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Full Moon in Capricorn

Time of Self-Gathering:  Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Full Moon arrives at 3:56 PM PST on July 19, 2016. A few hours before at 10:06 AM, the growing Full Moon squares (tension) the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries ~ and ignites “The Great Awakener” energy deep within our emotional bodies. For those of us not paying attention, this can feel very unnerving. For those of us attuned to the awareness of these bigger frequencies, we can hear the “alarm” and begin to prepare to set a strong, earthy foundation in which to gather ourselves as the Moon blooms fertile for conception at 3:56 PM.


When the Moon is full it means it is opposite the Sun in the skies and shines its brightness by reflecting the Sun at its fullest. Also at this time, the Moon is the most far away from us. This distance magnetically pulls our emotions to draw them out of our depths of being. Uranus/Eris is part of this lunar phase to karmically bring an awakening throughout humanity. It is the time to release fear, persevere and ground our emotions into a strong, fertile foundation for long-term growth. It is the time to gather yourself by consolidating, activating, protecting and restructuring the themes of the House Capricorn rules in your personal chart. This also brings our New Moon in Cancer (7/04/16) intentions into their fullness.

For example, here is how this flows in my personal Natal chart. The New Moon in Cancer took place in my 2nd House of “Havingness, Self-worth, financial abundance and security and what is it I value”. I set my intentions around this theme on July 4th. During the 1st Quarter Moon, I took “Action” in my Libra-ruled 5th House (90 degrees away). Now, the Full Moon flows through my Capricorn-ruled 8th House of building long-term, secure foundations around “Trust, Surrender, Intimacy, Vulnerability and Sharing of resources”. Uranus/Eris in Aries is triggering an awakening for me to gather myself here and release old fear around intimacy, trust and opening up to surrender my structures (Capricorn) around my relationship to the “I AM” life force (Aries) that burns bright within the depths of my emotions (Scorpio 8th House). Uranus/Eris are encouraging me not to lose sight of my heart (Cancer) and my own power of will (Aries) to change things in my life for the better. Because the Full Moon is in my 8th House, I can see what hides in the darkness and I am moved to trust in this moment to surrender to my personal ideals, dreams and wishes the of the bigger picture of my life (next Full Moon in my Aquarius-ruled 9th House) coming on August 18th. Wow!


I’m sharing with you a planetary frequency explanation for the recent onslaught of violence in our world to help understand the power of the planets within our world and provide another perspective looking through a clean vibrational mirror.

The recent Saturn square Neptune (both planets in retrograde) is karmically timed to show what is in our collective consciousness. What we are seeing is our collective unconscious Piscean (Neptune in Pisces) shadow and fog from the ending of the Piscean Age (last 2,000 years). Saturn’s energy contracts in order to focus on what we are contributing to the world in a positive way. Saturn in Sagittarius is aiming to restructure our collective contributions to society by purifying our spiritual Big Picture. The recent Mars (Retrograde) in Scorpio colliding with Uranus in Aries in a 150 degree YOD (God Energy) set off chaotic, violent upheavals that were fueled by deeply buried, hidden emotions of rage, jealousy born from fear. We have been experiencing the shadows of hidden truths in the form of #Pulse, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Turkey, France, Syria – there are too many to list!

But because the human Spirit is so strong, these times of tragedy give us opportunities to come together to have unique interactions and create new strategic thoughts born of Love to resolve these deeply buried shadows of our collective Psyche. #BlackLivesMatter and #FeeltheBern movements are being cultivated to bear fruit for a better collective future for everyone. August through October 2016 will demand us to deal with these hard details. In November 2016 with a new cycle of Mercury (Mind) and Saturn (Rules) will be available to our society to start something new and better again. Isn’t it interesting that it is timed with the U.S. Presidential election??!!

What we have now to cheer us on from the Cosmos is Mercury/Venus in fiery Leo in harmony with Saturn in fiery Sagittarius to clear our minds to have conversations based on Love and telling the stories that need to be told. What we are really doing is anchoring in the Aquarian consciousness for a new age of enlightenment to happen on our planet. Old Piscean shadows of illusions, addictions, victimhood and martydom are dissolving as we stand here in this present moment. Gather yourselves and hold steadfast to the love you feel for each other and all humanity.

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