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The New Moon is the time to create a fresh start, a clean slate and a new beginning.

Learn more about the phases of the moon in general.

The New Moon is a time of gathering our thoughts, setting our intentions, planning our goals and getting ready.

The Moon at this time is completely dark. The reason for the Moon being completely dark is that the Moon and Sun are in the same position or degree,
in the sky. The Moon, being this close to the Sun, is unable to receive and reflect the Sun’s light to appear to us in the sky. The dark night sky invites us
to go inward.

In addition to receiving no sunlight at this time, the dark Moon also receives none of the energy that comes with sunlight.

The New Moon is the time of the lowest energy during the lunar cycle. With less energy available, we are naturally attuned to going inward, resting and being more still.

The New Moon energy manifests itself in Nature in the planting of your seeds in your garden.

The seeds need a quiet, dark, underground environment in which to sprout and root into the soil. Just like the seed, if we go into a place of stillness, find our inward quiet and feel our intentions, we can make our dreams come true, powerfully and in alignment with nature. But attuning yourself to this vibration of quiet, underground and focused stillness is key. Aligning your energy with the large energy of nature imbues you with more resources, life force, and creative power.

In ancient times, when our ancestors lived outside and in alignment with the cycles of nature, the New Moon was the time when women bled.

The darkness and low energy allowed for ancient women to retire and rest to give their bodies time to cleanse their wombs and menstruate. Women were more attuned to menstruating at this time because hormonal changes occurred in response to the lack of light in the night sky. Women at this time, living together in tribes, also influenced each others’ cycles by collective pheromones, signaling a time to bleed as a group.

After three days, another hormone shift would occur in response to the Moon moving away from the Sun and gathering more light. Women would gather more strength, with their menstrual cycles moving towards termination. The extra energy signaled the time to prepare to move into more action.

After a week, the First Quarter lunar phase begins with the momentum and desire to take action in life and take the necessary steps towards fulfilling New Moon goals.

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