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Virgo Dream Moon Overview + WINNER!

My Virgo Dream Moon Challenge Overview

1st Quarter Week ~  09/16-24/18

What Did I Learn about my Inner World?

The Virgo Dream Moon challenge was AWESOME! I learned so much about my inner world and my current state of Soul awareness. I found that I could set intentions and manage my dream while still in the dream world! It was so cool, rewarding and empowering!

The 1st Quarter lunar week’s “Seeker’s Moon” traveled through the Third Quadrant of my personal Natal chart. The Third Quadrant is about becoming more objective about the identities of others and how one relates to others in relationship. The Moon traveled through the signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces during the challenge. These houses were all lit up on my personal celestial stage to see the power of my subconscious mind unfold. Doing this challenge with this deeper level of awareness of me was literally, mind-blowing!

I learned about relationships, intimacy, forgiveness, my future path and my core emotional truths that are meant to shine on the world stage. I took notes upon awakening, scribbling down what I could remember, my dream symbols began to appear. As I consciously set my goals to remember by creating power intentions at night. My dreams began to communicate with each other night after night, weaving together a vast awareness of where I am on my spiritual path and where I am heading. It was so cool! Kale yeah!

Sharing my dreams everyday in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group expanded my view to see through the eyes of others (Third Quadrant power!) what gifts lay in my dreamworld. The Lunar Ladies and I got to celebrate, laugh, discover and feel empowered by diving into our consciousness with the help of the Moon. The levels of new awareness that arose from my inner world continue to astound me!

How to take your Dream World to the next Level:

I love when it all plays out in perfect sync as the Universe moves and swirls around. A Tibetan Dream Yoga teacher stepped forward to take our Lunar Ladies Club VIPs on an extended adventure. We are opening the doorway to strengthening our minds as we move forward as a Collective group of Wise Women. The 3rd Quarter Cancer “Widow’s Moon” also is pointing the way to engage with the power of meditation and lucid dreaming. Ladies, we are right on time. Join us in the VIP Lunar Ladies Club and receive free training in Tibetan Dream Yoga!

Start Here:  Know your Natal Moon Sign

Tune into and know the power of your Natal moon sign and the natal moon phase you were born under. Knowing your Moon sign and phase gives you an extra layer of understanding how you dream and knowing how to utilize your insights.

NEXT:  Understand your dream language by knowing your Natal Moon sign. Build you lexicon of personal dream symbols. Follow the Moon as She travels through the constellations in your personal chart. Keep a dream journal to track Her movements and your revelations.

Need help? Invest in a Dream Moon Makeover! Let Shannon, Dream Moon Makeover expert, reveal to you the power of your Moon and how you dream to awaken your destiny.

And the Winner is…!

Megan Ferguson is the winner of the Virgo Dream Moon Challenge! Hooray! Congratulations, Megan! Megan wins her own private 1:1 Dream Moon Makeover experience with Shannon. She will learn the phase of the Moon she was born under, her Natal Moon’s sign and house placement and how she personally dreams with the Moon. Your Subconscious is personal your Soul’s way of navigating the world. This is the key to understanding how you feel, how you need to be nurtured, bonded with and how you connect to your intuition, clairvoyance and developing your psychic abilities. Be like Megan and get yours, too!

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