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The Queen’s Moon Shines your Inner Light Bright! Leo Full Moon 2022

Full Moon in Leo “Queen’s Moon” at 27’59” degrees on February 16, 2022 at 8:56 AM PST/11:56 AM EST

The Queen’s Moon arrives at the Starseed marking of 27-28 degrees Leo near the Fixed Star of Regulus. Woohoo! Her light shines brightly upon your inner royal being. The Aquarius Sun activates getting what you need for your future metamorphosis into a being of solar light. Under the light of the Full Moon, ask yourself, “What needs to shapeshift within me now to follow the path of my own inner bliss?

The Leo Full Moon receives galactic consciousness from the Fixed Star Regulus. This area of the Cosmos is governed by the power of ArchAngel Raphael. Raphael is the angel of healing the heart chakra with the power of the Emerald Ray. The Full Moon is radiating subconscious lunar downloads to shine your inner light bright into the world to change it for the better. The spirit soul that is you only wants one thing – to shine joyfully throughout the cosmos!

The Lunar Nodes come into a square with the Sun and Full Moon. The time has come to show your talents and abilities more in the world. What is it that you love to do? Do you have a skill or craft that you know is amazing? The world wants to see it! But first, the old, limiting patterns must be unbound. Look deep inside yourself and discover what disturbs your peace. If you find yourself too wrapped up in negative propaganda and programming, gather enough inner strength to turn that noise off. Walk away from the noise and walk towards peace and beauty. When you do this, you unwind your past patterns and make way for new possibilities that are more empowering.

Venus and Mars co-join to bring forth a new cycle of balanced feminine and masculine inner energies. Together they are freeing you from societal restraints. When you free yourself from things that make you feel less than, you gather the strength of your inner feminine and masculine. This is a force to be reckoned with! Do not underestimate your own balanced power! Venus and Mars yearn to feel the sun on your skin. If your environment is warm enough, spend sacred time enjoying sunbathing (in the nude) if you can!

Pluto Return of USA

Pluto brings spiritual synergy to the Moon. Beginning on February 18th, Pluto makes his return to the USA Natal Sibley Chart. The USA motto is, “United we stand, divided we fall.” The Leo Full Moon degree activates the Great Solar Eclipse of August 2017. The next great Solar Eclipse will be in 2024. These massive eclipses are literally dividing the country from the Northwest to the Southeast and from the Northeast to the Southwest. “X” marks the spot near Makeda, Illinois. This also happens to be along the New Madrid fault line and with Uranus ending his sojourn through Taurus, expect something to blow with Pluto’s help.

Eclipses are about endings and beginnings. The history of Makeda, Illinois opens up a portal of insight and information for what we can expect energetically as part of the USA Pluto Return.

“I feel FIRE and AIR to RELEASE the power of the Future created by Love!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On August 8, 2021, was the Leo New Moon at 16 degrees ~ letting your heart sing out. What has shifted in your life since then?
  • The Leo Full Moon is the “Queen’s Moon“.
  • The Leo Full Moon passes through the 12th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Fall”
  • The Leo Full Moon passes through the 29th Human Design Gateway ~ “Perserverance”
  • Hint:  look to your Leo and Aquarius-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Sun and Natal Uranus and 5th & 11th House for your answers.
  • To get the full Cosmic downloads, join me in the Lunar Ladies Club for personalized support. 
  • Recommended Readings: Soul Purpose Starseed Series, Tuning Forks for Starseeds, and 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.


“A Mermaid”

“Pure spirit insists that life shines joyfully.”

The Full Moon carries a double message. At 27’59” degrees of Leo, the Moon is moving towards 28 degrees. The Sabian Symbol imagery begins with “Many birds on a branch of a tree” to “A Mermaid”. The first image of the birds indicates being with those of like-mind and like-heart – your Soul Tribe. The Full Moon is sharing with you that emotionally you will need to take your time when making decisions now. Share your heart with your Soul Tribe to help you to heal. When you do, you shapeshift into the power of your inner Mermaid. The Mermaid archetype represents a more evolved consciousness of the true nature of your Soul or Cosmic Self.

Out of the Cosmic Ocean of Intuition, your inner Mermaid arises. She bears her heart’s desire that wishes to take form in the material world. The Mermaid is representative of our Cosmic/Conscious Self.  According to Lynda Hill, the message of this symbol “is the inner marriage – the alchemical marriage… we can find our own sense of ‘immortality’ through the indwelling light of our own essential nature.”

We are all co-creating with Creation at each moment.

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