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Time to Take a Risk! 1st Quarter Leo Lunar Week

1st Quarter Leo “Actor’s Moon” at 0 degrees on April 19, 2021, at 11:59 PM PST/12:59 AM EST on 04/20/2021. Lunar week: 04/19-25/2021

The 1st Quarter Leo Moon arrives as the Sun changes signs from Aries to Taurus. The Sun in Taurus roots the Spring energy into the Earth to produce beauty and bounty. This is the time of the budding and all the world is washed in colors. During the week of May 15-19th is when the Sun dances with the Pleiades which for many indigenous and ancient cultures was a time of great celebration.

The Moon ignites an emotional fire within us this week. The emotional body is seeking absolute joy as part of its own evolution. Old emotional patterns that are not in alignment with pure joy will rise to the surface to be purged this week. Our collective response to emotions rising is to be reactive. This is pattern is like allowing a toddler to drive the car. In order to achieve a state of calm, cool clarity, emotional intelligence is required. This is the ability to respond to whatever is going in in the moment free from the emotional baggage of the past. This takes time to develop inner neutrality to situations by cleansing the mind and letting go of control (that has deep roots in fear).

The 1st Quarter phase of the Leonine energy is about breaking through old, stuck, and sometimes negative, emotional patterns. Use the Sun’s energy and the Moon’s vibration to uncover resistance, adversity, and procrastination. See these moments as opportunities to shift, change, and grow. This lunar energy is known as the “Actor’s Moon”. This is the time to remove masks and become aware of any roles you are playing that are in conflict with your true Self. Look for anything that is going against your nature or gets under your skin. These are areas that you will have the greatest victories this week.

Evolving the New Earth: One Human at a Time

The Sun forms exact conjunction with Mercury to form super conjunction right before the square to the Moon. This vibration heralds a building phase for establishing a new foundation. The foundation that desires to be set is how we care for one another. The growing collective reality is seeing one another as family and that our true sense of purpose is to nurture, protect, support, and encourage each other to grow to our fullest potential. How to do this is to find what is comforting around us. This is the energy that builds a stronger foundation. When you connect with others who seek similar levels of comfort and solace, then you can build a stronger community together based on shared values.

Making it Fit your Personal Power:

Check your Leo and Taurus-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart for taking these cosmic insights and personalize how this energy is showing up in your personal life. Join the Lunar Ladies Astrology community or join the Inner Circle to experience group guidance on how to do this. Take the “Decoding the Secrets of your Astrology Chart” course and join the Astro Practice Lab for even deeper results!

1st Quarter Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action
“I feel EARTH and FIRE to CHANGE old patterns to breakthrough my obstacles this week!”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! The waxing Leo Moon square builds FIXED universal Qi to increase your power. 
  • The Actor’s Moon
  • 10th Lunar Mansion “The Fountain”
  • #56 Human Design Gateway “The Storyteller”
  • Hint:  look to your Leo-ruled House for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle or join us in the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
  • To get the full Cosmic downloads, sign up for my Astrological Cosmic Report for the Aries Lunation and weekly Moon Messages delivered right to your Inbox!


: — : 1ST QUARTER PHASE : — :

The 0 degree Leo Moon moves you through resistance: COURAGE

As blood rushes to the head, vital energies are activated by ambition

To enjoy life we must take risks.

The Leo 1st Quarter Moon brings the power of being your own true Self into your Leo-ruled House in your Natal Chart. Together with the Taurus Sun, the Leo 1st Quarter Moon takes you on a powerful journey to root and set your 2021 Astrological Year. The Moon shares with you that your very life force can drain away if you did not express yourself fully in the present moment now. It is like you will explode if you cannot let your Soul be free to speak, play, create, or express.

What do you truly need to risk in order to truly be alive and live the life of your dreams? Like an actor on a stage, can you express your true art and receive applause? Find the continuity between your being and your doing. Identify what needs to manifest as an evolved behavior so that your true Self can be realized. As you do this, you create a very stable personality that allows for your greatest personal potential.

The wisdom being shared by the Moon is that when you resist nothing, you become irresistible. Take a risk to be freely uninhibited. This can prove to be a very successful life strategy!

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