self today!

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