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Full Moon Night

Super Full Moon in Earthy Taurus + Watery Scorpio Sun!

We are in the midst of another Super Full Moon and this one is in the Taurus-Scorpio Octave! Can you hear the bass notes of the deep, low Earthy Cello into the depths of the watery Ocean. Let me write you a song …

The Taurus (Full Moon: unconscious Emotions) + Scorpio (Sun: conscious Self) octave represents a “Fixed Feminine Polarity”. We have the sensuous fixed Earth sign of Taurus, ruled by luscious Venus, representing the Feminine forces of Nature. She is super-sized now by our subconscious emotional self: Grandmother/Mother Moon. Now, add the emotionally passionate, deep, dark fixed Water sign of Scorpio showing up as our conscious Self:  Sun. This combination is deeply nourishing and at the same time, wild and untamed. Can you handle it?

HERE’S A SECRET: To stabilize this cosmic wave, consciously draw these frequencies towards each other and gather them in a container (Fixed) to concentrate them. This intention makes a medicinal Elixir of sensuality, security, courageous passion, self-worth and fearless intimacy.

Adding to your Medicine this lunar cycle, is the conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo in the pre-dawn skies. Lucky us, today’s Super Full Moon occurred at 5:05 AM PST expanding this cosmic gift. This trifecta of planets is called a “Lover’s Knot” and when it occurs in Virgo, it becomes medicine for healing our connection to Abundance and Love, Self-worth and Passion.

This quite an auspicious Full Moon to tune into. The frequency is available to you all week, but most potent from Oct. 26-29, 2015. Here is your AUMwork to help you tune into receiving the most benefit. Ask yourself:

  1. What do I really value in life? (Most of us when we get down to it, will say, “Love”.)
  2. What nourishes you in your life? What is starving you?
  3. Are you feeding your heart’s desires? Or are you denying your heart?

To help you further explore, look at these particular areas:  Feelings, Finances, Sensual pleasures, Enjoyment of Life, Self-worth and Success.

This is a deeply creative time. Appreciate your senses and luxuriate your sensual Self this Full Moon week. Most of all, pay attention to what sets you on Fire!

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