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Tale of Two Wolves: Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees Leo on January 20, 2019 at 9:16 PM PST/ 12:16 AM EST and 5:16 AM UK on 01/21/19


The Super Full Moon is the Blood Moon eclipse guarded by the Cold Wolf Moon. The Tale of the Two Wolves echoes throughout the Cosmos as this 6-month window of time carries the potent power of Royalty energy. Zero degrees of the Sun and Moon open the Zero Point Field of creation in your life now. The beautiful, big Blood Moon is aligned with the Sun’s bright light on the collective future to expand the wisdom of your Soul expansion plan now through 2020.

The Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes to end the Pisces-Virgo shadows of the patriarchy timeline of the past 2,100 years. This powerful dynamic ends an old cycle so a new cycle of creation can begin. The Moon’s Leo energy opens a portal to the Aquarian Age. This portal desires to show you the power and joy of communal living with your Soul’s Tribe. It’s time to awaken the Rainbow Warriors on the planet! Get a Lunar Ladies Club membership or the latest Mini-Course to support your awakening!

Wolf Moon Medicine

The Cold Wolf Moon silently appears to let you know that your manifestations are occurring behind the scenes. The Eclipse energy carries you into the great intelligence of the Universe. Try not to cram your intellect into The Void.  Wolf Medicine asks you to use your intuitive instinct to soften your ways. The gifts of the Cold Wolf Moon come through your Senses.

Wolves are very expressive animals that utilize the power of eye contact and body language to communicate with each other. The Aquarius-Leo Sun/Moon octaves wants you to get in touch with your own modes of unique self-expression.  Examine yourself in the mirror. View yourself objectivelyWhat expressions do you convey? See yourself in the reflection of a window as you walk by. How can you enhance your body language to portray more authority or more softness?

Moon & Sun Harmony:
Tale of Two Wolves

Full Moon in Leo 0 degrees

The Tale of the Two Wolves appears with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. The “zero point field” the Moon and Sun bring is POTENT! The Moon shines light on the beauties of your past. Leo energy is symbolic of your royal blood. Allow this lunar eclipse to re-energize whatever has lost its luster within you. You are capable to always do your best and emit joy of the highest quality from your royal heart. Be intent on maintaining your integrity in everything you do. Locate where this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening in your chart!

Sun in Aquarius 0 degrees

The Aquarius Sun shines light on your two selves – the conscious, objective self and the unconscious, feeling self. Recognize the divisions that exist within your Self, and acknowledge and respect all parts of your being. Whatever you reject will inevitably come into conflict as a way to resolve the separation. Resolve this conflict by reaching across your inner divisions and accepting every aspect of who we are. When you can completely accept both sides of yourself, you can then bring peace and fulfillment to whole being.

Listen to the Tale of the Two Wolves:  “A grandfather is talking with his grandson and he says there are two wolves inside of us which are always at battle. One is a good wolf which represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. The other is a bad wolf, which represents things like greed, hatred, and fear. The grandson stops and thinks about it for a second then he looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one wins?” The grandfather quietly replies, “The one you feed.”

Total Lunar Eclipse 6:36 – 7:38 PM PST

This total Lunar Eclipse sees how much you feel about what is going on around you. The Heavens know what is needed by every individual. Connect deeply to your feelings so you can show others how to be more connected to themselves and to the world. You are being given the gift to realize that all insecurities are illusions. You are capable of feeling divine peace instantly when you align with it. Know that abundance is everywhere and call out to the forces of nature to support in 2019.

Lunar Eclipse Oracle

“The eyes were in her palms because when she held out her hands she offered vision to others. And the eyes were in the soles of her feet so she might see where she was going, even in darkness. Her six eyes looked for those in need, and found them, often in faraway places in the past, the future and the present. And wherever they were she would go to them, so that they would know that she saw their pain, saw their fear, and, if they would accept the gift of her vision, might themselves see,
so that all pain and fear would 
be no more.”
– John Sandbach


Crossroads:  The Four Horsemen

The Full Moon and Sun are filled with the potency of two fixed signs:  Leo and Aquarius. The Eclipse adds a second layer of “WOW!” because it is ending an old cycle and beginning a new one. Look to the other two fixed signs — Taurus and Scorpio at 0 degrees, to see the pattern of the Four Horsemen appear. These four Fixed signs are on the Wheel of Fortune and the World cards in the Tarot. Which card are you now in this cycle of your life? Are you dancing in the center of your World completing an old cycle and opening to new year of fortune? Or are you just waking up and aligning with the Cosmos at a whole new level of being? Tune in and ask.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Four Fixed Signs, or what I like to call “The Four Horsemen”, are revealing to you:

Scorpio, ruler of Underworld, beckons to the Goddess Pallas Athena as she approaches her journey into the deep waters (she’s traveling through the end of Libra). Her totem animal, Owl will shapeshift into Eagle to transform your vision. The Full Moon draws harmony from the Goddess Ceres as She leaves Scorpio. Ceres offers a blessing to all your female ancestors. This blessing serves as a healing from the era of patriarchal suppression coming to a close as the Age of Pisces dissolves.  The message Scorpio Horseman brings is:  “Stand apart from the world around you to gain a broader perspective to sense the world around you. Access your invulnerable quality – that part of you that is beyond the stress and discord of life. Transform any inability to make deep connections. As you learn to connect more you come into your power and purpose.” (cue Lunar Eclipse message!)

Taurus, ruler of Mother Earth, fertilizes the Her loamy soil to welcome Uranus home. He comes to make love to Gaia to replenish her abundant resources and redistribute them for the next seven years starting in March 2019. The message Taurus Horseman brings is:  “You are able to take a fresh, clear approach to your life now. Reenter the flow around you once again, as your free yourself from preconceptions. Others are in need to witness you doing this so they might also learn how to do it, too. You have such a beautiful, simple approach to life, and it is laden with power.”

Aquarius, ruler of the Heavens, welcomes the Sun to be externalized into the world as Humanity 2.0. You represent the next upleveled version of an awakened human being living in full awareness as a Higher Soul. The message Aquarius Horseman brings is:  “You are being called to supersede your personal desires for a higher purpose. What way of life has worn itself out and is ready for a change? Overcome any fear of change, and let go of old patterns. The Sun wants to bring whatever is hidden to light, and to find a way to fulfill your true spiritual needs.”

Leo, ruler of your Inner Joy, dances with the Full Moon to expand your heart chakra to embrace more romance, risk and revelry! The message Leo Horseman brings is:  “There are an endless number of ways to get where you are going. You know how to be inventive and make new connections. Reinvent yourself and call forth new aspects of your being. Shine your light so others can see you. The more you can clearly see yourself, the more you see everything as magic.”


The Take Away:

Just like Dog is man’s best friend, Wolf is a noble and royal mentor to humanity. Wolf Medicine tells you to look to your community for creative solutions. Communicate with those in your Soul Tribe pack to help you with challenges. Align with this Full Moon’s Wolf energy by honoring the traditions of your heritage and honor your elders in 2019.

The Cold Wolf Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun open the Lunar Nodes of Destiny to announce the arrival of Saturn to this stellar symphony at the power degree of 13. His wisdom speaks to the memories of previous incarnations that are carried within your Soul’s energy. The wounded memories leave holes in your Soul’s energy field. Call lost and wounded parts of yourself back to present time to heal current suffering. Be receptive to these healing energies because they allow infinite Love to fill the holes left behind from your past lives.

Chiron in Pisces reinforces Saturn’s message to release old soul woundings from the past. Your Soul senses what your human self needs. Realize where the focus of your attention is, that is where your energy flows. You become what you focus on. Look for any repetitive symbols and patterns in your life – these are your keys to greater understanding of Self and show the way off the wheel of karma. (See the Four Horsemen messages above).

And finally, connect to yourself and others without any preconceptions of how things should be. Let go of what you believe relationships should be – for likely these beliefs are connected to old wounding. Instead, discover your life as a vast realm of possibilities, and perceive this world as the phenomenal world it truly is!

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