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Vitality Restored! Virgo New Moon 2023

New Moon in Virgo at 21 degrees on September 14, 2023, at 6:40 PM PDT; 9:40 PM EDT

It’s time to make a change. The Virgo lunar cycle brings in the power of refining your wellness frequency by changing your daily health routines. Virgo’s magic is the power of making things better, healthier, and more vibrant. Where in your life do you need more health? Virgo rules over the body, mind, emotions, and the spiritual bodies. Tap into your inner knowing and go with your gut instincts as to where you would like to refine how you do you!

Virgo New Moon Herbal Recipes

Build your Virgo Lunar Apothecary here:

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is ready to station direct the day after the New Moon on September 15th. Mercury is sparking your creativity to open you up to more of the divine intelligence within your body, mind, and Spirit. Make time for creativity during this lunar cycle. Non-verbal activities would be the best options. Saturn helps Mercury build more trust in the goodness of life to override collective fear. Jupiter opens up a frequency field to help you enjoy the process of becoming more attuned to your Higher Self.

The New Moon and Sun are opposite Neptune Retrograde across the fabric of the universe. Oppositions represent a deeper harmony by the opposing forces. Neptune reminds you that the power of gratitude and counting your blessings daily is something that should not be taken for granted. Make a new spiritual routine to count your blessings, give gratitude, and/or do a random act of kindness. Taking care of the innocent and all things wild will give you bonus points!

Earth Trine Time! Uranus and Pluto Power

This New Moon and Sun form an Earth element Trine to Uranus, “The Rebel”, in Taurus, and Pluto, “The Gatekeeper of Soul”, in Capricorn. Uranus empowers your New Moon intentions when you work with your crystals during this lunation. Speak your intentions and infuse them into a healing crystal of choice. You can bury your crystal in the dirt of a houseplant or in your garden. This will infuse your crystal and your intentions with Earth power.

Pluto is working on your intuition and empowering it so that you can use it in your adult life. In order to trust your intuition more, you can practice balancing the seen (material world) with the unseen (spiritual world). Does what you see match what you feel? Or are you questioning reality because your inner sense world is not buying into it anymore? To strengthen your intuition, make choices based on your feelings instead of your logical mind. See what happens when you go with your first instincts!

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Divine DNA ~ New Moon @ 21 degrees Virgo

A Royal Coat of Arms

With age, we gain greater inner authority; this speaks to us of the eternal aristocracy of self.

The New Moon and Sun are drawing you into embodying more of your royal Higher Self. Virgo energy invites you to take care of yourself by tapping into your divine intelligence. Your human body is a work of art in beauty and in the ability to perform complex mathematical formulas that we call “health”. Look to your genetic health and call forth more strength by inviting your ancestors’ strength to reawaken in your DNA. This is another way to build immunity by waking up the latent genetic powers in your cells. Return to tried and true remedies that your grandparents used to heal and build health. Elder wisdom found in your ancestral folklore will serve you well over the next six months.

The Earth is in the opposite position at 21 degrees Pisces moving towards Neptune. The Earth is grounding you by adopting a more spiritual way of living that will increase your overall wellness. What new spiritual laws can you start living on a daily basis that will increase your vitality? Pisces is a Mutable Water sign and adheres to the power of anointing, blessing, and purifying your body with liquids that have a sacred energy. Think of hydrosols, spritzes, and oils. Imagine what the washing of Jesus’ feet was truly symbolic of. Foot soaks are in order while imagining a beautiful, spiritual life for yourself.

Chiron and Asteroid Lucifer are in a 150-degree, YOD, formation in Aries. The Wounded Healer matches the energy of Lucifer presenting a genetic weakness in the bloodline. This is more spiritual than physical in its origin. Aries in the shadow is debilitated by living separate from God’s source of unconditional love. When you begin to see your day purely through the lens of Spirit, you encounter a great magnitude of magic flowing through your life. The opposing force of a pure material point of view is what weakens your spirit on Earth. Apply more imagination and magical wonder to your daily life and you will feel your vitality return!

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  • New Moon at 21 degrees Virgo Week: 09/14-21/2023
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 14th: “The Scepter”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A royal coat of arms.”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Sagittarius “Seeker’s Moon”: 09/22-28/2023
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion 21st- “The Duel”
  • Full Moon in Aries: 09/29/2023

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See you on September 29th for the Aries Full Moon!

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