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Usurp your Own POWER with 3rd Quarter Leo Moon

3rd Quarter Leo “Usurper’s Moon” at 16 degrees on November 8, 2020 at 5:45 AM PDT/6:45 AM MDT/7:45 AM CDT/8:45 AM EDT

The 3rd Quarter Leo Moon and Scorpio Sun form a waning 270-degree square to the Scorpio Sun to help you release and let go.

The Leo Moon is known as the “Usurper’s Moon”. Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself. Move inward and seek support to connect to what needs to shape-shift within you. To transform and surrender with the Usurper’s Moon, look at who or what has broken your heart, stabbed you in the back or betrayed your Inner Child.

The Leo Moon embraces Mars to move your passionate courage into your heart chakra. The Moon whispers that everything returns to Source to be purified. This is an eternal cosmic law. Why does the Universe act in this way? To maintain the integrity of everything in its non-stop waves of eternal change. Mars represents, our inner urge to act and to change. A foolhardy Mars acts recklessly. A wise, heroic Mars acts from very inspired wisdom. Slow down and tune in so you can choose the best path forward for yourself.

The Sun marries Juno and initiates Mars in his retrograde journey, too. The Sun and Juno remind Mars that humanity must act as those they make a difference. Each person can do this when their foundational belief about the world is that they matter and they have importance. Scorpio energy takes you deeper into the emotional truth of the great Web of Life. When you feel something, the wind shifts. When you act with passion, the Earth moves. Many believe that weather can be stirred up or calmed down as a direct mirror of emotional turmoil or joy. Pay attention to the power of your emotions especially at the deepest level within you.

Venus, the ruler of this Libra lunation, comes into opposition with the retrograding Mars, her Lover. Venus eases the agitation of Mars by bringing one’s inner world into balance. The relationships you have with yourself and others exist in “circular paths”. What comes around goes around. Make sure your core root Self is incorruptible, especially from outside sources. When your core is pure, your heart and mind can find resonance again.

3rd Pluto-Jupiter CONJUNCTION

Jupiter and Pluto engage in the final third of three conjunctions this week. The two Kings return to 22 degrees Capricorn reverberating and revisiting the January 12th conjunction degree. Look back to April 15th and June 30th to remember what was happening in your life. Take a moment to honor your courage and bravery for going down the rapids of 2020. Personal growth is accelerated during times of change. The effects quicken your spiritual journey. How has this year encouraged, invited, and developed your ability to lead with the pure consciousness of Love on the planet?

Lightworker Snare – BEWARE!

A third Lightworker snare appears in the formation of a Trapezoid. This time the Scorpio Sun and Neptune come into harmonic trine as the Leo Sun and the Verte inspired North Node to find synchronicity together. The squares between the Sun and Moon and Neptune and the North Node form the prison walls. To free the snare you have to activate the spiritual connection between the Sun and the North Node and the Moon and Neptune.

Moon and Sun Power:

Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Reflect upon where you may have done this to another. The 3rd Quarter Moon is a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels, and your Guides to assist you in feeling more supported to let go. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Scorpio next week!

“Usurper’s Moon”:  Internal Sabotage

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Leo in this vibration is known as the “Usurper’s Moon”. The energy of this Moon is like a sneak attack upon your innocence and naivete. Leo energy is royal in nature and brings the images of a King. The 3rd Quarter Moon opens the wounds from the outside as the King’s energy turns autocratic. This Moon can take down a despotic King. This is the classic tale of a “Fall from Grace” and the story of ultimate Hubris. What expands to its fullest point must contract. Look to the house that Leo rules in your Natal chart. This is where outside, external influences could be snapping back or contracting to show you what needs to change.

11th Lunar Mansion: “Fortuna”

The 3rd Quarter Leo Moon passes through the 11th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic Mansion spells good fortune and opens the doorways for you to be bold and beautiful! (Remember the Doorway from the Libra New Moon?) Leo energy likes to be charming so let yourself be with others this week as reflect upon your Libra lunation experience. Feel the energy of “power together” as you create a wild and wonderful place for yourself in the world. When you are authentic, you conjure your most confident Self and that is what others love to see. As you walk the path of your True Self with the Moon, be confident, gorgeous, and whole. Just check any lower-level vibrations of vanity at the door of the 11th Lunar Mansion so the true colors of your joy can come shining through!

Human Design Gateway #7: “Self in Interaction”

The 3rd Quarter Leo Moon passes through the Gateway of seeing yourself interacting with the world. This is a gateway of leadership. This frequency recognizes that you, by nature, are a high expression of democracy. You are being asked to embody, demonstrate, and behold the higher ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can reflect upon your inner Soul light to be a natural leader of spiritual ideals. Ask yourself, “Where can I take more leadership in my life?”

3RD QUARTER LEO MOON’S MESSAGE: “Straight-Forwardness”

“A volunteer Church choir singing religious hymns.”

The prayerful act of chanting is spiritual communion beyond self-surrender and self-proclamation.

The 3rd Quarter Leo “Usurper’s Moon” moves you deeper into your heart’s truth. What happens when a group of people is moved deeper into their hearts? What happens is a state of spiritual communion is experienced. A quickening of the heart dissolves any barriers that separate you from another. This calls to the very highest that exists in all of us at the cellular level. The toroidal field of the Heart chakra is all-inclusive.

This is a high level of spiritual consciousness and it creates a real and everlasting contribution to humanity. When you show real respect for a person, your awareness grows of their needs and their relationship with the divine. What you hold as sacred is of the greatest importance to you. This needs to be recognized so you can feel honoured. Communion with others in this way of sacred respect delivers richness, significance and a shared purpose together.


“A woman fathers her own child.”

Anarchy is the enlightened behavior of a self-realized being who needs no master.

The Scorpio Sun draws you deeper inward to empower your journey of Self-realization. You can create your own life with your own visions. Instead of reacting to the external, respond to the power of your own inner light. You need no outer authority to realize your dreams. Just know that in order for a dream to be realized, you must first conceive of it and allow it to grow strong within you. You give birth to your own passions. Scorpio energy will challenge you because its wisdom knows how strong you really are. If what you desire is truly authentic, it will grow in power on its own. Have integrity and remain true to yourself. Practice trusting yourself and stay in your awareness of your heart chakra. You can trust what your heart feels and be free to give voice to your inner knowing. Seek freedom and liberation from suffering. Listen to your Soul and give birth to your passionate dreams!


This week the Moon and Sun help you to reflect upon your life experiences since October 16, 2020. Mercury ended His retrograde journey and Jupiter and Pluto made their final conjunction for 2020. Take this week to look back and reflect upon how the world is calling you to lead in 2021. Are you able to “father your own inner self” through Self-realization? How are you joining with others to sing the praises of universal Love? These are your areas of focus and you move deeper into surrender with the Scorpio New Moon!

Libra Lunar Cycle 2020 Look-back:

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