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The Third Quarter Moon is the time of reflection and letting go.

Learn more about the phases of the moon in general.

The Third Quarter moon is the final stage of the lunar cycle. Your New Moon intentions are completing their journey. After the peak energy of the Full Moon, the Moon is losing light and waning in energy. It is a time to empty yourself, release and allow the universe to take over and reflect back on what you have learned from your experience in the lunar cycle. The Moon is now 270 degrees away from the Sun, forming the last square energy of the lunar cycle.

Just as in the First Quarter Moon, there is tension in this formation.

With the Moon losing light and energy, the tension that results can help you find significance and deeper meaning for your experience living with the Moon. The energetic state of the Third Quarter Moon is “Reflection” and now is the time to begin to go inward and discover what the Moon has shown you. The search for meaning happens here and this is to help sustain your intentions and goals moving forward.

Questions to ask yourself during this lunar phase are,

“What do I need to nurture my manifestations?”; “How can I sustain my growth?”; “What outdated patterns and limitations showed up that I broke through?” and “Who is my support system to help me integrate these changes that I have experienced?” These questions will help you align with the vibration of reflection and direct your energy inward.

In the plant cycle, this is the time after the fruits are harvested.

The plant’s leaves begin to fall and it prepares for its winter hibernation. The plants disperse their seeds to propagate for the next season. The energy is winding down and returning to the Earth, going underground.

Slowing down during this lunar phase is paramount, not only completing the lunar cycle but also in helping you prepare for the next one. Releasing the old lunar cycle, resting and reflecting, create space for a new set of intentions to form.

As you follow the Moon around your astrological birth chart, each lunar cycle begins in a new sign and new house. Understanding what the sign and house represent in your life finely attunes you to the acceleration of your personal growth on a very powerful level. You are aligning with the powers of nature as well as your own personal vibration. Living in tune with each lunar cycle invites your feminine wisdom, intuition and natural resonance to steer your life efficiently, with grace and with ease.

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