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Super Full Cancer Moon Opens the Gateway to the Web of Life

How exciting that the Full Moon in Cancer happens on New Year’s Day! At 6:24 PM PST on January 1, 2018, we will be blest by a Super Full Moon in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer. Mama Bear is in the house!

This Super Full Moon is at 11 degrees, which is a “Master Healer”number to remove dissonance in your vibratory energetic fields. “11” is the energy that breaks down old patterns that block your alignment with Oneness. Are you one of those lucky people that see 11:11 or 1:11 consistently on the clock? There is a reason for that! That is Angel language for getting your attention to tune into your Oneness vibration. The Sun, Moon and Neptune all sit at 11 degrees and offer their Master Healer energy to you to release what no longer serves you. This powerful release will set you up for the true New year energy on the New Moon in Capricorn on January 16, 2018. Take exclusive advantage of this elite energy now.

Cancer ~ Super Mama Bear Energy!

Cancer energy is about the Mother. The Full Moon expands the energies of maternal, nurturing, bonding, feelings, your childhood and your ancestral memories. Divine Mother Moon comes to bring to the surface deeply buried emotional wounding. She a fierce protector and nurturer of her baby cubs! The Full Moon’s energy wants to reflect to you what needs nurturing and what will fulfill your emotional needs for security and love. Step into this powerful Super Full Moon energy to dissolve subconscious emotional patterns from childhood, as well as ancestral patterns that you are carrying in your DNA. Let Mama Bear Moon take care of you.

The Goddess Psyche wants you to take a deeper look at the story of the collective through the Sabian Symbols. Let’s look into the crystal ball and see what the Moon is reflecting from the Sun. The Goddesses Venus and Lilith embrace the Sun’s energy and deepen the core message from the Feminine.

Messages from the Collective Psyche:

Moon at 11 degrees Cancer:  “A TIBETAN WOMAN NURSING A BABY WHOSE AURA REVEALS HIM TO BE THE REINCARNATION OF A GREAT TEACHER. KEYNOTE: The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning.” This image shares the potential every child comes into this world with. As a Soul here on planet Earth, you are a Great Teacher. Hands down, a spiritual warrior. When you align with your true identity and power, you surpass the control paradigm that wants you to believe you are less than and broken. It’s simply is not true. The Moon at this Master Healer degree draws your inner clairvoyance, intuition and psychic sense of Self to the surface. What is the essential “Higher Truth” teaching that you have come to share with the world? Who the inner Avatar within? From a place of wholeness and Soul identity, what is your message? Your Keyword is REVELATION.

Sun at 11 degrees Capricorn:  “AN ILLUSTRATED LECTURE ON NATURAL SCIENCE REVEALS LITTLE-KNOWN ASPECTS OF LIFE. KEYNOTE: The ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover the laws underlying the complex processes of nature.” This image shows a lecture hall as a place of modern day higher learning. When you look beyond the institutionalized forms of teaching, what does the object of your study reveal to you? Your task is to become fully conscious of the Web of Life. You miss the greater teaching when you focus your attention through a limited understanding of reality.  Tap into your psychic Soul space to understand and learn instead of falling short when only looking through the microscope of technology and manmade science. Your Keyword is EXPLOITATION caused by limited consciousness.

Venus and Lilith Lift you Up, Up and Away!

A Kite alignment forms with this Super Full Moon as Venus at 9 degrees and Lilith at 6 degrees in Capricorn are amplifying the Feminine energy. Their presence is holding the octave of dissonance for you to release old, outdated rules and authority pictures. Venus arrives to help you see, feel, and know what emotional dysfunctions are operating in the background of your subconscious. She is in Capricorn, so she brings the strategy for release and renewal. Lilith, the face of the Goddess as Wild Feminine unleashed, is Venus’ Goddess Soul Sister also lending her superpowers to help you take back your strength and sovereignty. Let’s see what the Sisters have to share with you!

Venus at 9 degrees Capricorn:  “AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR. KEYNOTE: The overcoming of fear and its rewards.” This image shows us what happens when you come into harmony with the natural world and the species who inhabit this beautiful planet. What happens when you come into balance with wild within you and Nature. Venus wants you to create partnerships based on understanding that every living creature plays a vital role in the world’s dance of Life. You are here to experience relationships bound by the communion of love, compassion and mutual respect. The time has come to establish a new culture of being in relationship with all Life. “The power a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates is TRUST everywhere.” Your Keyword is TRUST.

Lilith at 6 degrees Capricorn:  “A VEILED PROPHET SPEAKS, SEIZED BY THE POWER OF A GOD. KEYNOTE: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.” This image opens a portal to the deepest manifestation of your true source of Power. The “Veiled Prophet” is one who is in complete alignment with the GodSelf within. As you look upon the world anew as a place of the Great Web of Life, you come into alignment with the Greater Power present here; the power of Life. That Power opens the gateway to the future when you interact with the present now. When you do this, you release bound energy and inertia trapped in the past.  I love Lilith at this degree! Incite your inner vision by aligning with the present moment of all Life on the planet and you take an unknown next step in your personal and the Collective evolution. Your Key word is MEDIATORSHIP.

Release with a Power Puja!

Join the Lunar Ladies Puja Power Circle on January 1, 2018 in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group. Our resident Lunar Ladies Lama, Lhakpa Sherpa, will perform a puja prayer circle to help remove obstacles and purify your energy fields for success and abundance in 2018. Join the event to watch it live or watch later during the Full Moon at 6:24 PM PST.

Make 2018 your Year of Sovereignty and Power. Own your dreams and root deeply into the Earth to feel supported, grounded and centered. Avail yourself of the potent power of the Feminine energy that is here to support your evolution. Tune into the greater power of the Web of Life and see the vital role every species plays, including yourself. Release and celebrate with the Super Full Moon in Cancer and honor your inner Avatar who has come to shift humanity into a higher vibration of Love and Light!

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  1. So incredibly insightful and beautiful!!! The puja Fire was absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you both so much!!!

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