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Two Guru Moon Cycle in Sagittarius starts now!

We are about to experience a very special and rare occurrence. Saturday, May 21st’s Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius at 2:13 PM PST marks the first of two Full Moons in the same sign. Normally a Full Moon cycle completes itself in one lunation stretching to its endpoint six months later when it becomes the New Moon in that sign. This time there are two Full Moons taking two lunations and seven months to complete its cycle. Wow!

Remember in my last post, we talked about how amazing this Taurus lunation was with all its harmonic alignments? Well this show you how special it is indeed because it required two Full Moons! This cosmic overture starts at 1 degree Sagittarius and ends June 21st at 29 degrees (KARMIC DESTINY DEGREE) Sagittarius – the Alpha and the Omega of this frequency!

P.S.:  Sagittarius is the sign of the Teacher and here we have two Teachers showing up to help us grow and ascend into our Higher Minds.


The first of the Full Moons in Sagittarius aligns exact with the current Mars retrograde journey. The fullness of the Moon is illuminating the most powerful aspects of your personal Mars Retrograde. (TIP:  Look at where transiting Mars in Sagittarius falls in your Natal Chart). The energy now is asking for you to have more courage and stay true to your desires (even if there are risks involved). Mars is lighting a fire under you to claim your independence and rise to the occasion of rescuing your Self from your past imposed limitations.

When planets are retrograding, this means they are spending more time in that House in your chart. They are literally hanging out and reorganizing the energetics in that area of your life. At the beginning of this lunation on May 6, 2016, there were 5 planets in retrograde. At the end of this lunation (June 4, 2016) there will be three! Retrograde timing is not random and the clearing and cleansing that it brings, is perfectly timed for your expansion as a Soul. Look at all the aspects (relationships) of what is relating to your Mars Retrograde. This can show you so much!


Five days after the Full Moon on May 27, 2016, Mars moves out of the frequency of Sagittarius and takes a deep dive from the clouds into the dark emotional waters of Scorpio. As Mars changes frequencies, so do your lessons on this journey. Days before and after May 21st will unlock a secret, revealing a Truth that will help you see what you most need to see in this area of your life. Scorpio’s language is “Trust” and this gift of a secret Truth, will require you to have blind faith in your knowingness…

As you await the revelation of this deeper Truth, the first Full Moon gives the Sun (your Self energy) more courage and action to take risks. This increased energy is given to you at this time so you will fulfill more of your divine mission on Earth. If you stay in your unawareness, this powerful Mars energy will show up in your Unconscious Mind and play havoc. Here is what to watch out for:

  • Escalation of anger
  • Too much self-importance
  • Feeling frustrated and wanting to blame others

Ask yourself instead, “What will I do with my own anger, frustration and inner-fire to forge new ways to expand my raw potential?” Stay true to owning your personal boundaries, understand your opponent (or whatever force you are resisting) and come from a place of divine self-respect. And relax. Mercury ends its Retrograde journey on May 22nd receiving a lovely Earth trine of harmony from Jupiter in Virgo. Take care of yourself with loving kindness during the wobble period of May 22-27th. This will prepare for what comes next as Mars changes signs from heavenly Sagittarius to the depths of Scorpio…. Trust the Guru within… and stay tuned for the next post on June 4th!

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