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Harmony & Relationships

Venus Vortex + Balancing New Moon Monday

Our lovely New Moon Lunation Cycle beginning on October 12, 2015 is brought to you with a Venus Vortex with mystical Mercury on October 9, 2015. The New Moon is in the frequency of Libra:  “Balance & Harmony in Relationships”.

What makes this so lovely is Mercury goes direct on October 9th at 0 degrees Libra with verdant Venus entering into the frequency of Virgo at 0 degrees. When a planet changes frequencies, there is a potency in the air that holds the “magic of the seed” – meaning the divine potential of that seed is possible.

Venus and Mercury form a vortex because Venus rules Libra (where Mercury is in) and Mercury rules Virgo (where Venus is in). They are 60 degrees apart on the Great Wheel (360 degrees) and that is a harmonic value. At this time, Mercury and Venus are holding hands in the Cosmos.

When Mercury and Venus come together it is similar to the image of Eros rescuing Psyche. The winged Eros comes for his beloved Psyche. Mercury ruler of the Mind is currently in Libra which rules the 7th House of Relationships. Venus who rules Expressions of Love and is the Governess of the 7th House of Libra:  Balance and Harmony in Relationships. As She enters into Virgo, Venus chooses practical, healing, Earthy ways to express her Love in partnerships, friendships and business clients. Mercury helps her by analyzing her Mind with fresh, non-judgmental insights on how best to express Herself. Mercury is refreshed now having just gone on a Retrograde shamanic journey in the Underworld.

And now, the New Moon! This New Moon 20 degrees Libra will be exactly opposite forming an Octave to Uranus at 19 degrees Aries. This is an AWAKENING OPPORTUNITY! Having just followed a Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Aries, this lunation cycle is asking us to bring balance into our lives by cutting away that which no longer serves us so that what will serve us now can grow.

This Libra New Moon offers you this reflection:  “Are you being supported and surrounded by nourishing relationships?”

The Cosmic energy right now is the “Urge to Merge”. Make sure you are on balanced footing with your relationships. Close your eyes (blind Justice) so you can perceive from your Heart (Venus ruling Libra) if there is balance, support, collaboration and Harmony. To do this most effectively, treat yourself to luxury in the forms of:  nourishing meals, time out to be reflective, restorative yoga class and create beauty in your living spaces. Your focus is “Serenity.” 

During this Lunar Cycle (October 12- November 11th), make an Altar to honor your Ancestors, create sacred space and surround yourself with soft music. Release the need to be liked by everyone and merge with your greatest relationship, “I AM” within.

Happy Fall, Harvest & Dia de los Muertos!

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