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To Love and Be Loved ~ New Moon in Aries Alchemy

Aries New Moon ~ New Cycle of 13 ~ at Midpoint “15” degrees on April 5, 2019 at 1:50 AM PST/4:45 AM EST/9:50 AM UK


This new Aries lunar cycle is the “Newborn Seed Moon” of the past three Super Moon lunar cycles of 2019 (Leo, Virgo and Libra). This is your gift from the Universe to start anew and begin again. The “Infant’s Moon” is the most primal of all beginnings and marks the opening of your journey of “13” ~ into Divine Goddess Alchemy. Did you know you have Divine Guardian Goddesses? You do! They are revealed in your Natal Chart. Shannon has been given the secret to discovering who your Guardian Goddesses are in the Divine Goddess Oracle series. It’s time to tune into your Guardian Goddesses.

Why? You are realizing how many different ways there are for your life experiences to be harmonized. They are harmonized by one heart desire. Can you guess what that desire is?  To love and be loved. And once you have aligned yourself with this desire, your Life’s Purpose and your Soul’s Calling, the next great awakening, will be in Service to Others. Are you ready to find out how the Moon, Sun, Stars and Planets want to help you? Let’s start with Venus, the Guardian Goddess of the Feminine!

Head of the Princess:  Venus Awakens!

The Moon and Sun align with the fixed star Alpheratz, known as “The Head of the Princess”, or the “Chained Woman” in the Andromeda constellation. This fixed star is ruled by the benevolence of Jupiter and Venus, carrying a very lovely father-daughter connection. Since this is about the “head of the Princess”, let’s start with where Venus is. She is now traveling exalted through Pisces at the master healer vibration of “11” degrees. Ooo!!

Venus appears as the image of “A woman asleep in a circle of flames”. This woman is Venus as the Shekinah, the Kabbalistic female spirit of your own wisdom. Venus signals that you are ready to unite with your Shekinah by waking up and passing through the purifying flames of your own ego. This is the plan. The Lunar Ladies Club has the tools you need to ignite this plan for you!

To pass through the purifying flames of your ego is the Alchemical Journey. Through total rest, deep sleep and merging with your pure being, alchemy draws forth your awakening transformation. Venus becomes an intense yearning. This yearning may feel undefinable because it carries within itself a secret. As you purify from lower to higher vibrations, the secret becomes known to you. This secret holds the knowledge of your perfection waiting within to be reignited. The Lunar Ladies Club is designed to help you through this process. Venus requires you to be PATIENT and ALLOWING – that’s the Feminine Frequency. This ray of hope at the master number “11” shines upon whomever is open to it. The VIP Inner Circle is co-creating this experience in a supportive group environment that is safe, secure and FUN!

Essence of Alchemy:  GROUNDING

“Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold.”

Your first step on your Alchemical journey is completely ground your mind. A grounded mind can comprehend the fullness and completeness of thinking at its highest potential. To ground your mind, ground your body first. Make contact with the Earth daily if not multiple times a day. The Earth’s vibration with the increasing Schumann’s Resonances is a healing spa for your body and your mind.  The Earth is now a place to grow and experiment and to see how thoughts and concepts play out. This is the essence of Alchemy – rejuvenation through repeated immersion in the physical experiencing consequent cycles of death and rebirth until oneness with the light is attained.


If there ever was a time to jump into your Soul’s Purpose, the time is NOW! Do you have your Natal Astrology chart? That is the best place to start to find yourself on your Path. Have you gotten your Natal Astrology chart but have no idea how to use it in your daily life? Most of us do ~ so don’t feel bad! This means that the Lunar Ladies Club experience is meant for you. In the Club, you are expertly guided and taught how to understand your chart and how to put it into use in your daily life. How? The Moon is your best teacher as She quickly travels through each House in your chart every lunar cycle. Join us during this auspicious time to learn the truth of who you are as a Soul and why you are here now on planet Earth.


New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embraces the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions to put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul to free You from ego attachments.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact the same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Find your Aries-ruled House in your Natal chart to see what wants to take shape in your life. Join the Lunar Ladies Club for on-going support for your personal development.

Another Midpoint New Moon:

This is the 4th lunar cycle of 2019 at Midpoint degree. The the “midpoint degree” brings both energies of beginnings and endings together at is most powerful middle point. This Aries lunar cycle repeats the Super Libra Full Moon bringing last lunar cycle into his karmic point of Destiny! The Archetypes appearing are the Infant, the Weeping One, Divine Muse, the Heretic and the Veteran. You have Nature’s Spring power and Aries courage to jump into action and Live your life on Purpose! Take the bull by the horns and take a leap of faith. Go for what you truly desire and know that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Infant’s Moon:  Spirit “Lion King” Warrior

In the 2nd decan of Aries Moon at 15 degrees, the Moon carries the added layer of Leo to its courageous Aries fire. Newly born as the dark moon phase, the Moon appears as the Infant’s Moon to start this Zodiac year’s 13 lunar cycle processions. Mars guards this newly born Divine Child of the Universe in Aries and is fierce as the Spirit Warrior of your “I AM” Presence. Do not mess with the power of Mar’s love and passion! This is your time to be fiercely NEW, fiercely loving and fiercely courageous to shine your bright, bold Light into the world. Infant’s Moon is ready to holler and proclaim to the world, “I AM HERE!” Go for it little Baby Warrior!

2ND Lunar Mansion:  “The GOD Chord”

The 2nd Lunar Mansion is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. In harmonics, the tone of the Sun and Jupiter is affectionately known as the “God Chord”- great light and great joy. The 2nd Lunar Mansion is known as the “Musician”, too. This is the place where you can now practice sovereignty that you have received within the deepest layers of your being that has been recalibrated with the last three Super Full Moons at 0 degrees. The sovereign you become, the more you release old anger and frustration (it’s no longer needed to keep you safe and separated from others). You are ready to begin coming into your own “I AM” Presence after walking through the Galactic Night of the last 25,000 years. Practice recognizing your worth and playing with the wisdom of your ideas that come to you from divine inspiration. It is time to be brave and have courage to stand up for who you really are. Ask yourself, “Where have I been brave?” Use that memory to emotionally empower yourself during this powerful new beginning. You very well may be asked to step outside of your comfort zone so that you can share more of your light with the world. This is your first step to be in Service to others ~ allowing your light to shine bright.


Moon and Sun

Moon Sun

At 15 degrees Aries, the Moon and Sun align with this Cosmic message: “To rejuvenate oneself, a human is partially buried in the earth.” The Moon and Sun are helping you connect to your earthly existence in a more direct and full way. As the light frequencies intensify, you may feel things are confusing, complicated, or feeling yourself too lost. This is happening when you are holding onto the known or the way things have always been. You are entering into new realms and you need to know how to reground back into physical reality at this higher frequency. The Moon and Soon (inner and outer Self) must make periodic reconnection with the physical world to be renewed and here now. Nature is your best remedy to ground and connect with another sentient being that holds wisdom and natural vibrations for you to entrain with.

MercuryMercury is in “balsamic phase” to the New Moon and is 11 degrees away from releasing your recent Mercury Retrograde experience. Now is the time for Mercury to help you with eliminating Negative Thought patterns. Mercury is clearing traumas and other heavy frequencies out of your mental-astral body, or 4D body. This is happening in the Quantum field and you may not notice it. Pay attention to your dreams and your signs and symbols to know when Mercury is working in your space. You will become more in tune with your inner self in a soft, gentle way that brings renewal and reconnection with the light of your Spirit. Thank you, Mercury!

MarsMars, ruler of Aries, is 3 degrees Gemini (Mercury’s home sign) aligning with the power of Mercury now. Rising above the mind’s destructive force (negative thought patterns), you are able to maintain clarity even in the darkest of situations. Mars is training you to be a Ninja Jedi Warrior! He says feel what is coming into your life – by how energy moves or changes around you. Mars says to be brave and know that you can protect yourself and feel safe at any moment. Leave the safety and security of the known, and confront your deepest fears. These old fears, programs and conditioning have kept you from embracing your life energy. Be done with that old life now!

Angel Guardian here to help you. Call upon:
ELEMIAH (eh-LEM-ee-YAH) Divine Power and
HAKAMIAH (he-KE-mee-YAH) Dumping Depression & Be Loyal to your True Self

Lunar North Node YODS Jupiter:  Books of Wisdom

Again, Mama Destiny helps you to ground into your spiritual path. Jupiter moves closer to his home of the Galactic Center at 24 degrees Sagittarius. Mama Destiny shares this image “A person thanking all their books for the wisdom they have imparted to them.” She says to thank all the books, teachers, signs and omens that have come to you to help on your Path. Acknowledge all the help you have received during this lunar cycle. As you do, you keep the flow of help coming to you. Let go of frustration because it just produces more of itself. Adopt an attitude of appreciation because what you appreciate magnetizes even more to appreciate! Jupiter also brings the symbol of books, too! “An old book that no one has ever read.” We can choose to go through an experience for the sake of learning what it has to teach, but we can also simply take it in instantaneously – if and when we are ready to do so. Part of this degree wants to take the step-by-step method because it loves the process, but another part of it has the magical capacity to merge with energy and through becoming saturated with it, assimilate its essence.

~: Lilith takes You to Next Level :~

Lilith, the goddess of your Primordial Self, shines bright at the starseed degree of 26 Aquarius. She is in Uranian realms of the future as Venus assists Uranus to restore the divine Masculine. Lilith brings you this divine message to learn from “Love steadies an irregular heartbeat.” Your connection with yourself and your reality are going through continual subtle adjustments as The Field changes frequencies. The energy of divine Love is acutely aware of all kinds of disharmonies. Love asks you to also be aware of disharmonies. Lilith says the most effective way to realign disharmonies is through turning your attention to feeling the love that is always really there. This is the magic that brings harmony to many different situations. Be one with the Wild Feminine Primordial Goddess, Lilith and “Let Love Rule!”

One true desire of the Spirit in the physical world:

To love and be love.

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