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Warriors Moon Frees The Chained Woman ~ Full Moon in Aries cometh!

Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon” at 20 degrees on October 13, 2019 @ 2:08 PM PDT/5:08 PM EST/10:08 PM UK


Last month’s Full Pisces “Healer’s Moon” occurred on Friday the13th. October brings you another Full Moon on the 13th, too. This time, the Moon crosses Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and approaches Eris, Goddess of Discord to awaken and draw out the Warrior vibration in you. Jupiter expands the joy of the Heroine within and blesses you on your healing Soul journey on Earth. The Moon and Sun move into alignment with the Andromedan constellation to release regret to grow a deeper sense of harmony in your relationships.

Aries Full Moon is on the Eris’ Point (The Goddess Eris discovery degree). Let me repeat that: The Aries Full Moon is on the Eris’ Point. With Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith conjunct, the Full Mama Warrior’s Moon ignites Eris’ power of “Discord”. This boomerangs into Mars, ruler of Aries, and back to Chiron RX, currently transiting over the next 8 years in Aries. This massive and fiery energy has been created to purify your true, authentic, divine “I AM” Presence. Contrast medicine appears as well to help you see clearly behaviors that are not in alignment with Life and Love. Take this powerful, freeing energy to pull yourself through the “eye of the needle” to be rebirthed into the purified field of the Quantum.

This Jupiterian blessing is needed as Pluto, Lord of Karma, moves into position to initiate the next layer of karmic unfolding. The Full Moon heightens the planet’s transform power to next level of metamorphosis. Can you handle this? Many hands reach out from the beyond of past lives to encourage you and to stop you. Both have positive consequences. Only the Warrior knows how to perceive the many ways the Universe has your back (like all the time, 24/7, have faith and don’t deny this Universal Truth!)

Andromeda, the Chained Woman

According to Jamie at Astrology King, Constellation Andromeda the Chained Woman gives purity of thought, virtue, honor, and dignity, but causes battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers.

Venus, ruler of Libra, is the ancient archetype of The Chained Woman of Andromeda. According to Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Ethiopia. Her mother declared her beauty was superior to the Nereids, nymphs of the Sea. This angered Poseidon, god of the Sea, who unleashed the sea monster, Cetus, as punishment. Andromeda’s father sold her to be sacrificed to appease the anger of Poseidon and chained her to be killed by Cetus. Perseus, who killed Medusa, was flying by on Pegasus and saw Andromeda. His heart fell in love and was moved to rescue her. Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn Cetus to stone and unchain Andromeda. The Full “Warrior’s Moon” retells this ancient story to assist the unwinding of the patriarchal oppression of the Feminine. What do you notice? What speaks to you? Are you chained or free? 



: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces : – :

FULL Moon Dynamics: 101

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Libra intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. Believe that your intention is “out there” in the Universe. Time is gathering the material needed to 3D print your goals and dreams. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In April 2019, there was the Aries New Moon ~ where you set into motion the “alchemy of Love’. Take yourself back to this moment in time and reconnect to what your intentions were. This month’s Full Moon in Aries is the expanded fruition of not only 2 weeks ago, but 6 months ago, too. Build your legacy and stand tall, as you are ending very old cycles to begin the next ascent of your human-Soul journey on Earth.

“Warrior’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon is called “Warrior’s Moon.” The Warrior’s Moon ignites evolutionary change with fierce passion and Hero-level courage to rock this world. The Libra Sun’s light sets on fire the mirror of the “Warrior’s Moon”. Here, Aries, the child of the Zodiac, comes into Her expanded fullness. Your Hero powers are now brought forth front and center. What great cause can you stand for? Tune into where the Moon and Sun are, in your chart, as they are calling your inner Wise Woman Warrior to rise (check your Natal Aries-Libra axis in your chart!).

2nd Lunar Mansion:  “The Musician”

The 2nd Lunar Mansion opens up the space for your royal and regal sovereign Self to mature. Guarded by Mercury, the 3rd decan Aries receives the royal sash and saber from Sagittarius energy. The Music of Spheres plays for your royal Self to be exalted. What is coming into fruition in your timeless “I AM” Presence? Are there people in authority that are preventing you from being seen as matured? If so, this Full Moon will challenge them to see you in a whole new light. Reclaim your sovereignty is the theme song of this Lunar Mansion. Walk your talk this week and don’t let your ego or pride get in your way. Be skilled and poised, ready for action. The warrior becomes the Hero and thinks of the welfare of others first. Be your best Self and let those above you recognize your inner power shining forth. Express yourself from a place of maturity as your persuasive skills will be on point. Let the music of your Soul ring out to others so they, too, can see the good power you bring wherever you go.

Moon Octaves the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ :  Aries “Warrior’s Moon”  : ~ :

20 Aries Moon: “A woman drying flowers and carefully preserving their colors.”

The Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon” has you holding all that is beautiful in your life. The Full Moon draws forth your warrior stamina and the high-mindedness of your inner Heroine to assist you in surviving your most difficult challenges. Look beyond the discord and negativity and magnify the good in your life. Your very essence inspires others and lights the way for them to navigate tough times, too. The Full Moon’s symbol desires to uplift your Soul. The magnetic lunar winds carry your prayers and blessings to those in need. You are the woman unchained to be free to preserve the memory of the flowers. When you remember the beauty in your life, you create space for more beauty to grow.  More flowers are coming as new cycles of life arise.

Mars, ruler of Aries, wants you to become aware of the limits around you as well as within you. Maintain your own integrity by standing in your power and being your true, authentic Self. Release what holds you back and frustrates you. This is lesser quality energy that no longer vibes with your true Soul power. Your acute awareness of all life’s edges and boundaries strengthens your ability to see your world in a highly clear and focused manner. Time to rise, Warrior!

: ~ : Libra Sun : ~ :

20 Libra Sun:  “The sea as still as a mirror.”

The Libra Sun shines on your still mind. When your mind is still, external emotional turbulence subsides and the vast depths of your subconscious can be experienced. This feels like Nirvana. This degree of Libra brings you a much deeper experience of every aspect of your conscious awareness. Have a clear mind to exude a personal energy that is transcendent and healing. Find this serenity within, even if it is only experienced for a few moments. It is the constant turbulence of unchecked and unhealed emotions, that keeps your consciousness shrouded in illusion. See beyond turbulence to the still sea of your conscious aware Mind. You have the power to look beyond surface illusions to glimpse the core meanings of unity consciousness.

Venus, ruler of Libra, A poem has disappeared from a sheet of paper. All that is left behind is a few iridescent stains.” Venus shares with you that there is a deep desire for profound communication this week. She calls you to express the essence of the beauty of your Soul. Set your energy to freely and joyously communicate without becoming frustrated by the limits that time and space. Be here now. Venus takes you beyond words to reach the essence of pure knowing. More Nirvana!

Wrap Up:

It’s time to take your Warrior’s energy and expand into your rightful vibration ~ the essence of your Soul. The Sun and Moon align with the power of Pluto to raise you from the pangs of limits of time and space. Venus and Mars expand your ability to dance beyond surface illusions into the timeless place of conscious awareness. Still the emotional turbulence of an unchecked mind. Focus your attention on what is beautiful. That is what is real. Enter into Nirvana to experience the truth of who you really are when your mind is still and your heart is free. Lift your arms to draw down Andromeda. Free her from the old patriarchal persecution power plays between man and the gods. Recognize yourself in all the power players of the story of The Chained Woman. Set your mind and heart on experiencing profound communication — first with your Soul and then with others. Remember, your Light lights up the world beyond the limits of time and space. When you heal within, you heal all the versions of you in the past, present, and future. Rise like a Warrior and be about it!

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