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Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Ending Cycles of Disempowerment

This Full Super Blood Moon Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 31, 2018 at 5:34 AM PST, is a rare and karmic event. The last one was 150 years ago in 1868. A major disruptive tear in the collective Soul is being healed with the Master Healer degree of 11 on this lunar eclipse. Can you venture a guess what happened in 1868? The 14th Amendment was adopted July 28, 1868 freeing African American slaves and guaranteeing citizenship. Take a moment and let this sink in. Look around you at the current emotional energy of where Humanity finds itself through this lens alone. I have to write another post because the astrological chart of July 28, 1868 is so deeply painful and telling of the archetypal truth of the atrocities of that time in history which continue to this day.

Veils of Karma are Lifting:  Be Here Now

This lunar eclipse a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon occurring in January. This Super Moon happens in the North and South Nodes parting the Veils of Karma and Liberation. Ceres, Mother Goddess of Nurturing is retrograde exact the Moon and octave to the Sun. Ceres in Leo wants to nurture through love, joy and play. Let yourself invite this cosmic nurturing more into your life. As you do, you become the dream Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke so eloquently and prophetically about. “Be the change you wish you see in the world,” says Gandhi.

Now is the Development Time of what was created at the New Moon Great Solar Eclipse. This is the 6-month window and development of the energetic photograph the Universe took of your Soul. During the Great Solar Eclipse on 8/17/17, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Juno and Mercury were all retrograde. Today’s Eclipse they are all in direct motion cleansing and purifying personal and collective karma. Believe me, it’s deep and do your Higher Self a favor and stop what you are doing and tune in.

Sabian Symbols:  Stories of our Collective Soul

One planet is really standing out to me as the loudest cosmic overtone ~ Uranus in Aries at 24 degrees. On the Aquarius Full Moon of August 7, 2017, Uranus brought the Sabian key of the “MUSIC OF THE SPHERES” at 28 degrees Aries. Uranus musical note is G# and rules your Crown Chakra tone. Today, Uranus holds space at 24 degrees Aries “THE POSSIBILITY FOR HUMAN TO GAIN EXPERIENCE AT TWO LEVELS OF BEING“.

What two levels of Being does Uranus invoke in you? Can you liberate your fear-based limited mind and ascend your consciousness of Being into your Crown chakra Higher Mind and continue to maintain the structure of a physical body? This is the time to incorporate your true essence as a Spirit of Light holding shape in the material world. A Rainbow bridge of ascension.

Lunar Eclipse Energetics:  Ending Cycles

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are about endings. The Earth passes between the Sun and Moon. The Earth interrupts the solar and lunar connection. The collective Anima/Animus is reset. This lunar eclipses sets into motion a T-square reverberation echo to Jupiter in Scorpio at 21 degrees. The image for this degree is “HUNTERS SHOOTING WILD DUCKS.” KEYNOTE: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts. KEYWORD: Socialization of Instincts. This is where the aggression of the Masculine devoid of the Feminine takes over to emit a frequency of suffering into the world. What is that instinctive need to kill? In Genesis there are clues that all of our earthly needs are taken care of so we did not have to kill to eat. We were designed to eat the seeds, nuts, fruits and grasses. The taste for blood is a vampiric virus set upon the world that we as Humans were never designed to experience. We are caretakers and stewards of this world. Not enslavers, torturers and killers.

So interesting what is revealed from the Universal Mind! The New Moon in Capricorn on January 16, 2018 was also telling you a magical tale about Ascension. The image for 26 degrees Capricorn: “PILGRIMS CLIMBING THE STEEP STEPS LEADING TO A MOUNTAIN SHRINE.” As you boldly stepped forth with Saturn at the helm, you initiated a new cycle of taking your power back through 2020 and 2024 (with Pluto’s help). Now you enter into the Full Moon phase of this Capricorn lunar cycle with a powerful Super Blue Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Let’s see who is showing up with gifts for your inner Magi!

Moon and Ceres “Divine Mother” (Retrograde Resolution of past karma) at 11 degrees (Master Healer number) in Leo (Heart chakra):  “AN EVENING PARTY OF ADULTS ON A LAWN ILLUMINED BY FANCY LANTERNS.” KEYNOTE: Group-relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine. KEYWORD:  Sophistication

Sun at 11 degrees Aquarius:  “ON A VAST STAIRCASE STAND PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT TYPES, GRADUATED UPWARD.” KEYNOTE: The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together. KEYWORD:  PROGRESSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS

You are continuing your ascent in consciousness now through your “total eclipse of the heart”. Look to what brings people together~ the similarities. Release judgements that elicit really bad advice from your lower, fear-based mind. Focus on your Inner Sun child who wants to play, be creative, wonder, wander and follow the path of your eternal sunshine ~ your bliss. As you do this you are prepping for a new cycle of magnetic energy with the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on 2/15/18.

Take Note: Be the Observer

Another ominous note to make is Mercury is on the Ingress degree of 29 Capricorn during this lunar eclipse. It is wise not to travel when Mercury is on the Ingress degree. The Sabian Symbol is “A SECRET MEETING OF MEN RESPONSIBLE FOR EXECUTIVE DECISIONS IN WORLD AFFAIRS.” KEYNOTE: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power. KEYWORD:  Executive Power I find this symbol so interesting as we head into Saturn and Pluto’s redistribution of Power on this planet through 2024. The ruling Elite, the 1%, who hold dominion over the resources of the Earth are known in many conspiracy theory circles as the Bildeberg Group, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Cabal and so on. Ask yourself, how is it possible that over 5.6 billion people in the world live on less than $2 a day? And 1% of the world population is holding all the resources and power? Watch for changes during this powerful lunar eclipse and be aware of what agendas lay hidden behind the scenes. Watch the mainstream media from the place of the Observer, completely neutral to the narrative and agendas that are being pumped out into society. Ground and remain perfectly intune with your Higher Soul Consciousness that supersedes control programming and fear-based agendas.

Remain true to your Higher Heart and Great Central Sun that shines love and light from within out into the planet. Treat each other with love, kindness, respect and honor. See the similarities and delete the differences. We are all in this together and together we rise.

“I have a dream.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 responses to “Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Ending Cycles of Disempowerment

  1. Thank you dear Shannon, your wisdom and interpretation & clarity spoken with deep love and fiercely delivered are so valuable to me. I cannot say this loudly enough! Into my very cellular being I feel these truths! Thank you.. I pray this divine intelligence you’re so powerfully delivering is deeply digested and victoriously woven into the new fabric of our true love reality! Aho! Together we rise ????✨?

    1. Hello Guinevere! Oh thank you so very much for your kind and loving words. You are truly in alignment with the heart of the Cosmic Message! Thank you for being who you are in the world and being the Light that changes the world for the better for everyone! We are cut from the same cloth :-). Yes! Together we Rise! Aho!

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