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Wake up! The Return of the Feminine is here

Many women are feeling a stirring and a call to rise up and take action. Deep within our bodies and ourselves, is a divine flame that is growing in power. This my friends, is the reawakening of the Feminine frequency on the planet.

It is no accident that a very old, dilapidated version of the dominant masculine vibration is trying to take power over others once again. This separated version of the Masculine vibration is an incoherent, imbalanced vibration. It’s no accident either that a Million Women march movement has been born and is growing in strength to counteract this imbalance. We are witnessing history now as Her-story. A divine play is setting the stage for women to take their power back and move humanity forward towards a spiritual revolution.

The awakening, return and rise of the Feminine is showing up in the skies. The feminine warrior, Eris is in Aries and she is teamed up with the asteroid Ceres, the face of the Goddess as Grandmother, and Uranus, revolutionary and liberator of freedom. These three powerful archetypes are traveling through the sign of Aries, which represents personality, identity, body, and “I AM” Presence. Aries begins the Zodiac with the birth of the divine fiery spark of life force within and is the vibration that ignites our passion, courage, bravery, boldness, fearlessness and movement into right action.

Eris is a newly discovered planet at the edge of our known Universe. Since she is so far away, her cycles through a zodiac sign are the longest, near 500 years. So at this time and 300 years prior, everyone on the planet has their natal Eris in Aries. To me, this is the thread that ties us all together. It is a vibration that unites us. 2017 is a very special year as it begins with the Feminine Warrior, Eris, in alignment with Uranus and Ceres in Aries. Uranus adds lightning energy to Eris’ passion and liberates her knowing of who she really is. Uranus with Eris together are now is asking for all humans to rise up in their spiritual identity. Women are waking up to the truth of their identity and power as they connect with their deepest core truths. Women naturally embody the Feminine frequency in their biology at the most basic level. And all people, men and women, embody the spiritual nature of the Feminine.

Ceres, the asteroid archetype of the Grandmother and the Goddess of the Grain is showing up as part of this powerful trinity. Ceres is representing the energy of our Ancestors and they, too, are calling us into action. Ceres brings forth the strength, wisdom and gifts of our ancestors. Ceres in this alignment signals that the time is now to wake up, rise up and assist humanity to move forward.

The Feminine frequency is found in community, collaboration, nurturing, solidarity, compassion, empathy, support, connection, circles, family, and strength in numbers. This planet is a Feminine planet, because it gives birth and has an infinite supply of abundance. When women wake up, their natural way is to respond to what is needed around them. According to a Chinese proverb when sleeping women wake, mountains move. Uranus says, “Wake up from your sleep!” Aries says,”Who are you at your spiritual core?” Eris says, “Do not fear the storm, you are the storm.” and Ceres says, “Granddaughters, you are who we have been praying for.”

Women are answering the call to rise and stand together in power to balance and harmonize the planet. This isn’t the time to usurp the old masculine power paradigm but bridge the gap and unite with the sacred masculine by first showing up in your sacred, powerful Feminine Self. This is Venus invoking her lover, Mars and calling him to join her in the spiral dance of Life.

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