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Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini!

This Thanksgiving Full moon in Gemini makes a perfect time to be curious about how we are communicating. Are we speaking our minds out loud and unfiltered? Or are we slowing down our thoughts and choosing the Higher Road?

This Full Moon in Gemini maybe one of the hardest moon we’ve seen in a while. Why? Zen Master Saturn, Sun-Self, and Mercury-Mind are in fiery, changeable and spiritual Sagittarius. They are forming an octave to what this Gemini Full Moon is lighting up in each of us. To add more drama to the mix, Saturn is squaring or creating “Bad Feng Shui” and cosmically confusing Neptune in Pisces. (The combination makes world events and personal problems a little harder to see.) This dissonance in the Universe’s sonata can create conundrums or SNAFUs. But if we stay awake, we can resolve very old patterns and bring your deeply held beliefs into present time.

Remember, this:  “We all, each of us, hold a piece of the solution from top to bottom.”

  • Fear won’t solve this.
  • Blame won’t solve this.
  • Retaliation wont solve this

But …. holding yourself accountable and staying flexible can help you a become a Earthy mature adult. Imagine if we had evolved ourselves enough to love each other as ourselves. It sure would make this Thanksgiving holiday meal a whole lot easier! LOL!

Here’s a very fun satire of what this energy is all about!: 

Here’s the breakdown once more:
Neptune square Saturn gives us a crisis of Consciousness. What is real? What is false? Duality and Illusion dance before our eyes. Only through connecting yourself (Sun) to your own inner Truth (Sagittarius) and be a seeker of Truth. Gemini Mind wants information and can process it quickly. Sag wants to know what is true and what is false. Saturn comes in with his heavy hammer to get focused on the vibration of your personal Truth. Chop wood carry water on how you find your way of measuring truth. Be a constant companion (Pisces) to Truth and discover your Earth medicine (Virgo) to analyze and dissect illusion from fact. Only you will be able to discern your Truth. The Media is designed right now to override your personal gauge. Turn off your TVs, radios, internet and seek the Truth and the Information that is bestowed in your Heart (Sun).

The medicine  for these squares is to look at the Octave Houses/energies. Saturn/Sagittarius – go to Gemini energy for help with Neptune. Also Virgo helps with Pisces. Since this is an extreme Mutable cross – be super flexible, take nothing personal, practice the Four Agreements and breathe your way through. Go for lots of walks if your emotions get the best of you outside and in Nature (any Tree will do). Talk to Great Spirit to get a Higher Perspective. Be curious, light and playful. And most of al,l dive into the waters of Compassion first and forgive next. Allow Gemini to see it all as silly, illogical banter.

Since Virgo has lucky Jupiter – your Virgo house is your saving grace this week!


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