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The Truth is Within: Journey of the Seeker’s Moon

The “Seeker’s Moon” appears August 29, 2017 at 1:12 AM PST/4:12 AM EST and begins the 1st Quarter Moon week of “Action”. This powerful 1st Quarter Moon invites you to be a “Seeker of Truth” looking into the mirror of your Solar Eclipse-New Moon Gateway experience so far. Have you stepped into higher dimensions of reality? Like Irma Kaye Sawyer shared, the Dreamtime Portal is open to visit with with relatives, ancestors, benevolent Beings and spiritual Teachers from the Other Side.

A Deeper Look:  Multi-layers

The 1st Quarter Moon is at 6 degrees Sagittarius and the Sabian Symbol story is “Within the Depths of Earth new Elements are being Formed”. Ooo this is juicy as our physical bodies are busy integrating the cosmic downloads via the Solar Eclipse Gateway. It is now more important than ever to GROUND! As you ground your body, you align with the vibration of the Earth and make it more powerful to receive the Earth’s help to integrate the higher frequency shifts from the Solar Eclipse.

Dane Rudhyar teaches that this symbol degree is about “Psychic gestation”.  You may be feeling an inner alchemical growth has been unleashed by the Solar Eclipse New Moon. The Earth at the same time is receiving vibrational upgrades, too. Your psyche is being blessed by elemental forces deep inside the Earth.  Because these upgrades are Aquarian in consciousness, connecting in groups to share your goals and experiences, will be more powerful to help release tensions and build love.

2nd Layer to the Moon:  Service

The 1st Quarter Moon triggers a T-square to the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.  The Moon is the focus point between the Sun and Neptune opposition. The Virgo-Pisces axis is all about service to your wholeness so that you can serve others through the unified field of Compassion and Empathy. The 1st Quarter Moon energy is here to help you bust through old blocks and limitations, especially around your New Moon intentions. With an added layer of a T-square, the focus upon your inner Moon experience is amplified. Be a Seeker of Truth around becoming a Sacred Soul Servant all week!

3rd Layer to the Moon:  Pure Love

Venus lends her powerful presence as She trines the Moon at 3 degrees Leo. The Sabian Symbol is “Little Child learning to Walk with the Encouragement of his Parents”. Venus represents the parents here as you work through your limitations towards growth this week. Know that as you move through your “stuff” you are not alone. More evolved Powers and Divine Intelligence are watching over, encouraging and showing you how to be a human being of pure Love.

4th Layer:  Solar Eclipse Gateway

The Cosmos are blessing you as the Solar Eclipse Kite energetic is still in affect as the Moon moves towards Saturn (now direct)/Lilith in Sagittarius this week. Jupiter is still the guiding force as He has shifted frequency to 21 Libra “A Child giving Birds a Drink at a Fountain”. This image tells you of your innocent and joyful connection to Nature. It is in this relationship that incites your spiritual relationships with all Life. Focus on being a Steward of Life to steer the Grand Fire Trine in a positive and powerful direction.

5th and Final Layer:  Path of Joy

Part of Fortune or “Path of Joy” is now at 28 Pisces which will take the Sun (Ego/Personality) into the next lunar cycle on 9/19/17. The energy available comes in the form of “Light Breaking into many Colors through a Prism”. Have fun and hold a quartz crystal up to the sunlight and see the prismatic colors within the crystal and observe how the lights cast from its illumination. Act upon your relationship to Self and to the Unified Field of all existence -“the Many”. Use this energy to help stay the course of your happiness. Lock into Virgo Sun power to keep it simple, practical and opt for methods of earth-based healing and medicinal practices for good overall spiritual and physical hygiene.

Enjoy your week of Breakthroughs! Say “Bye-Bye” to old, outdated ways of Being!

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