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Super Full “Harvest Moon” Tonight!

Monday night’s Super Full Harvest Moon (14% closer to the Earth than normal) is along the Virgo-Pisces axis. This is the last  of 3 Super Full Moons this year (3 times a charm!) This means that the Sun and Moon are in polar opposite signs. When looking at this through the lens of Sound:  opposite are in a deep Harmony. They embrace the full spectrum and come into an octave. Think of C# at the low end of the piano and C# at the high end of the piano.

What does all that mean? Well, this Super Full Moon is lighting up a Virgo-Pisces dynamic within all of us. Virgo, the practical healer and virginal queen sits alone in her creation of Beauty and Wellness. She extends her reach to Pisces, the Compassionate Companion who holds within her heart all of Humanity and all of Life. Venus, an archetype of Virgo (think Venus on the clamshell), is currently traveling through Virgo while Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is currently in Pisces. Again through the lens of Sound, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and asks this question:  “What is the highest dream and possibilities of the sacred Feminine?”

Now to make this even more interesting, Chiron the Wounded Healer sits exactly in the middle between octave of “Self” and “Others”. This Moon is in intimate contact with  Chiron, a powerful shamanic energy that holds the codes for healing our deepest wounds. The Super Full Harvest Moon brings major Healing energies to the planet and each of us. Here are questions to ponder over the next 3 days:  “Pay close attention to who and what stirs up your anger and sadness because that’s where the seeds of the personal change you’ve been resisting can be found.” (quote from Guiding Light Astrology)

This is a good time to harvest your personal self-worth and magnificence. Seek out healing practitioners or to practice self-healing. The heightened emotions triggered by this Supermoon will facilitate healing activations through bodywork. Treat yourself to a Sound Therapy session and think about getting your own Tuning Forks to learn how to facilitate your own self-healing through Sound. My next class is on Fall Equinox, September 21st. Email Shannon for details.

May the Forks be with You. Namaste. 

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