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The Magdalene Moon of Love, Wisdom & Power ~ Gemini New Moon

New “Magdalene” Moon in Gemini 12 degrees happening on June 3, 2019 at 3:02 AM PST/6:02 AM EST/11:02 AM UK


A new cycle begins with the Asteroid Magdalene making an exact conjunction to the Moon and Sun rebirthing as the “Magdalene New Moon”. This Gemini lunar cycle plants the seeds of new consciousness of the Magdalene vibration. This consciousness is of the Temple Sister, the cherished Beloved and Mother of ancient bloodlines. The Gemini Moon, Sun and Magdalene are at 12 degrees realigning the power of the mind with the power of Libra balance and harmony. This will most eloquently appear in your relationships. You are being gifted the knowledge of how to recalibrate your relationships by alchemizing your thoughts, language and actions with Christ Consciousness. Sophia, asteroid of Grace, doubles the energy at 24 degrees Libra in retrograde – karmic timing. She shows you this is your time to review how your relationships are affected by your everyday mind. This is your lunation to invoke the Magdalene Moon’s heart chakra that burns as The Threefold Flame. Together the Sun, Moon and Magdalen desire for you to learn how to take right action to focus your mind on The Three Fold Flame’s higher vibration of Love, Wisdom and Power (see below for more 411).

Athena’s Wisdom Harmonizes with The Magdalene

Pallas Athena, goddess of Wisdom is in trine to the Magdalene Moon cycle at 10 degrees Libra. I loved her symbol as we completed our #21DaysofTara Challenge. Athena appears “In a Tibetan monastery, hundreds of candles burning. Guardian Angel is Asaliah, the Angel of Global Transformation and Contemplation. Athena wants you to realize that in the darkest times of life, there are always the burning the lights of helping influences. Your quest is to practice being in contact with them. Be always aware of where you put your attention. To move beyond the illusion of the physical world, the key is to place your focus on Love. This is your lunation to practice the fine art of Contemplation. Let’s dive into the inner workings of this Gemini Lunar cycle!


New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions to put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul to free You from ego attachments.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Find your Gemini-ruled House in your Natal chart to see what wants to take shape in your life. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to support  your personal development and acceleration. Discover where the Magdalen Moon is empowering you in your life!

“Little Brothers Moon”:  Nurturing the Divine Masculine

Gemini governs the identity of the dual minds represented by The Twins. The Gemini New Moon gives you the opportunity to learn about Duality through the power of your focused mind. New Moon in Gemini is called “Little Brother’s Moon” and invites you to bring forth the energy of your curiosity. The vibration of the Moon, traveling as newly born in Gemini, is quick, clever, and playful, but, also, scattered and distracted. Gemini New Moon is so into Her ideas because there are 1,000’s of them! Allow the Divine inner Masculine mental energy to mature by playing more gently. Build your ideas and create stories that have lyrics, emotion and take you on an adventure of the heart.

This lunar week is a great time to tune into your childlike Mind-of-Innocence and to play with ideas. Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Gemini-ruled House. Feel into yourself by becoming aware of what attracts you. Gravitate towards your “Yes’s” and see what story they tell about You!

Moon & Sun reside in the 6th Lunar Mansion ~
“Little Star of GREAT Light”

The Magdalene Moon passes through the 6th Lunar Mansion. This adoring cosmic mansion is guarded by the power of Venus and Mercury. Venus and Mercury help you reconnect to the harmony in your relationships as your Lunar awareness is being blessed here this week with Athena and Sophia. Venus will help you align to what you value and how deserving you are to have what you most desire. Mercury infuses your mind with thoughts of Divine Love. This is a great time to read poetry and  be comforted by romantic, idyllic love. This lunar mansion also helps you with your Law of Attraction power by teaching you the power of Polarity. Mercury reminds you that developing your relationship requires active listening and a practice of cultivating Mindfulness. Fall in love with yourself by actively listening to your needs and wants and being mindful to remember that your Source of true love comes from within. This helps you fill up on Light and plug back into your Source without making the error to look for this experience in another.


Moon + Sun + Magdalene = REBIRTH

“With each breath another new and unknown smell is detected.”
Guardian Angel: VEHUIAH ~ Angel of Time Travel, Will, and New Beginnings

The Gemini Moon, Magdalene and Sun appear as the divine Sense of Smell to flood memories into your Soul. The sense of Smell is a powerful form of Time-travel. Every single thing you experience in your life has many layers and meanings because it comes to you from your Highest Good. Allow yourself to see these experiences in depth, looking at your world with fresh eyes. This choice will help you overcome the dreariness and boredom that can happen in everyday life. With fresh eyes, you will see that you really live in a world of enchantment, and wonder.

When you attune to your divine Sense of Smell, the return is a “Symphony of the nose” as you download memories, desires, joys and healings with each breath. The nose becomes a “perfumer’s library” holding stories and memories from your past experiences. In this Akashic Library are stored the scents of summer evenings, moonlit gardens, favorite foods made with love and a million petals blown by the wind. Become curious and engage with these invisible books.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini:  Mercury curates the power of this Empress “3” lunar cycle. At 27 degrees Gemini, the winged Messenger of the Gods offers you this symbol:  “A cloud in the shape of a rabbit.” Mercury knows it is extremely difficult to communicate the cosmic state of being but that is the challenge of the true artist. Rabbits are a symbol of prosperity, and the cloud says abundance can take on any form. Your task is to become more in tune with the truth of your own infinite abundance. To do this, you have to realize that anything and everything can be used as a form of communication. Symbols carry infinite meaning. Use them to expand and open your mind to perceive reality in a new way.

T-Square ~ “Time-Out!”

The Magdalene Moon forms a mutable T-square with Jupiter Retrograde to Neptune. Neptune will go into retrograde motion joining Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node on Summer Solstice on June 21st. Focusing your attention upon Neptune this lunation will align you with the powers of the Universal Mind. The Sabian Symbol for the Magdalene Moon is “A man and his piano levitate as he performs a rhapsody.” Neptune’s symbol also appears in the same theme song as “A teacher interrupting his brilliant pupil’s piano playing.” The Magdalene Moon conjunction with the Sun brings you the gift of becoming the Source of what inspires your mind. As you generate the power of self-discipline, skill and self-confidence, you achieve liberation. Jupiter tells you to imagine yourself already as the great and wonderful, awe-inspiring Source. The old “fake it til you make it” vibration. As you do, you open Neptune’s portal. In order to transmit and transfer this great power, the original spiritual and creative Impulse of the cycle must be active and undeviated.

Rocket Man!

What can we learn from these symbols? Rocket Man what is your message for the masses? Interesting, with Elton John’s movie “Rocket Man” being in theaters now. Let’s just stand in awe of the timing! Love the dynamic between Bernie Taupin and Elton John – very Gemini Magical Alchemy through the art of music and storytelling. A language all of its own.

: — : ~ Three Fold Flame ~ : — :

The Magdalene Moon Gemini lunar cycle invokes the presence of The Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. The Threefold Flame is the divine spark, the seed of the divine within your heart chakra. The Flame carries the seed of your Inner Christ and your Inner Buddha.

The threefold flame embodies the qualities of love, wisdom, and power that manifest in the heart of your I AM Presence – the heart of your Higher Self. This divine spark is immortal and resides in the secret chamber of your heart. Meditate on the qualities of each plume:  Rose PInk as Divine Love and Compassion, Yellow as Divine Wisdom and Knowledge and Blue as Divine Will and God’s Power. See which of the three is the weakest and which is the strongest. Use the power of the strongest plume to strengthen the two weaker plumes. This is a great meditation to engage your mind in this Gemini season!

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