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Walk down the Priestess Path ~ 1st Quarter Virgo Moon

1st Quarter Virgo Moon happens on May 21, 2018 at 8:49 PM PST/11:49 PM EST initiating  a new lunar phase to break through old patterns to help you GROW! This healing Moon sets loose lightning bolts! The two lightning YOD bolts from Venus in Cancer are still in play. Now a Hand of the Goddess points to the Virgo Moon to heal the future when you choose to walk the Priestess Path! Free your mind and the rest will follow!

The 1st Quarter Virgo Moon is call the  “Counting Moon”. As the energetics of this lunar phase are about breaking through the old mental debris so you can realize your Taurus New Moon intentions, the Counting Moon tempts you with criticism and “Analysis paralysis” syndrome! Perfectionism and an exactitude attitude will drive you to drink this week. Lean on Taurus energy to slow down your mind and listen to the birds sing instead of those nit-picky voices in your head. Allow your inner Bacchus just a little time to sip on the fermented fruits of a delicious Cabernet while you ponder the beauties of imperfection.

With the newly born Gemini Sun and the Virgo Moon, Mercury is in full bloom with mental, mercurial energy. Thank goodness for the last Mercury retrograde, as Mercury still is catching up lounging in the wildflower fields of Taurus. Whew! (otherwise Mercury would be in Monkey-Mind Gemini!) Mother Earth slows Him down by retelling entertaining tales of the Dryads and woodland Nymphs to ground him and build His intelligent character. Mother Earth and Sister Moon are ready to tell you more ~ Read on for the Keys to unlock the secrets to the “Counting Moon”!

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Sabian Symbol Story:  Moon & Sun & Mercury

The Moon at 1 degree Virgo brings:  “A LARGE WHITE CROSS DOMINATES THE LANDSCAPE.” KEYNOTE: The wisdom and compassion which only the experience of suffering and isolation can bring.The Virgo Counting Moon chooses isolation to control external chaos, She does this to be able to “see” and to discriminate. Learning to detach comes from walking the path of pain. The symbol of the Cross is the mystic Path to Initiation, the entrance into a greater realm of participation with the Divine. At this place in your journey, you need to leave the mind behind so that compassion may illuminate from the depths of your Being.

The Sun at 1 degree Gemini helps create your breakthrough with:  “SANTA CLAUS FURTIVELY FILLING STOCKINGS HANGING IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE.” KEYNOTE: A rewarded faith in spiritual blessings. Spiritual blessings appear when the heart is pure. This purity is reborn when you return to your Innocence whose consciousness is that of a child. The symbol, Santa Claus represents heavenly energy through a mythological character. Filling the stockings with gifts is the reward for believing in Love and goodness. In order to discover the wonders of the spiritual world, one has to believe with a purity of heart and return a state of INNOCENCE.

Brother Mercury at 14 degrees Taurus rules this story by:  “HEAD COVERED WITH A RAKISH SILK HAT, MUFFLED AGAINST THE COLD, A MAN BRAVES A STORM.” KEYNOTE: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition. The man with the silk hat has experienced both social success and the failures of it. Thoroughly examine your lower mind and see if it is the source of the storm that brings adversity. If there is crises, accept it as an opportunity to build strength, character and the ability to rise above anything. Mercury in Taurus brings a new level of maturity that can only come from seeing that obstacles are really opportunities to grow.

Walking down the Priestess Path

The Moon’s enlightenment creates an Earth Trine between Saturn, Vesta, Uranus and Part of Fortune. Saturn and Part of Fortune score a double “8”. The secret combination is found in 8 degrees Pisces energetic of “Self-Quickening”. How can you utilize this fast-paced Mercurial energy to accelerate your growth this week? (Hint:  Follow your Pisces-ruled House themes!) Saturn assists and highlights this beautiful, blessed gift with mastering the Art of Attunement (my secret weapons are Tuning Forks!).

When you are attuned to Harmony and your vibration rises. As your vibration rises, you begin to walk the Priestess Path and learn to touch and ground Lightning. The Counting Moon is struck by two YOD lightning bolts from Mars in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries. To heal the Wounded Chiron Warrior you must find the ability to look at yourself objectively – and the easiest most self-quickened way is through humor. Literally laugh at yourself! The Future Human 2.0 demands that you taking a look at your socio-cultural attachments. Ask yourself, “What is no longer bearable within society that you feel you must break free of?” And will these attachments serve the future I hope for?  When you ground this lightning energy it boomerangs into Venus and Pallas Athena in Cancer. For the Aspirant, you are then asked to Reorient and Rationalize with your “Soft Power” of Tenderness and Wisdom.

The Takeaway:

You are breaking free of fear-based, ego patterns to realize your Taurus New Moon intentions. Virgo energy wants practical daily methods towards body/mind/spirit wholeness. What needs to change? What within you wants freedom? This is your focus point for the week. Clean up your diet with healthy foods. Sweep out your mind of cobweb thought forms. Say your daily prayers to the GodForce within and bless your true Self. Walk onto your Priestess Path and never look back!


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