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The Depths of the Million Women March

There is a call and response effect happening in our country. The echo of the new president elect and his regime is creating a surge in women to stand up and rise in solidarity. It is no accident that over 300 organized marches of women are taking place within 24 hours of the inauguration. Women are being called into action.

Watching the archetypal drama unfold and trying to keep my distance from the vortex of polarizing energy, I have been so curious as to why and how this is happening. Like our ancient ancestors, I looked to skies to see what the planetary alignments have to say. What I found is so profoundly powerful that I am compelled to share this knowledge. My hope is for all the women gathering to know and understand the magnitude of this ripe potential moment to unleash a tidal wave of powerful, positive change into the world.

I am using the language of Astrology to tell the archetypal story of what is currently happening within the vibratory field of energy that surrounds us all on planet Earth. The Moon is the most powerful tool for women to understand their emotions and their subconscious selves. As women gather in unity for the Women’s March, the power of the Moon is deeply influencing our feelings, our emotions and our very nature of being embodied in the Feminine.

Across the country on January 21, 2017. the Moon is in its Third Quarter waning phase (losing strength) in Scorpio. When the Moon is in Scorpio frequency, it is in its most intense vibration. In Astrology, it is said to be in its “Fall”. The 3rd Quarter waning Moon is called the “Madwoman’s Moon”. Joining the Moon in Eighth House of Transformation, Death and Rebirth is Lilith, the archetypal face of the Goddess as the Wild Woman Unleashed. In Scorpio, Lilith becomes the Queen of the Underworld, the Queen of the depths of our hidden emotions.

Needless to say, emotions will be on high as women come together and join forces, marching for what is right and for what they want, protecting the welfare of all others. Imagine a million Mama bears marching together in fierce protection of their cubs. You don’t want to mess with them or Mother Nature! Women in unison are a force to be reckoned with.

Now because of this Scorpio Moon, the intensity of our emotions are heightened and truthfully, are what is exactly needed to transform and rebirth a new society that is based on social justice, fairness and kindness. Have courage to dive deep into your personal and collective emotions and creatively express the depths of what our country is feeling. Acknowledging and becoming aware of these deep, dark, hidden emotions is the cure for what is ailing us. Emotions are energy in motion. So we, as women, have to dig deep and uncover what lays hidden in our subconscious, and bring it to the surface to be seen and transformed.

What wants to truly be transformed is the old, dilapidated patriarchal system that no longer works for our evolving world. First Lady Michelle Obama said it best, “When they go low, we go high.” This is the time to rise. Rise in your totality. Rise in your strength. Rise in your wisdom and take your power back. The return of the Feminine is not about usurping the masculine but building a bridge to harmonize and equalize power and reconnect humanity back to its divinity.

Here is a breakdown of the astrological chart of January 21, 2017. Understanding the planetary relationships allows you to tap into how they are personally affecting you and how they are affecting the collective. When you know the story, you can see the desired outcome for powerful positive change. The Universe is speaking to us. We just need to understand how to follow the path to participate in our highest, most powerful, authentic versions of our true selves. Ready? Here we go!

  • The Scorpio Moon forms a harmonic Water Trine with Pisces stellium in the South Node Twelfth House of past lives. Vesta, archetype of the Goddess as High Priestess, is retrograde in Cancer in the Fifth House of our heart-centric creative joy. Tap into your creative expressions of love and the energy of mothering the human family.
  • Double YOD “Cat’s Cradle” from Uranus/Eris/Ceres in the First House to Scorpio Moon/Lilith in Eighth and Pisces Stellium South Node house to Jupiter in Libra Seventh House. The YOD formation is called a “Finger of God” pointing the way. This energy is only stabilized and available to tap into when you spiritually connect to it. Awaken to your spiritual identity, your “I AM” Presence (Uranus/Eris/Ceres in Aries) to harness the power of your deep emotions (Moon/Lilith in Scorpio). Your spiritual Self can rebirth the Madwoman into the Powerful Wisdom Warrior.
  • T-square from Uranus/Aries and Jupiter/Libra to Pluto in Capricorn in Tenth House. The focal point is Pluto in Capricorn. This vibration is the wrecking ball dismantling the old paradigms to create new rules, authority, and structures that positively contribute to the world and are sustainable for future generations. What liberates this transformation into action is the harmonizing and liberation of the authentic Spiritual Self. Match this with the expansion of the bigger picture of our relationships bringing them into a place of equality, justice, fairness and beauty.
  • Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius form a bridge via the Hieros Gamos “Sacred Marriage” to your divine Self. This sacred marriage brings you out of the darkness of illusion, confusion and separation to the Spiritual Adventure of freedom and optimism that lays beyond the Beyond. Shoot arrows and aim towards your Higher Mind, your bigger picture and meaning of life, ladies!
  • Sun in Aquarius in Eleventh House is joining us together as a Soul Tribe with shared ideals and visions for the future. We as women are leading the way, marching towards a better future. We must start with a revolution of spiritual identity of who you really are. Connect to your and the “I AM” Presence of each woman present. Bring with you and call upon all your feminine ancestors. Each step you take is a step with them, for them and also for your future descendants.
  • Mars with Chiron “Wounded Healer” in Pisces is the Spiritual Warrior of compassion rising up and partaking of the joy of empathy, equanimity. balance and to harmonize the scales of justice, truth, and kindness.
  • And finally, the Pisces stellium reminds us of our connection to our past lives to dissolve our life’s experiences with compassion and empathy for ourselves, each other and all sentient beings. Pallas Athena, Female Warrior is here to help you take your power of compassion and wisdom back. Venus, archetype of how we express our love, is lifted up and exalted in Pisces. She reminds us of the true beauty, grace, and benevolence of our innate, inherent love. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, invites us to create new dreams and possibilities to dissolve the past. Chiron the Wounded Healer within, carries the Soul’s burden of suffering and separation from unified consciousness and is now ready to be freed. Mars in Pisces is the passionate warrior of Compassion and Unconditional Love for all life.

So do you see the umbrella of possibility you are marching under and for? It’s time to awaken from our slumbers of suffering and be beholden to our true power and strength. Join with each other in solidarity and uplift the emotional consciousness of our world. Rise from the ashes, beautiful Phoenix and take our power back!

To help you ground this energy, return to your natural, inherent vibration of your femininity. Reconnect to the cycles of the Moon and strengthen your connection to the Earth. The Lunar Ladies Club is here to support you providing a safe sanctuary of knowledge, community and connection to your authentic power as a woman. Join us as we positively contribute to our communities and to the world reestablishing peace and harmony on the planet.

2 responses to “The Depths of the Million Women March

  1. I have a concern about the rising up of women specifically geared towards the women’s march – we are gentle gracious powerful women not destructive, over bearing, destroyers, is there any way to include in this post reference to our power without it being destructive and give light to those that are supportive of this change and not in the space of marching? I feel like we are a powerful group of women standing up by rising our frequency internally as entrepreneurs and business owners by changing the way we feel about ourselves inside. If we are rising up why do we have to be so hurtful towards our fellow serviceman in the marches i.e. Police and other caretakers of our cities?
    Respectfully with love
    Amanda Smith <3

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so very much for writing and sharing your heartfelt insights. I agree whole heartedly with you and you are right, women’s power is in the gentle strength, wisdom and desire to nurture and love others. I used the example of the Women’s March because it was such a huge surge in energy inspiring people to act that needed a different perspective so that anger didn’t have to be the predominant emotion. I would love to write an update using the points you brought up and I will let you know when it’s posted. Thank you so much for being part of the positive change and a true voice of women’s compassion. Thank you for reminding all of us what we can truly aspire to!

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