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Are you ready to learn how to use your power to MANIFEST YOUR TRUE DESIRES?
Do you want to bring your SUPER POWERS to everything you do?
You will experience POWER like you’ve never known before!

Take your power back, align with your SOUL PURPOSE, do what you came here to do and RECEIVE THE MONEY you deserve.


Align with Goddess Energy

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Awaken Your Soul Gifts

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Synthesis & Group Clearings

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Just like Wonder Woman was born with her special gifts, laid silent
within her… you were also born with gifts that are ready to be fully amplified.



Tap into your inner super powers and…

Uncover Your Buried Treasures

Evolve into Your Highest Form of Priestess

Increase Compassion and Empathy

Get in touch with your
COURAGE – Have No Fear!

Awaken Your Psychic Gifts

Bring Peace to the
Patriarchal World

Open Your Throat & Heart Chakras


Master Your Intuition

Use Your Gifts
to Nurture Humanity

Strengthen Your Forcefield

Master How to Protect Your Energy


Get your power back

Have clarity around your gifts and what you came here to do

Know how to dissolve your limitations and replace them with what you want QUICKLY

Have access to divine feminine power to transform your life


Your family change

Your children change

Your life change



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This one time 3 part series is only $997 $197

•  Two Live Sessions
•  One Live Q&A Session
•  Unlimited Access to Replays of Each Session
•  Group Clearings

Fabulous Bonuses

•  Goddess Activation Meditation
•  Wonder Woman Activation Meditation
•  Take Your Power Back Worksheet
•  Unleash Your Female Super Powers Workbook

ACT NOW and receive the Unleash Your Inner Wonder,
Woman Master Class for ONLY $197


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Your Teachers


Queen of Rapid Transformation

Known as the Queen of Rapid Transformation, Randina works with women to Awaken their inner Feminine Power to create, to heal the inner wounding that is secretly creating their outer reality, and to Align them with their Souls True Divine Purpose; so they can experience their hearts true desires in Money, Love, and Blissful Success.

She uses her gifts and abilities to discover and transform the hidden limitations and traumas that are Secretly blocking you from experiencing your hearts true desires, and teaches you how to harness and engage the laws of the Universe, so you can create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life, being who you really are, doing what you really came here to do, in Love and In Happiness.

She is here to awaken women to their amazing power to create, and to empower them to make the impact in the world that they came here to make.

Shannon Murray

High Priestess of the Lunar Ladies

Shannon is a Master Moon High Priestess and enjoys teaching women to reconnect with their innate power. Transforming her own life and accelerating her personal growth with the power of the Moon, Shannon discovered women’s intuition or “6th Sense” is the key to taking your power back and living the life of your dreams.

Combining her skills and talents as a Sound Healer and Intuitive Astrologer, Shannon knows the value of knowing who you are and harmonically aligning with your Soul blueprint. It is the right of every woman to awaken the sacred Feminine within and to align with her Soul’s expression during every lunar cycle utilizing the planetary powers to emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the world.

Shannon has heard the “Clarion Call” to gather women together in community awakening the Feminine. Our collective force field embodies the myth of 1,000 Taras to rebirth the Goddess every month to rebalance and return Harmony to the Earth. Uniting as One, we change the course of our collective future together.



Are you ready to learn how to use your power to MANIFEST YOUR TRUE DESIRES?
Do you want to bring your SUPER POWERS to everything you do in the future?
You will experience POWER like you’ve never known before!

Time is running out to receive this incredible offer:

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