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Tai Chi of Mercury Retrograde: Libra 2021

Mercury goes Retrograde at 25 degrees Libra on September 26, 2021 at 10:10 PM PDT/11:10 PM MDT/12:10 AM CDT/1:10 AM EDT on 09/27/2021.

Mercury embarks upon his third and final retrograde journey in 2021. This year Mercury has been healing through the element of Air. After having redefined Aquarius in January and Gemini in June, Mercury finishes the Air Trine Dance in Libra from September 26th to October 18th, 2021. The frequency of this Mercury retrograde is found in the energy of Tai Chi. The two words “tai” and “chi” mean “Supreme Ultimate,” which represents the “Cosmos” with its operating principles of yin and yang.

Mercury + The Sun:

Mercury begins his sojourn at the “Starseed Degree” of 25. When Mercury completes his retrograde path, the Sun will align with this same “Starseed Degree”. This is a potent and powerful source of energy that you can connect with.

The Sabian Symbol for the 25th degree of Libra is “An eagle and a dove constantly turning into one another.” This symbol emphasizes the integration of your Will and your Emotions. Mercury is slowing you down to learn about how to integrate your heart and your mind to work together in 2022. Here are your Reflection Questions

  • When do I use force?
  • When do I use love?
  • Can I be firm yet kind?
  • Can I be flexible yet directed?
  • Can I temper my will with love?

At the time of the retrograde on September 26th, the Sun will be at 4 degrees Libra. This degree shines a light on your temperament to be a student and a teacher. You are being given the opportunity to slow down and be taught by your own inner wisdom and knowledge. Once you successfully navigate this beautiful Soul space, you will be able to teach what you have learned to others. This retrograde is a great time to study and learn something new!

I recommend taking these courses of study from me:

Mercury + Mars:

When Mercury completes his retrograde at 10 degrees Libra, Mercury aligns with where Mars was at the beginning of Mercury’s journey. Mars holds court to lend Mercury passion power to activate your learning. Mars burns a fire within your heart to provide warmth and reassurance in times of emptiness. Mars reminds you that in times of loneliness, what you are truly feeling is a separation from your center. Regroup with this Mercury retrograde to find your center, your inner hearth, and feel what it’s like to be home within yourself.

Chiron’s Message:

Chiron moves into the “full moon” position opposite Mercury when he takes you back into your life on October 18th. Chiron repeats the cosmic vibration that this time now is about learning. Chiron appears as a “teacher giving symbolic forms to traditional images”. Chiron is inviting you to share your experiences and what you have learned about yourself. The collective humanity has not heard this yet from your point of view. Humanity will only benefit from what you have to share and add to the bigger picture of what is possible.

According to Lynda Hill of Sabian Symbols, the 9th degree of Aries directs you to: “Bring out something fresh and new and it will revitalize those around you. Look at things in a different light. Revise old thought forms with new ones. Try to find new solutions to old ideas – you could revolutionize something!”

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