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Take Mercury Retrograde to a whole New Level!

Mercury has been in retrograde since April 9, 2017. On April 20th, however, a New Mercury synodic cycle starts! What?! This is a divine time when Mercury says, “Let’s go make a fast-acting, super awesome, plan!”

Ok, first of all, let’s define “synodic”. The word synodic means a “place of meeting”. A synodic cycle is when two planets meet at the exact same degree. The cycle continues to happen until they meet again when Mercury is exact the Sun on 6/21/17 at 0 degrees Cancer. Mercury will take on the persona and act like a Full Moon on the very sacred day of Summer Solstice!

These 0 degree moments are the most potent times because the energy contains all the dreams and possibilities for that planet passing through that sign’s vibrations. It’s the same energy as a seed that has all the genetic DNA information for the entire life of the plant, its ancestors and its descendants. When Mercury and the Sun meet like this, Mercury acts just like a New Moon. New Moons are also the most potent time of the lunar cycle to create your intentions and plant them in the fertile soil of manifestation each month.

Connect to the Energy

This new synodic cycle of Mercury signals a time to purify your mind. Within this purified state, you can create and manifest whatever you desire to have. Following Mercurial themes like:  writing, communication, speaking, travel, teaching, networking and commerce when you create your project. The synodic cycle last about 120 days with two retrograde cycles involved. It begins with Pluto going retrograde on April 20 and flows all the way to August 26 culminating with the big Solar Eclipse on Mercury’s heels.

Mercury is now acting like a lunar cycle during this synodic journey. At the beginning, Mercury acts like the New Moon and goes through each of the four foundational phases. What’s fun about Mercury behaving like the Moon is that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Taurus and Cancer are in a very yummy, sextile harmonious relationship. Basically, Taurus is in love with the Moon. With this Mercury “New Moon” and Sun in Taurus, the most auspicious time for planning something becomes amazing! The 0 degrees carries all the potential for that vibration and its locked in! During this synodic cycle, Mercury Retrograde also comes into close alignment with Uranus in Aries. Uranus is “elder brother” or higher octave of Mercury – they are the same vibration but at different vibrational frequencies. Now you can add lightning to the mix!

The Sabian Symbol Meaning

The Sabian symbol for the Mercury Cycle starting April 20th is “A Clear Mountain Stream flows steadily Downstream”. This symbol opens a portal for opening the pure, uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature. This is the energy to nourish your confidence and move forward with a plan for success. The river flows towards the great ocean. What ocean are your hopes and dreams flowing towards? What needs to be cleared, cleansed and refreshed so you can live from a higher state of being? Let’s get busy and see how!

Create your success plan

Step #1:  Observations lead to Insights — April 20 – May 3 This is like the New Moon lunar phase. Take your time to observe your surroundings and begin imagining new ways of action. Have a strong will and a clear sense of purpose. Be “The Fool” in the Tarot and open yourself up to manifesting your insights with quickness and ease.

Step #2:  Research and Develop — May 4 – June 20  This is like the 1st Quarter lunar phase. Mercury is now in direct motion and has ended the retrograde journey. Your mind is now refreshed. It’s time for action and to magnify your thoughts. Mercury is at its highest speed now – to research and accelerate learning. Now is the time to put together your plan. Start testing your ideas to see what it works and what doesn’t.

Step #3:  Build and they will come — June 21 – August 11  This is like the Full Moon lunar phase. Mercury is now ready to come into fruition. What was ever started in Step 1 and researched in Step 2 can come into manifestation. Mercury turns towards his Virgo side and becomes practical, analytical and objective. Everything is done and it is time to launch!

Step #4:  Critique and Review -– August 12th 2017 until August 26th This is like the 3rd Quarter lunar phase. Mercury’s thinking evolves into mindfulness. Focus your awareness on being contemplative, deeply introspective and seeking the inner meaning to your creation. Uncover the Soul purpose of what you created. Review what has taken place and see how you can continue your Mercurial manifestations during the next synodic cycle.

Keys to Success

This is where procrastination can be helpful. To find an idea, look to those things that you have been procrastinating about. Mercury is fast-acting energy. Go for ideas that are quick to manifest. Think about what you could complete in 120 days.

Look in your natal chart to see in which House the Mercury cycle starts. It’s at 0 degrees Taurus. Planning your project here will supercharge your alignment with this energy. For example if Taurus rules 2nd house you want to focus on growing your financial well-being. If it is in your 7th House, you will want to attract a new relationship or rebuild the one you have.

Once you have your plan, time it with the dates above. Be super tuned in to the changing of available energy there to support you to manifest your creation! Good luck!


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