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Super New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo ~ Reconnecting to the Power of Your Joy!

This is Round 3 of the Summer Eclipse Season (did you get your Guide yet?) with seven planets in retrograde! Are ya sittin’ down? Enter Stage Right ~ Super New Moon in Leo with a partial Solar Eclipse to boot appearing August 11, 2018, at 2:57 AM/PST and 5:57 AM/EST at 18 degrees. This Solar Eclipse carries Sagittarius “Expansive Joy” influences to see the bigger picture! Mercury Retrograde with Pallas Athena sit side by side with the Solar Eclipse Super New Moon in Leo. This merry foursome have a lot to creatively express as we “Ease on down the road” together! (Cue: The Wiz!)

New Moon energy is about new beginnings. This is your time to set intentions and put into conscious motion your 28-day and 6-month Dreams. The secret to New Moon energy is to be quiet and still, aligning your awareness with that of the Sun, Moon and Earth. This is the third of three Super New Moons in a row. Your intention power is increased by 30%! The quieter you are, the more powerful your intentions will be.

Ssshhh… Be still… and know “I AM.”

With the energy of seven planets traversing in retrograde motion, this is called a Cosmic Intervention. The Collective Status-Quo is being shaken apart to return Humanity back to its original state of powerful Joy and Happiness. Mercury Retrograde with His sister, Pallas Athena, hold the keys to understanding how to align with this energy. The alignment now is about a sensational release of the unconscious aspirations of our primordial and instinctual nature.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?!

The Hand of YOD-GOD appears straight to the heart of this Super Leo New Moon. The light comes with Neptune and His epic degree shift back to 15 degrees Pisces. The last time Neptune was at this degree was April 3-May 7, 2018. Take a look back to your life during this time. What do you see? Pluto at 19 degrees captures this Light vibration and grounds it into your life. Pluto sends you a message from January 8 – February 6, 2018. What do you hear?


Double-X Chromosome ~ A 4-YOD Flush!

As you may have guessed over the years, YOD patterns (when two planets are within 150 degrees of one another in the sky) are one of my favorites. Why? Because they are not from this material world. They come from the higher frequencies of Light and act very unstable in the 3D World. Until you realize how to touch “Lightning,” you have to make a spiritual connection first. The energy stabilizes and turns into the most beautiful work of art in your life.

This Super New Moon triggers a Venus YOD to Uranus – which is crossed twice by the LIGHT. Wow! Neptune and Pluto cross this initiating galactic wave. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are three outer, transpersonal planets which affect you on the Collective level. Connecting with Venus, this means that the Feminine consciousness is being enlightened, and, let me tell you, it’s Karmic timing with Uranus now in retrograde motion. This Big Bang Goddess energy! Venus, currently residing in her Feng Shui palace of Libra, now attunes your values and how you stand up for Gaia, the Earth Mother of our abundance in the physical world.

Now is the time to be the loudest, proudest Amazon warrior for the Earth! If you choose against this powerful energy, it just might hurt a little. Go with the Goddess on this one and be bold, courageous and charming!

Who says an Earth Steward can’t be a Queen?


Sun-Moon ~ And the Magic Number is… 18!

The New Moon and Sun are at 18 degrees Leo. The Sabian Symbol image for you to work with is:


 KEYNOTE: The enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior. 

This symbol says to be less conventional and more youthful when gathering together. Let your Inner-Bohemian shine! Forego socially respectable and superficial kinds of interaction. Align with the energy of feeling the free flow of energies. Escape the boring, routine activities of everyday life. Find “Release,” and let the natural energies of Joy fill the air!

I wanna hear you “Rrroooaaarr”!


Wait for it… An Extra Layer of Power!

My good friend and cosmic companion, Irma Kaye Sawyer of Cosmic Weather, reminded me to take a look at the Polarity Point of major moments. Very interesting to see the image for the Leo Super New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Aquarius (its Polarity Point, or directly opposite position)!

This is what is happening throughout California and the western United States due to the effects from Climate Change:


KEYNOTE: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential from the carelessness of karmic “visitations”. 

Forest fires may be caused by human carelessness, by lightning, or through the by-products of modern technology. Everyone may, at some time, face natural disasters and calamity. These events can come from seemingly insignificant acts. These moments test your strength and emotional stability. Natural events like forest fires, call upon you to utilize all your senses — emotional, mental, physical. To survive, rebound and start again requires faith in Divine Powers.

This Polarity-Point image asks you, “Where is your strength and resilience? Do you have faith in a superior power?”


The Clouds Part
and a Mystical Rectangle Appears

A beautiful alignment of Alchemy forms known as a Mystical Rectangle. Chiron, “the Wounded Healer,” joins forces with Lilith and Mars at Ground Zero degrees Aquarius. Chiron retrograde at 1 degree Aries harmonizes lovely Venus in Libra and North Node in Leo. Chiron brings you the power of all great human works that endure far beyond life spans. It is key for the Wounded Healer to be healed. Let’s see how to make Chiron’s energy your friend this Lunar Cycle.

Chiron’s Psyche revelation is found in this Sabian Symbol image:


KEYNOTE: The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others. 

Chiron’s image brings to you the ability to find the humor in all of life’s trials and tribulations. How do you do that, you may be asking? You have to first be objective and neutralize past emotional charges. Transcend past pain and hurts to evolve an objective awareness of your (and others’) existence. Contrast Medicine is being able to see both sides: Light and Shadow. It is what Teilhard de Chardin calls “reflective consciousness,” the ability to see oneself reflected as in a mirror, and eventually to laugh at the inadequacy of the form one sees.

One of my favorite senses of humor is Absurdity. I regularly like to attend Life’s Theater of the Absurd on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  How about you?

Find Youtube videos of your favorite comedians and laugh yourself into a higher state of mind.

Find which Houses the Mystic Rectangle forms in your personal Astrology chart. This will help you understand how this energy relates directly to you.

Chiron is your key for reconnecting your power of Joy with this Leo Super Moon Lunar Cycle, and is healing your identification with your Supreme Self which is born from ecstatic joy and divine Love. Chiron will revisit Pisces one last time through December 9, 2018, making his way back to Aries, in March of 2019, for 7 years.



Key #1:  Chiron in Aries in harmony with Mars (retrograde) and Lilith and Venus. Find your Aries-ruled House, your Aquarius-ruled House and your Libra-ruled House.

Key #2:  Mars and Lilith bring forth the dream of the North Node in Leo ~ Pure Joy and Innocence. Find your Leo and Aquarius-ruled Houses, which will be opposite each other.



Set your intentions with positive Power and focus on what you Love, then give yourself permission to bring in more of that, please.

Leo energy is ruled by the Lion. A deeper look at Lion-Medicine connects you to the Tarot Card: Strength. The Lion is the symbol of the power of your subconscious. As you consciously align with more joy, bliss and happiness, you signal your subconscious to follow along in that creation.

Tame your subconscious by placing your attention and focus on reconnecting your Inner Sun Child to her creative self-expressions of Happiness and Joy.

You will know you are there
when you can’t stop smiling,
dancing and feeling great
just because it’s a beautiful day!

Om Tat Sat!


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