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The Art of Repairing Relationships: New Moon in Libra

New Moon Lunar Cycle begins at 15 degrees Libra

October 8, 2018 at 8:47 PM PST/11:47 PM EST


The Dark Moon appears to invite you to plant your seeds in the fertile portal of your Soul’s Field of dreams. This lunar cycle picks the tunes of ultimate harmony as the Libra Sun and Moon dance together to repair your Relationships and Soul agreements. At 15 degrees the energy to master your Art of Repairing Relationships is attuned to the 2nd octave of Libra giving you an Aquarian rhythm to feel into what needs to happen next in your life. The Draconid Meteors rain down upon you this blessed New Moon night to have you wishing upon stars to add magic to your invocations.

New Moon Energy 101:

New Moons are the time of new beginnings. This is your invitation to set your intentions along with Mother Nature and put into conscious motion your next 28-day and 6-month dreams. New Moon Time is about consciously growing as a Soul.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact the same degree in the heavens. The New Moon is the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully set your intentions. Just like Nature, you have natural power to harness all you need for your personal growth.

POWER TIP:  This Libra lunar cycle, find your Libra-ruled house in your Natal chart. This is most powerful to set your New Moon intentions around healing your relationships or creating a new cycle of harmonic relationships. Align with your Relationships Harmony by learning about the nature of your Relationships with an intuitive reading with Shannon. So awesOMe!

The Cosmic Energy Line-Up:

There’s so much going on in the Heavens with this beautiful Libra lunar cycle (10/08-11/06/18) to help you repair your Relationships.  Venus Retrograde opened this Masterclass vibration on October 5th as she checked in at the Galactic Airport to take you on your journey into the Underworld. At take off time, you and Venus were settled in at Seat number 10 degrees in the aisle of Scorpio.

Fasten your Seatbelts and Prepare for Landing:

A Fixed Grand Cross forms by Venus (retrograde), Black Moon Lilith, Mars and South Node in Aquarius, Uranus the Sky God (retrograde) in Taurus and Lunar North Node in Leo. These four Fixed signs are represented in the Tarot as the Wheel of Fortune card. These signs are also mentioned in Revelations, too. In this Libra lunar cycle journey, Venus is attracting the energy of the Sky God Uranus to align you with the higher power of your desires by healing your self-worth. Unworked out masculine distortions in the Collective, that is rooted in fear-based programming, is being liberated by the Black Moon Lilith who shines the light on any fears around powerlessness. To heal your inner Masculine (and this is major theme for men), you must learn to ask for help and to not seek dominance by overpowering others. If the Collective continues on the path of power struggles, this energy will annihilate it for it is seen as a virus to Love. Love will win and that is where the Wheel of Fortune lands – on the expansion of Soul Love expressed through everyone!

And to top this powerful forcefield for transforming old, rooted energy is a Trapezoid inside the Cross empowered by Pluto going direct. A Trapezoid is an ancient sacred geometric power that unleashes great Light. Like all opposites, on the flipside this energy can be used to trap the Light by darker forces. Think Tinkerbell caught in the cage. Re-route your energy and focus towards adding to the Greater Good of the Collective in the form of brilliant ideas. Make a date with your Higher Self on October 23rd as Uranus will make his approach closes to Earth. This is a day of great surprises, innovations, swift decisions and opportunities! Be ALL about it, Wise Woman! If you need help, join us in the Inner Circle:  VIP Lunar Ladies Club.


Because this energy is soooo big, our Star Watchers are here to provide assistance. Those of you with Starseed markings at these degrees will be activated into action to give of their higher dimensional gifts. Isn’t that cool? Read on!

Here’s how this Star Assistance is showing up:  Brother Mercury at 28 degrees Libra carries Chiron’s (The Wounded Healer) 29 degree Retrograde Pisces messages to Earthlings wrapped in a bow of Verte “Divine Truth” at 29 degrees of karmic truth. Mercury shows you the story of “HUMANKIND’S VAST AND ENDURING EFFORT TO REACH FOR KNOWLEDGE THAT TRANSFERS FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION.” KEYNOTE: A deep sense of participation and commitment to social processes which seek to bring to all humans to Truth and a greater Life.  Verte-Truth builds “THREE MOUNDS OF KNOWLEDGE ON A PHILOSOPHER’S HEAD.” KEYNOTE: The fulfillment of a person’s power through understanding the level of existence the person is currently at. Chiron shares the galactic perspective of:  “A MAJESTIC ROCK FORMATION RESEMBLING A FACE IS IDEALIZED BY A CHILD WHO TAKES IT AS THE IDEAL OF GREATNESS AND AS THE CHILD GROWS, BEGINS TO LOOK LIKE IT.” KEYNOTE: The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.


New Moon in Libra:  REPAIR

Let’s get down to business. With the Cosmic line-up, this Libra lunar cycle is a “Repairing” cycle. You are going to be recalibrating, fine-tuning and restringing your relationships to:  Self, one another, and the Greater Good. La Luna passes the torch from the last lunar cycle in Virgo to Venus, ruler of Libra, as she sits in the Underworld for 40 days and 40 nights. The fixed star, Regulus of Alphis Leonis, now sits at 0 degrees Virgo opening up the 2,100+ year reign of the Feminine returning to her Wholeness. Libra energy wants to repair broken down relationships from the last 1,100 years of the shadowy oppressive sub-age of the Age of Pisces.

Remember how last lunar cycle Venus opened the portal to the Underworld and released the power of the Vesica Piscis? Now Venus takes you into the darkened depths of her retrograde descent into Scorpio to assist the Feminine in returning to Source. The Goddess Psyche gives you this image to tune into:  “Drowning Woman Rescued”. Read more in the Venus Rx 2018 blog post. Let’s now take a look at Psyche revelations of the deeper meanings for you through the Sabian Symbol images.


Moon + Sun:  Meditation Observation Time

Moon and Sun at 15 degrees Libra:  Picks up where Mercury left off on 09/30/18:  “AFTER A STORM A BOAT LANDING STANDS IN NEED OF RECONSTRUCTION.” KEYNOTE: The need to keep in operation steady links between the vast Unconscious and the ego-consciousness.

The Moon and Sun are showing you the need to rebuild any parts of your life that have been swept away in recent “Storms”. The tidal wave forces of life can churn through the power of your emotions. Yes, they are that strong! Have you been feeling overpowered or feeling you need to cheer yourself up? Reconstruct the secure parts of your life. Ask your Angels for help to build a wiser and stronger future. Brand new opportunities will appear for you. If you are a healer allow yourself to play a helping role for others having difficult issues to deal with in their lives.  Watch for the Shadows: Resist making excuses  -take responsibility instead. You may feel emotionally swamped and powerless – get what you need before things collapse.

Neptune:  Smoke & Mirrors

The Moon and Sun form a YOD to Neptune who karmically bestows this image as a highly unstable force if not seen through the eyes of Soul. The power of an unstable Neptune creates the illusion of “smoke and mirrors” Here is the image brought to you by Neptune’s forcefield:  “AN OFFICER INSTRUCTING HIS MEN BEFORE A SIMULATED ASSAULT UNDER A BARRAGE OF LIVE SHELLS.” KEYNOTE: The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is evoked.

Neptune protects our collective experience by showing you to be prepared and ready for anything that life throws at you. When you’re well rehearsed, you are able to know what to do and spring into action. You may feel that you need to prepare. There is wisdom in practicing. But too much focus on the possible positive or negative outcomes, loses the joy that can be found in relaxing and feeling calm. Choose where, when and how to be ready. Take orders from your higher authority; i.e. your Higher Self. Open your Third Eye and pay attention to your Soul signs.  This is Higher Self training the Lower Self. Watch for the Shadows:  Being too rigid with routines that have no real purpose. Overreactions and seeing threats or attack everywhere.

Stay calm and cool … and become Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

Happy New Moon in Libra!

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