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Sky on fire

The Skies are on Fire! New Moon in Aries

The Earth is expressing herself in fine fashion with this New Moon in Aries! Spring is in full bloom and the Zodiac is ready to embark on a new adventure starting April 7, 2016 at 4:23 AM PST.

This 18 degree Aries New Moon is like a “Magic Carpet Ride” because with Leo’s charm (Aries decan 2) flavoring this Moon, we can transcend worry and strife when we connect to the beauty and power of our hearts. There is so much fire in the skies:  Sun and Uranus in Aries plus Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, that our collective Spirit can align with expanded awareness, elevated perspectives and greater truths!

Now this vibration begins with fiery warrior energy of Aries in harmony with spiritual Sagittarius. It is not the dreamy, romantic watery side of the Moon. It is a kick-ass, strong, independent, intuitive and real kind of Moon. Prepare yourself for an emotional surge of passion, courage and your inner Bruce Lee to arise!


This New Moon-Sun alignment draws in Uranus in Aries and hits the on-going Uranus-Pluto square. Initially this feels like a power struggle but the intensified energies can be used for your own personal good. Here’s the secret how to do that:

  • Give up resistance to what isn’t working.
  • Relinquish the need to be right.
  • Release the desire to be validated.

This “Transformation Moon” is only available for the humble at heart. Lay down your defenses and remember that beauty comes from the fragile and flawed human part of you, too.


Uranus in Aries finally opens the door to breaking free of conventions that hold us back and traditions that inhibit our freedom of self-expression. You may find yourself being shockingly creative and erratically inventive!

During this lunation, Aries-ruled Mars will go retrograde taking our courageous passions within. Mars is currently experiencing the Sagittarian Spiritual Sage vibration and guides on this internal journey of spiritual inquiry. Ask yourself:

  1. “What is awakening within me?”
  2. “What wants to be explored?”

Our soul-retrieval friend Mercury changes signs from Aries to Taurus and assists us to “GROUND” this enthusiastic spiritual fire. Mercury in Taurus will make use of this energy and build security and stability with it. By the end of April, Mercury goes retrograde, too, and this will be a time to review your assets and value what you have. Take the time now to ignite your Spiritual Warrior GODDESS/GOD Self and start your new Earth-Zodiac year off right in synchronized harmonic alignment!

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