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Sustaining Power of the Whole: Grandmother’s Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn expands the wisdom of the ancient Elders, revealing for you the sustaining power from the great Web of Life! 

[Full Moon in Capricorn: June 27, 2018 at 9:53 PM PST (12:53 AM EST on 06/28/18)]

Open up and release with Grandmother’s Moon! She is the Matriarch of the World and she honors, protects and guides all Her spiritual offspring towards long-term sustainability.

Look to the power of the Elephant Clan for inspiration. It is the female Matriarch who holds the herd together and tends to the bones of their ancestors. Great wisdom lives in our bones, which hold the legacy of our DNA Sequence since the beginning of time, and Capricorn rules our skeletal system.

~ Full Moon Energetics: Grandmother’s Moon ~

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other in the sky. A lunar cycle (New Moon to Balsamic Moon) is a wave of creation that brings revelation and the potential for body, mind, Spirit healing as it crests. The Moon, as Mother, reflects the light of the spiritual Father-Sun to flower the seeds of Creation. This is the time when your New Moon in Gemini intentions reach their peak and come into a place of fulfillment. Look back to the first New Moon of 2018, the New Moon in Capricorn, on January 16, to uncover the manifestations of this 6-month cycle in your life.

What can you see, now, coming into being?

Capricorn Full Moon is called “Grandmother’s Moon.” Grandmother’s Moon is the embodiment of your ancestors and holds the wisdom of the ancient Elders of the Goddess. The Moon casts a protective glow over her descendants this week. Ruled by the energy of Saturn, Grandmother’s Moon reaches maturity at her fullness and becomes old before her time. Allow the Matriarch into your space this week, so that she may teach you, love you and look out for your well-being.

This Full Moon is highlighted by Saturn with Pluto and Lilith in the background, and the Moon reflects the expansive solar light upon Saturn in retrograde at 5 degrees. The mirror of the Full Moon shows the Sun, Pallas Athena (22nd degree), and Mercury twinning with Part of Fortune at the Starseed degree of 28. In this field of expansive awareness, the Greek Muse appears, weighing twin alternatives upon golden scales. The right alternative for you will be known by your clairvoyant intuition. Activating the insights of this ‘measuring’ into the material world will happen through a ‘reading of the tea leaves’. Strengthen your ability to see the energetic signature in every occurrence that draws your attention. Time to trust what you feel!

~ Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Mirror of Erised ~

With Neptune retrograding to dissolve illusions and moving the tides of your spiritual awakening, the Full Moon’s mirror energy draws the Mirror of Erised. J.K. Rowling channeled the Mirror of Erised in her Harry Potter series of novels. The Mirror of Erised is a special mirror which reflects the deepest desires of those who look at it.

According to Rowling, “The advice to ‘hold on to your dreams’ is all well and good, but there comes a point when holding on to your dreams becomes unhelpful and even unhealthy. Dumbledore knew that life can pass you by while you are clinging on to a wish that can never be – or ought never be – fulfilled. Harry’s deepest yearning is for something impossible: the return of his parents. The mirror is bewitching and tantalizing, but it does not necessarily bring happiness.”

To what hopes do you cling, which may be keeping you from your own true happiness?

The reflection between Moon and Saturn in retrograde shows you the need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever waits to be found beyond. If you can tune into what needs completion on a spiritual level, then you will be able to see, clearly, your Soul’s desire for expansion, which will, only then, transform for you into a revelation of Permanence.

The reflection of the Sun shows the play of invisible forces that inspires your creative imagination to shine its light out into the world. If you can imagine “Two Nature Spirits Dancing under the Moonlight” then you, yourself, can dance with the invisible dream world in everyday reality. As you ascend into these heightened states of awareness, you will liberate and free those discordant Soul patterns that keep you separated from the Divine Dance of all Creation! And from this crack in the Cosmic Egg, new evolutions, of all humanity in harmony with the great rhythms of the Cosmos, will emerge!

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~ Sabian Symbols Mirror: Moon and Sun ~

By her position, during this lunar phase, at 6-degrees Capricorn,
Grandmother’s Moon reveals Her connection to the sustaining power of the Whole:

KEYNOTE: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.
Channeling ‘The Voice of God’ is the deepest manifestation of Power within a tribe or culture. In ancient Judaism, YHWH is the name of God which means “Great Ancestor.” The grand power of “Life” within the Earth’s biosphere binds together and guides the development of visionary people to glorify Creation. Speaking with the voice of God releases the inertial power of the past. At the turning of tomorrow, you will be offered a vision or revelation of the unknown next-steps in evolution. The key word is MEDIATORSHIP.

Opposite Grandmother’s Moon, the Sun shines nurturing Wisdom at 6 degrees Cancer:

KEYNOTE: The play of invisible forces in all manifestations of Life.
The symbol of the Nature Spirits (or fairies) are linked with the hidden and mysterious processes in nature. Moonlight, brought on by the Sun, emanates an otherworldly vibration that opens the doorway to the Astral realm. The Moon’s deep subconscious influence releases special solar rays of Magic. Dancing with the Nature Spirits invites the invisible to become visible, the inner to become the outer, and the dream life to become everyday reality. The Sun expands your CREATIVE IMAGINATION to celebrate the diversity and joy of all life!

~ Release and Celebrate! ~

Take this ancient and exquisite time to release what no longer serves the highest evolution of your Soul. Tune into ancient Wisdom to breathe new life into your dreams. Follow the path of the Elders as you travel through the Cosmos to reunite with the All That Is. The Capricorn Full Moon is the prequel honoring the coming of the Super New Moon in Cancer on July 12, 2018. Grandmother’s Moon releases the old through the wisdom of the Ancients and celebrates the coming of the “Mother’s Daughter’s Moon”. Find yourself in the Great-Womb Time of the Universe to return the Feminine to her rightful place in harmony with the Masculine.

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