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The Full Moon is the time for expansion and fulfillment.

Learn more about the phases of the moon in general.

The Full Moon is the time when the lunar cycle reaches its peak energy. The Full Moon expands our awareness and draws the energy to the surface. This is the culmination and celebration of our New Moon intentions. The Sun and Moon are now 180 degrees opposite each other in the sky. The Moon’s full brightness reflects the Sun-expanded energy.

The Full Moon is the time for our goals to be signed, sealed, and stamped.

The Full Moon is now the mirror of your intentions and the actions taken to realize your wishes. Think about the adage, “Beware of what you wish for.” The Full Moon will always reflect back to you your subconscious mind. Its job is to bring to your surface mind what lies in your emotional depths. What we may see and feel during the Full Moon may not be what we are expecting. Allowing yourself to expand into what is manifesting itself to you will help you truly grow and change, realizing that the universe is working on your behalf. The powerful woman sees perceived “failures” as guideposts for future success. Stay open and keep the positive attitude that you are on your right path.

Many times, goals and intentions require more effort and focus.

When the sign of the New Moon is the Full Moon, watch for intentions to come to fruition after six months’ time. Example: New Moon in Aries in late March/early April becomes the Aries Full Moon in late September/early October. Therefore, it may take six months for your intentions to manifest rather than two weeks.

In the plant cycle, the Full Moon is the time when the seedling has grown strong to bear fruit.

This is similar to bearing the fruits of your labors from the First Quarter lunar phase’s week of action. The Full Moon is comparable to summer when all is efflorescing and ripening for harvest. The Sun is the highest in the sky, the days are warm and bright and the energy is about play, recreation, and fun.

The amplified energy of the Full Moon invites people to gather together to socialize, celebrate and have a great time. Be social at this time of the lunar cycle and connect with those whom you enjoy. When groups of people gather together holding a common vision, the feelings get amplified on the Full Moon and powerful shifts can occur for everyone in the group. Non-Profits and social change groups benefit by celebrating their causes and taking advantage of the group mind-heart energy to make positive changes that can sustain themselves longterm. Make a fun playlist of music and sing, dance and lift up your spirits during the Full Moon. Remember to enjoy, expand and celebrate!

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