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The Healer Priestess Arrives Bearing an Eclipse!

Tuning into your multi-dimensional awareness:

I love to look at the dimensional layers of when big celestial events happen. We are now have being blessed with a New Moon in Virgo bringing a mystical Solar Eclipse on the late evening of 9/12/15. This will be followed by a Full Moon in Aries with a Lunar Eclipse on 9/28/15. Wow!!

The first layer is the Healer Priestess Virgo offering you a healing gift to transform your deep inner consciousness, at the Psyche level. The vibration of Virgo is “to make Order out of Chaos.” She is symbolic of “wholeness” and she practices self-care at the spiritual level.

The second layer is the Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are about “Endings and Beginnings” and they light up our future paths. Eclipse energy is powerful and its effects can last up to 6 months. Eclipses are moments when the Light is shut off – even just a millisecond – and it reboots your whole Soul Self.

The third layer is the Earth changing seasons from Summer to Fall. Autumn Equinox on 9/22/15 will take place during this lunation and in-between the Eclipse on 9/28/15. The theme song of Fall is “reflection, elimination, release and letting go.” Fall is a great time to cleanse your Body, Mind and Spirit.

The fourth layer is the New Moon. The Lunar cycle has a powerful effect on our emotional bodies which fill the majority of our sub-consciousness. The Moon, who has a powerful magnetic pull on ocean tides, represents our Human emotions. The New Moon phase of the lunar cycle is the time of going into the darkness, underground and into the deeper layers of ourselves. Similar to planting a seed underground, we must practice going deep within and being still to allow for our seeds, our intentions, to sprout and take root.

Ask yourselves these questions this month: 

  1. How do I nourish my body?
  2. What is no longer serving me and needs to be eliminated?
  3. Where am I being held or bound in my life?

Take this time to tune into yourselves. Plant only what you want to see grow in this new Beginning. Dive deep within and connect to your Soul gifts. This is your “medicine” that you give to the world. The world is thirsty for your Soul gifts! This Eclipse season is the time of The Phoenix rising from the Ashes! Go for it!

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