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Uranus in Taurus ~ “I AM” My Own Resource Energy (M.O.R.E)

Uranus in Taurus is coming to awaken you over the next 7 years! Uranus is the planet of great shifts and awakenings, moves into Taurus on May 15, 2018 at 8:16 AM PST/11:16 AM EST following the New Moon. Taurus is the sign of value, abundance, manifestation, and practical sustainable growth over time. Uranus is going to shake things up both literally and also in your Unconsciousness. In Taurus, you are going to be asked to deal with security, stability and sustainability. Uranus desires to shake and awake your inner security first.

Trust Source and stabilize your experience by Self-realizing that your “I AM Presence” is your own Resource. Uranus is going to liberate Collective values during this 7-year cycle, and the grand plan is to liberate the Collective from fear.

Planetary Players:

Uranus, in the constellation of Taurus, will come into an Earth trine with Pluto’s journey through Capricorn to bring structural transformation and redistribution of wealth in the world. Be a superconductor of themes like spiritual connections with Earth, Nature and aligning yourself with valuing ALL LIFE on the planet. This is a very spiritual-material experience. Your material world growth will happen when you put your mind upon what you value and become an Earth steward of the rhythms of existence. You will be amazed by how the Sabian Symbols tell the entire story. I’ll be looking at Uranus at the beginning with its ruling sign as the South Node in Aquarius and Venus in Gemini. On a side note, Mars is going to be a massive player as He ascends into Aquarius (Uranus ruling sign). Mars will be there for six months (May 17-November 16, 2018) and also take you on a retrograde journey (June 26-August 27, 2018), too. This is definitely a time to think, breathe and center yourself before you speak and act. Consider all the consequences and be a crouching Tiger and a hidden Dragon!

Mercury goes into Taurus first on May 13, 2018. He brings a “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” when Uranus goes into Taurus. This is a sign of the Covenant of God that is a promise to restore Peace again upon the planet. This is the promise of the return of Paradise. Pluto changes signs in 2024, too near the end of Uranus earthly journey. The next 7 years will be really interesting! Let’s take a deeper look at this Grand Plan by unlocking the secrets given by the Sabian Symbols, shall we?

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Sabian Symbol Secrets:

Uranus at 0 degrees Taurus:  “Clear Mountain Stream”. The pure and uncontaminated expression of one’s true nature. “Pura Vida” is the pure life force substance emerging from the mountain, the spiritual Source. When you become aware of the past, acknowledge and accept it, you are then free to release it. Uranus brings “Pura Vida” to assist you do your Dharma or “sacred work” on the planet now. Flow uninhibited towards your destiny by being true to your OWN NATURE – which is SOURCE.

South Node at 8 degrees Aquarius: “The Flag turning into an Eagle”. This symbol shows the release and liberation of new social values born from people who are enacting the spiritual ideals of these values. Embody the power symbol of Eagle to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The Soul Pattern being released is giving you the living substance and your wings! You, the seeker must become the Doer. Begin ACTING OUT of your highest vision of You and of the Collective.

Venus at 25 degrees Gemini:  “Frost covered Trees against Winter Skies”. This symbol shows the archetypal energy around the essential rhythms of nature and existence.  Venus also invites you to connect with your archetypes and pure Selfhood. As you do you begin the process of removing superficialities. Nature helps you do this by bringing in the bareness of the Winter season. You are reaching into the essence of your individual being, Pure Selfhood leads to ESSENTIALIZATION of your true nature.

Let the Journey Begin!

The Uranian 2018 journey has the Sky God shifting back into Aries when He begins a retrograde sojourn on August 7, 2018. Uranus returns to Aries from November 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019. Uranus goes direct on January 6, 2019 heading back towards Taurus all at Starseed degrees. Did you happen to notice the three “6th” days? “666” vibration is not a random fact. The Angel meaning of “666” is to be aware to balance your thoughts, worries or concerns about material and financial issues, with a focus and faith in the spiritual. A positive vibration and focus will bring about positive results. So cool because Taurus is about finances, money, values and worth!

The ending of the Uranian journey through Taurus is July 7, 2025 when Taurus enters into Gemini. On July 6, 2025 Uranus will be 29 degrees Taurus ~ “A Peacock parading upon the Terrace of an Old Castle”. Venus, ruler of Taurus, will be at 2 degrees Gemini “The Garden of the Tuileries in Paris”. Venus brings the energy of consolidating collective ideals into form to discover new aspects of Nature. Uranus ends His cycle with the consummation of inherited gifts of our self-conscious intelligence. Pluto chimes in at 3 degrees Aquarius retrograde bringing to the light a “Hindu Yogi demonstrating his Healing Power”. This is the transformation of the higher Mind when focused on spiritual energy! Hmmm… Isn’t that interesting?!!

It’s the ultimate AUMmmmm…!


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