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Project Faith into the Future – Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon 2022

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus at 10 degrees on April 30, 2022, at 1:27 PM PDT/4:27 PM EDT

The Taurus New Moon and Sun begin a brand new cycle with Uranus and eclipses! This is a power packed New Moon due to the presence of Uranus. Venus cojoins with Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, to elevate the power of unlimited abundance in your Soul landscape. This is a great time to plant a Victory Garden!

Eclipses happen along the axis of the Lunar Nodes. The Lunar Nodes are currently moving through Taurus and Scorpio. They bring endings and beginnings and can be thought of as sliding doors. Venus and Pluto are the modern-day rulers of the signs of the Eclipses.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is conjunct by the power of Uranus. Expect the unexpected with Uranus! Right now, Uranus is activating your Crown Chakra to liberate your true inner Self. Allow old masks to fall away. Welcome what is happening in your life and connect to your experiences from the power of your Higher Self.

Venus rules but Moon Exalts in Taurus!

Venus is the planet that rules the sign of Taurus and the Moon is the exalted ruler. The Venus-Moon cycle is a very happy, bountiful, and celebratory energy. Think the 3 of Cups dancing in the Empress Garden! Venus is receiving an expansion of Lemurian memories from Jupiter. This whole cycle feels like a return to the times when people lived in sacred celebration with the Earth. To find where this fertility power is, find where Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon are transiting through your Natal Chart. Where are Venus and the Moon in your Natal Chart? This is the area of your life where you will receive its power! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

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Venus & Jupiter ~ Garden of Delight

Venus and Jupiter are enjoying the “Joie d’vivre” or the fruits of your life. Feel into what makes you feel full and satiated. Where in your life are all your needs met? Practice the art of knowing that everything you need will come to you before the day ends. Practice feeling what that would be like. As you practice this, Venus and Jupiter will activate your inner clairvoyance. This is how you can draw what you need to yourself – by seeing it clairvoyantly and feeling it physically. Start with small and simple things until you find your own personal way of doing this. Pay attention to the Moon, especially give thanks when she is full in two weeks!

Here’s a secret preview of what’s to come: “Self-reliance is the new technology.”

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  • New Moon at 10 degrees Taurus Week: 04/30-05/07/2022
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion #3 “The Palace”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #27 – “Responsibility”
  • 2022 Sabian Symbol: “A Flock of Wild Geese”
  • Crescent Moon in Cancer “Mother’s Son Moon”: 05/04-06/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Leo “Actor’s Moon”: 05/08-14/2022
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion #11- “Fortuna”
  • Human Design Gateway and Gene Keys #33 – “Privacy”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Sabian Symbol: “A Chemist conducsts an experiment”

Recommended Readings for this Lunar Cycle:



“A Woman sprinkling flowers.”

Caring is valid for its own sake.

The New Moon and Sun appear at 10 degrees Taurus to end an old cycle and begin a new season of love, color, and beauty in your life. You are being asked by the Universe to step into a new level of stewardship. Realize that how you treat your environment will mirror back to you what you can have in your life. Make everything around you beautiful. Talk to your local trees, birds, and plants. As you connect to the natural world, you will be more inspired to take care and steward your environment. As you do you open yourself up to another layer of quantum reality where you are a very powerful creator!

The Earth positions at 10 degrees Scorpio and grounds the power of the upcoming Scorpio lunar eclipse in two weeks. The Earth is offering you healing energy in the form of having more faith in the goodness of life. When you have faith and feel safe today, you are now projecting that frequency into your future. Practice the power of Reiki principles of feeling satiated, satisfied, and nurtured “just for today”.

If you need help finding your life purpose and passion as this new year beings, schedule a 1:1 hour-long session to guide you through this process.

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Raise your Vibration with SOUND & STAR Medicine!

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“Sound is the medicine of the future” -Edgar Cayce

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See you on May 15th for the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Full Moon ~”Priestess Moon”!

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