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Unwind Your Mind ~ 3rd Quarter Gemini Magus Moon Seeks Wholeness

3rd Quarter Gemini “Magus Moon” at 28 degrees on September 21, 2019 at 7:41 PM PDT/10:41 PM EST/3:41 AM UK – 09/22/19


This is your week to unwind and return to your inner Universe deep inside. The Sun ends its 30-day sojourn through Virgo to bless you with its final gifts. The Moon dances again with the celestial Twins, Castor, and Pollux. Dissolve the illusion of separation as the Pleiadian starseed Vesta, Goddess of the Temple, takes you into the Void this week. Let Her guide you towards your intuition and teach you how energy works. Time travel with Vesta and Mercury to see what the overall patterns are in life this week.

The 3rd Quarter Moon week is about clearing, reflecting, and surrendering all that you have experienced since the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th. The Moon is revisiting the 3rd Quarter Gemini Magus Moon again. You have a second opportunity to clear your mind, your words, and your deeds. Virgo Sun asks, “How have you regenerated your body, mind, and spirit’s wellness in the last 30 days? Have you created a place of devoted wholeness; fully serving the Temple of God that is YOU?”

Mercury Rules both 3rd Quarter Moon and Sun, AGAIN!

Mercury makes a 2nd appearance to shine his quicksilver magical Faerie dust revving up your alchemical transformation ~ especially since dancing under the Phoenix constellation last week. Mercury’s magical mind understands what you are ready to let go of. Move into alignment to take a second chance at transformation this week. Are you sensing the magic at play, yet??

Mercury is joined with Venus in the early degrees of Libra. Venus appears at the magical completion degree of “9” to gift Mercury with royal adornments. She whispers to Mercury to, rather than compartmentalize life, be aware of Life’s wholeness. Look around and understand that everything around you can heal you but only if you will let it. Every moment in your life is an opportunity to open up to the Magic and be liberated and free. Ahhh, thank you Venus!!



Ready for the Astro Break-down? YES!

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

Release ~ Let Go ~ Forgive

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself by drawing you inward to feel who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This lunar phase week helps you to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels, and your Guides to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon the Virgo New Moon1st Quarter Sagittarius, and Pisces Full Moon as your focus points this week. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the next New Moon in Libra!

“Magus Moon”:  Internal Alchemy

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Gemini in this dynamic is called the “Magus Moon”. Gemini governs the powers of alchemy by knowing that all creation starts in the quantum realms of thoughts. The Moon is reflecting upon your human desire to control the forces of the Universe. Humans must understand how the Universe works. This mutable AIR Moon can only penetrate the mind of the Universe so far. True alchemy comes from the far depths of internal transformation. (*Make sure you read the Sun’s symbol below for this week!)

Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself. Move inward and seek support to connect to what needs to shape-shift within you. To transform and surrender with the Magus Moon, know the truth of your feelings, and find the gold within yourself. Magus Moon tempts you to stay on the surface, but the Moon’s feminine essence overrides and magnetically pulls you in deeper to the Void. Don’t be afraid to dive in as the emotional energy is already pulling you there. Align with your Soul-support mentors to give yourself the extra weight to submerge you further into depths of your own personal magic.

7th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Visitor”

The Magus Moon passes through the 7th Lunar Mansion this week. This cosmic mansion is guarded by Mercury (yay!) and Mars. The traditional symbol of the 7th Lunar Mansion is a person with their arms raised to Heaven. This was the imagery of last week’s Full Harvest Healer’s Moon in Pisces. The 3rd Quarter Magus Moon is receiving and reflecting upon the blessings bestowed by the Full Moon. The 7th Lunar Mansion wants to embody this blessings to water the new seeds of Life that are now growing within you. This is the time to nurture your roots and sprout from the inside out. Remember, 3rd Quarter lunar dynamics are pushing back into your core Self. This new breath of life is occurring at the quantum level. The “Visitor” is the new version of you from Soul that is ready to take on human form. Let yourself be generous by taking time this week to soak all this in. The Visitor (True You) has many heavenly gifts to share with you. Let yourself slow down, feel into this new opening and surrender to the ecstasy of divine union. Tune in and see what you truly need at this time and ask for your needs to be met. Let yourself be surprised by how the Universe deems the most joyous way to fill those needs. Just bask in your inner sunlight of Soul as You come home to you.



Moon at 28 degree Gemini: 
“A biologist doing intensive research on mold.”

The 3rd Quarter waning starseed degree Gemini Moon helps you align with your natural organic nature. Take this week to delve and dive into whatever captures your attention. Go to the deepest depths. Reach beyond the unimaginable. Others may seek to limit, criticize or misunderstand your desire to go deep. That is okay. Your deep sea diving brings back valuable information. These marvelous truths can benefit so many and be a source of enrichment for all. Gemini energy is mutable, so let your inner Self guide your mind and go into your outer limits!

STARSEED 411:  The “Magus Mercury” is appearing as “A Chariot pulled by four elephants.” This image has powerful Earth wisdom energy. As the Moon invites you to explore your deep subconscious, the Elephants appear to help ground what you discover while building your spiritual foundation. The elephants bring tremendous forces to work with your surface mind. Let your mind soften and quiet down so that your imagination can move mountains within your subconscious. Be steady and patient. Slow down to have time to enjoy your world. Impatience will bring frustration. Just be with it all, so the potent alchemy of the Magus can do its thing within you!



Sun at 28 degrees Virgo:
“Pagans purifying themselves beneath a waterfall.”

The elder Virgo Sun wants you to know that the world is a sanctuary of healing energy. You are welcomed to use the energy for your own growth. If you honor and respect the Earth, your cause and effect is harmless to the Universe. Be a kind Soul that supports all life. Connect with Mother Earth and her waters, plants, and elements in joyous and simple ways. When you refresh your existence and be kind and generous, you accelerate your magic in the world. Your magic nurtures all. Let go of self-criticism and trying to attain a perfect way of being. Instead, cleanse yourself in the beauty and glory of Nature. Overcome the tendency of the mind to control (out of fear). Practice attuning and moving with healing energy directly that nourishes and feeds your Soul.

Magus Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo appears as a second symbol: “A storm raging in Antarctica.” Mercury wants you to tap into the stuck places of within yourself and what you perceive to be stuck in others. EFT Tapping is a great healing modality to assist the Magus Mercury. Mercury is pinpointing what is wrong in an extremely acute way. You are given the opportunity to see how dysfunctions grow and proliferate (just like the mold!). If you find something stuck within yourself or another, just see what plays out. Be curious. Have a caring observation as this brings healing energy into any situation this week.



This is your week to unwind and return to your inner Universe deep inside. In order to truly dance with the divine Feminine, you have to slow down. Surrender your thinking mind to daydreaming with your magical Soul Self. As you take this week to slow your pace, utilize the powers of contemplation and reflection. Review your Virgo lunar cycle experience (08/30-09/27/19). Release old energy that maybe stuck in your energetic space. Clear your mind and heart so you can surrender to true Self and your Soul’s path. I invite you to apply to become a Lunar Ladies VIP Club as we move towards the New Moon in Libra on September 28th. The VIP Club experience is designed to accelerate, expand, and clean up your separated self and reunite with your true authentic Being. Doesn’t it feel like time?

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