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SUPER Full Moon in Capricorn tonight!


Let’s not kid ourselves, Full Moon energy is big! Why? It is the culmination of intentions that were put into play from our psyches during the New Moon (June 27, 2014). This time the Universe decided if you weren’t exactly paying attention, you now have the opportunity to really explore your energetic frequencies because this full moon is a SUPER FULL MOON (closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun!

Now, let’s add another dimension:  The astrological sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This Full Moon is in Capricorn — Cancer’s polar opposite. Where Cancer “feels”, i.e. emotions, sensations, perceptions, what is hidden – the FEMININE/MOTHER, Capricorn “uses”; i.e. logic, material structures, paradigms, rules, business- the MASCULINE/FATHER. So as you may have guessed, there is a deep feeling of opposition and pulling between the feminine and the masculine. Ooooo, ouch!

According to Molly Hall, “It’s a crescendo of the ongoing cosmic big squeeze …A peak of the Capricorn instinct, the Full Moon spins around themes of life’s work and/or calling.”“…The angles to the luminaries (Sun and Moon) foretell a mortal struggle to persevere through the crisis of growth…There’s agitating pressure from all sides.  And huge rewards [are found when one] leaps, digs down deep, and finds hidden reserves of strength. By being alert and active in the current ordeals of your life, there’s light at the end of the Full Moon tunnel.  The Capricorn Moon asks:  ‘What’s standing out here? Lift out buried treasures within and unlock hidden pockets of pure creativity and vitality.”
DO THIS:  Grow your personal authenticity.  Adventure into the depths and the peaks.
Full Moons are revelatory — what will Capricorn Super Full Moon reveal for you?

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